Sunday, December 28, 2008

You don't mess with the Zohan

All the action in Israel and Palestine is oddly familiar.
Oh yes! Let's revisit July 12 & 13 of 2006... The last time the Israelis kicked the bejesus outta Hamas/Hezbollah in Lebanon. You gotta hand it to those Israelis... when they peel the lid off of the can of whoop-ass, they don't play around.
So, it's no suprize that Hamas got their asses handed to them again this week.This is a recap of the last time someone tried to do that.

You see, the Israelis have a three pronged plan for complete annihilation of anyone stupid enough to give them crap.
First, they isolate a border or region for for an exercise. Then they close off water and power to that grid.
And the third part really gets your attention. They bomb, mortar and then march across that grid and they kill anything that's still resistant. Usually, by the time you're at step two, it's already too late.
The sooner Hamas and Hezbollah recognize this, the sooner they can get over this whole fued thing.

The Israelis should kick these terrorist organizations to the curb. Palestine might actually have a shot at obtaining land and status after that. These Hamas clowns keep stepping on any peace process and generous land offers that the Israelis make. Kinda like a few Republican folks I know here. All or nothing mentality. They do not know how to negotiate for changes. They push worthless campaigns that only hurt them in front of the very people they claim they are working for.

UPDATE: What is being found on most of the firepower and shells aimed at Israel is Iranian, and even some Syrian stuff. Big suprize there, right? I'm telling you all right here, and right now...that President Elect Obama had BETTER get his head straight on what he's going to do when (not if) Israel lights Iran up.....with the nuclear option. That's right. When Iran gets close enough to actually be capable of launching a nuke in the immediate future, there will not be an Iranian Government (existing) to push that button.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Asperity of Desideratum

We've been over this. Here and Here
And then , in the last week, immediately before Christmas...
INOVA did it again. They actively pursued and attempted to pull a fast one in Leesburg's Town Council. They precipitated the rumor that if HCA comes to Broadlands, Cornwall Campus will somehow be affected and will need to be closed due to funding issues.

Now, what was interesting about HCA's response, was that they sent a letter saying that IF Cornwall was ever in trouble, they'd send funds to assure that it stayed open. That should have been the end of the discussion, because a very PUBLIC guarantee has just been made. Now, HCA will HAVE to honor it. So, now that Leesburg's worries are solved...

We move on to a picture of Bob Lazaro, and John Chapman, as it appeared in the Purcellville Gazette. Mr. Chapman and his building in Purcellville, have lined up with INOVA in blaming HCA for the lack of filling those offices, because INOVA wanted to play a round of dirty politics in pulling out of Purcellville. As a businessman, WHY ON EARTH would one ever "nail" one's business hopes and leasing opportunities to ONE company to the exclusion of all others?? Is John a good decision maker? From the evidence he's tossing around in the papers...I have to pause and evaluate his possible LACK of business sense, given the current economic storm we're about to weather.

HCA has their hands full right now, but I have NO DOUBT, that as good business folks that they are...they will most likely perform a county medical needs assessment that will no doubt include an outreach to communities like Purcellville, Lovettsville, and Middleburg.

By excluding HCA from his business circle, he just dissed a very important client who'd have been enthusiastic to do business with him and his building... If he hadn't played such a huge part in a very nasty and negative campaign against their hospital, without an awful lot of thought about what to do when they actually are given the go-ahead by the BOS to build their hospital...

John, you've got alot to learn about picking the side of your bread that should be buttered. And even more to learn about WHEN to butter it at all, because that usually precipitates a flurry of calls regarding your office space. When you butter the bread too quick, and all on one just cut those inquiries in half...You slammed a door on an opportunity that you may have needed.

UPDATE: I've recieved documentation on INOVA's previous promise to have the Purcelville and Middleburg facilities online back in 2006.

LHI is currently working to add four new healthcare facilities in Loudoun County, to be operationalby the summer of 2006. The new facilities include a health clinic located in Middleburg, as well as a 20,000 square-foot facility in Purcellville, another in Lovettesville and a mobile clinic at Dulles International Airport.

The facilities planned by LHI have already found funding through the organization╩╝s merger with Inova Health System. The merger agreement included Inova╩╝s pledge of $200 million to be used for Loudoun Hospital upgrades, four new facilities, and construction of an urgent care center south of Dulles on Route 50, to be converted into a full-service hospital in the future.

This also begs the question .... Since INOVA has $2BIL of tax free money in the bank, how is HCA going to strap INOVA over anything?? I do not run around pledging money that I don't already have set aside for a promise. Seems INOVA pledged money to a project, and then went about building a fund to fulfill that promise??

Friday, December 19, 2008

Powerline travesty

Many of you are familiar with the PATH process and Allegheny Power's attempt to place an additional power line from Ohio straight on up to New Jersey and New York by way of Loudoun.

We would derive ZERO benefit locally. They just want the land to place this pass-thru on. In order to to put this before the SCC (The State Corporation Commission -you know...the one that Timmy Kaine just tipped in Dominion Power's direction with the appointment of one of Dominion's top lobbyist to that commission) Allegheny knew they were having trouble with a couple of adjacent conservation easements, and that they were going to be called on that fact, so they drew up an alternate route. Right thru my land.

The path is laid out in these maps.

Basically, they're willing to go around a couple more conservation easements, and burn 5 miles of cable in an effort to get back to their established right of way. Furthermore, they do not want a special tax district created on this bold move.
Now, if I needed access to a piece of land on the other side of my neighbor's place, and I wanted to pass thru his property to get to that interest, I'm probably going to have to negotiate a payment for that option. I'm not naive enough to think he's going to give it to me out of the goodness of his heart.

Here's my piece of ground in the yellow outline. The dotted line represents the alternate route of a 735Kv line on 225 ft towers. Can you imagine what the resale of my property would be with such a monstrosty looming over the house? For power that won't even benefit my neighbors?

powerline path

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And in the "just for fun" venue...

Or, maybe the WTF? column...
Most of you are familiar with the big beast I drive. I ventured far and wide, and could never find a vehicle that carried all I needed to carry, sipped fuel instead of gulped it, and went where I needed to go without hesitation. So I had to build it.

Now, I've recieved plenty of ribbing from those who are unfamiliar with the very nature of the beast. But once they've seen it perform, and become aware that this thing still gets 20 mpg on the highway... they usually cease laughing.


This has been a 3 year build, starting with the custom 4x4 suspension under it. I designed the suspension and drew it out on an AutoCad program, and then a local welder and I executed the installation to the truck's frame. The rear is a 1999 E-350 Superduty Sterling. (That's one and a 1/4 ton duty ...for those unfamiliar with the hardware) I have a matching one ton axle for the front. I'm still drawing up that suspension, with improvements to the current setup.

I have an 8000 lb. winch up front, and a 9500 lb. winch ready to install as a backup unit. There is a plethora of snatch blocks, tree straps and other pulling gear in the truck, as well.

The picture provided here is a mockup of the truck's upcoming surgery in the spring. It still is more van than truck right now, but with the surgery in the spring, it'll become more truck.

UPdate: Evidently, LeeJ -of Oppressive Word fame - thinks that I drive this truck for my ego.
What he overlooks, or is flatout too stupid to compute is... I'm a contractor. I have a number of crews that build stuff. And I need a truck (the bigger the better) to pull 1200 to 4000 lbs. loads on a frequent occasion.
Lee's a builder, too. Which makes me wonder how he carries his materials.....One can wonder.



Cartoon courtesy WashingtonTimes
How bout global cooling.
Seems our friend over at NOVATownHall (who appears to have much more time than I)

has located a couple of outstanding links to the phenomenum that I'm sure all of the "normal" folks have by now noticed.

And then the scientist back it up...650 for global cooling vs. 72 for warming.

Sunday, December 7, 2008 THAT's what they call it now!!!

Native Intellectual Capacity.
What we old-timers call "common sense".
I tripped across an article and I'm now purchasing the book referred to in the discussion.

Although this is a piece about the author, and in that same vein, his assertions regarding the younger generation, some of the comments in the discussion below it are pretty much hearty endorsements for Professor Mark Bauerlein's point of view.

The book: The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future

This kinda ties in with my posting "The politics of me". Something changed in the last 20 years in the set of circumstances that these kids grew up in, as opposed to the world I grew up in, and this book probably has it's finger on those answers.

Pearl Harbor. The "day that will live in infamy" is upon us.

Doesn't seem like 67 years, does it??
This day in history, the Japanese unknowingly opened a can of whoop-arse.
Ric over at covers the press that this remarkable and historical event got in the Washington Post. It was literally minimalized and pushed to page A4 in a five inch by one inch column.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Free the GOP" OpEd makes it's way into the WaPo...

Christine Todd Whitman just summed up what I've been saying for quite some time, now.
In a nutshell, she advocates for a more central GOP, as well as pulling the control of the GOP away from singular issue "social fundamentalists."

Interestingly, she points out that the prediction of the failure exactly four years ago was actually realized THIS year. She notes those who led the attacks on the book "It's My Party Too: The Battle for the Heart of the GOP and the Future of America".

She points out that despite the fact that McCain won more votes from self-identified evangelicals/born-again voters than George Bush did in 2004, he lost the independent/middle ground.

Anyone who knows me has heard me say it before. There are three MAJOR areas of voters reflected in America (and this is a huge generalization...there are of course numerous microcasms.)
There is the far left...and it carries anywhere from 30% to 35% of the registered voters. This is completely conditional on candidate and issues of any given year.
Likewise, there is a 30%-34% representation in likely voters of the far-right persuasion. And like their counterpart, this is also conditional on candidate and issues in any given year.

The magical portion of the electorate in ANY given Presidential contest since 1980 (that's as far as I can personally attest to the phenomenum, but others may feel free to go further --with proof, of course) is the 32% to 36% of the middle. They identify themselves as independents. And the suburbs are awash in them. It's the fastest breeding segment of our society.

They decide elections. Period. However they break, is how things shake out. Bill Clinton was even smart enough to parody a centristic position in his terms. (remember that Republican-inspired "welfare reform" Bill??)

And again in 2000 and in 2004, a larger portion of that center believed that their security was better guarded in George Bush's hands than in Al Gore's OR John Kerry's hands.

Our task from this point ?? Adapt and overcome. Like the Marines.
Silence the things that are singled out as the most obnoxious rhetoric from Republicans, and actually court the ethnic groups with dangling carrots (we already own the carrots... fiscal constraint. Equal opportunities, heavily underscored with personal responsibility. Free enterprise that meets human needs and economic justice, yet allows BAD businesses to fall by the wayside. )

Yessir. I think the gal is onto something here. The only unanswered question that remains is how long we will walk in the desert before we accept the way back home.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Politics of "Me".....

We've been witnessing it for about 20 years now, and it just keeps getting worse, and worse.
We have a whole generation that thinks that they are "literally" entitled. Their parents, wanting better for this generation, gave them anything they wanted...and asked for little in return. Most of them had no chores, no responsibilities in the house they grew up in, and never suffered the consequences of bad decisions.
Now, when they left home, and their parents were no longer responsible for their immediate needs, the next step in their agenda was to lobby the government to take care of those needs. And if you get enough of these morons together to vote as a Majority (aka -the last Election) we're all going to pay for their needs, nevermind the fact that WE worked hard, and belong to the "Do the Right Thing Club"--with special emeritus membership to the "No Matter What" Chapter...
Look, They walk into McDonald's and want to manage the stores on their first day...working the counter or the flipping station is for the "little people" in their minds.

When they started having children themselves, and thought that the government owed them "gold-plated" education for their sorry offspring, they vote time after time for referendums to fund schools. Many of them do not possess the "common sense" or the flat out logic to comprehend that they've just incurred huge debts in order to splurge on their kid's educations.
But there is another voter out there that is smart enough to understand that debt, but just doesn't care... because they know that they'll get the benefit of those schools and be long gone before the bill comes due.

Like the losers who started trading fuel futures at the end of the earning curve (those that were a day late and a dollar short) who were very impressed with themselves when they made $50 bucks on their fuel futures, and then had to hand the wife a $100 bill to fuel the family SUV....all the while never making the connection, or figuring out that not only were they in the hole $50 bucks, but they had also lightened the rest of our wallets equally.

We've seen three seperate, but distinctly similar revisions of this scenario. The first was the Dotcom boom and fall. More recently, the Real Estate boom and fall, and the last go around was the fuel futures rise and fall.
As a very wise man said... "First come the innovators, then the imitators, and finally, the idiots."
By the time the idiots are buying in on the failing stocks, the innovators have already moved on and are making their money on the next investment.

And this "entitled" culture has also removed the middle class (they now refer to themselves as the "Nuevo Riche"-- depite having $1.2 MIL homes that they cannot afford to fill with furniture, Cadillac Escalades that they cannot afford to fill with gasoline, and credit cards that they are just managing the minimum payments on), stomped on personal responsibility, sqaushed work ethic, and morally bankrupted a whole generation, and have started passing this tradgedy of ignorance onto another generation.

Where this gets tricky...

Now we have a culture of excess in this country. The culture is readily observed in Wall Street, and many CEO's of Corporations, where despite abysmal performance, they still are able to reign in multi-million dollar bonuses and salaries. And more recently, a few even give an in-your-face rationale when they are caught in a concatenation of spending sprees like it's the good 'ol days before the Company was moribund. Why in the world AIG executives didn't nix three splurges of the Company's dime (and our bailout money) is beyond intractable. It's yet another bastardization of entitlement.

Add to this Barney Frank's drafting of legislation to "bail" out Ford and GM, and you begin to see the general feelings of socialism in that particular waste of a human. In their heyday, beginning around 1993 --and with the takeoff of the SUV, those automobile giants made $10K of PROFIT on EVERY SUV that rolled off of the showroom floor. Not the Dealer...the MANUFACTURER.
So $10K for every SUV sold from 1993 until 2007 (when the price of gas dropped the desire to own one) was profit. That's AFTER the labor and materials was paid. What on earth did Ford and GM do with that money? I'm one person, but I say let 'em work it out in bancruptcy court.
The market takes care of these things.

If Toyota builds a superior product at a better price, then perhaps it should move to the front of the line and serve as incentive to these turds to put a little more effort into their profession. And don't even get me started on the effects of the Unions in all this. (In full disclosure, I should offer that I worked several years as a union "buster". I've had fingers poke my chest, bats swung at me, and been called a jack-booted thug more times than anyone can imagine--so before you start---anything a reader can hurl is going to be pretty tame compared to that)

EVEN more later.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Good 'Ol Boys Network attempts a comeback....again.

Those same old worn out echoes from so long ago filled the internet (and some phone lines) more recently, when Andy Resnick and Dale Polen Myers again teamed up to make disparaging comments about the current LCRC, which neither is a member of and which neither can speak of, with any objectivity, the status of that organization. Except this time, their old friend Brian showed them how an anonymizer site works.

As a member of that Committee, I can tell all of Loudoun that the Loudoun County Committee is strong, and gaining membership rapidly. The current pot-stirring concerns certain members of the past LCRC who still hold a grudge (and in this capacity have elected not to join the current LCRC--or at least remain inside of the committee. However, a couple who I thought had dropped this rediculous and moribund set of issues are indeed still members and are thereby bound by the Chairman's direction, or have the option of removing themselves from the Committee)

The mess on other blogs has been purposefully set before us as "democrat" opposition, when in fact the very actions of these people indicate that the greater democrat representation of Loudoun is not specifically involved.
The "build-out set"(that is those who ran the old committee on a bastardization of property rights that more closely resembled "profit" rights has combined with elements of a fractured democrat regime that the LCDC would do well to distance themselves from publicly.) has contributed heavily, because it is the only audience that the group is actually getting these days.

How do I know this? Look on any Loudoun Democrat's blogs and webspaces, and you'll see a crack at Eugene Delgaudio somewhere on the pages of each. (and I'll admit that much of the time, he brings it on himself) But on this latest trainwreck of a blog, there are no such attacks.
That's because the blog is really about a small number of issues which are near and dear to the Good 'Ol Boys Network of Loudoun, of which Eugene is a member of.

Now, I have a fair enough relationship with Eugene, so I'm not castigating him on all of his issues, but the one in this case that's strong enough to join a few democrats with his particular view on a singular issue?? INOVA Hospital. And who are the bunch that's lined up to push BRMC out of the County, if it were left to them??

The Real Estate witch, several members of her failed attempts to run independents against the Republican races to Convention , a couple of the Board members at Inova, and a whole host of the Good 'Ol Boy's Network are involved behind ANY attempt to throw York out, and instantly defame anyone who dares to run against Poisson. Throw in Andy Resnick (a Dave Poisson operative) as the host of this trainwreck, define his purpose...and walla!!
You have the cast behind the first rumblings of this crapfest...

Please read the whole thread of comments and you'll begin to get the history behind the trainwreck that erupted more recently when they thought they had an opening. Outright lies and agitprop with plenty of foofaraw dressing is the standard fare with this bunch, so consider yourself warned. You have to investigate each of their claims individually, but you'll discover that they are prone to stretching truth and in some cases, inventing it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The day the Party got it's elephant....

The GOP: Celebrating 150 Years
Origin of the Elephant

This symbol of the party was born in the imagination of cartoonist Thomas Nast and first appeared in Harper's Weekly on November 7, 1874. An 1860 issue of Railsplitter and an 1872 cartoon in Harper's Weekly connected elephants with Republicans, but it was Nast who provided the party with its symbol.

Oddly, two unconnected events led to the birth of the Republican Elephant. James Gordon Bennett's New York Herald raised the cry of "Caesarism" in connection with the possibility of a third term try for President Ulysses S. Grant. The issue was taken up by the Democratic politicians in 1874, halfway through Grant's second term and just before the midterm elections, and helped disaffect Republican voters. While the illustrated journals were depicting Grant wearing a crown, the Herald involved itself in another circulation-builder in an entirely different, nonpolitical area. This was the Central Park Menagerie Scare of 1874, a delightful hoax perpetrated by the Herald. They ran a story, totally untrue, that the animals in the zoo had broken loose and were roaming the wilds of New York's Central Park in search of prey.

Cartoonist Thomas Nast took the two examples of the Herald enterprise and put them together in a cartoon for Harper's Weekly. He showed an ass (symbolizing the Herald) wearing a lion's skin (the scary prospect of Caesarism) frightening away the animals in the forest (Central Park). The caption quoted a familiar fable: "An ass having put on a lion's skin roamed about in the forest and amused himself by frightening all the foolish animals he met within his wanderings." One of the foolish animals in the cartoon was an elephant, representing the Republican vote - not the party, the Republican vote - which was being frightened away from its normal ties by the phony scare of Caesarism. In a subsequent cartoon on November 21, 1874, after the election in which the Republicans did badly, Nast followed up the idea by showing the elephant in a trap, illustrating the way the Republican vote had been decoyed from its normal allegiance.

Other cartoonists picked up the symbol, and the elephant soon ceased to be the vote and became the party itself: the jackass, now referred to as the donkey, made a natural transition from representing the Herald to representing the Democratic party that had frightened the elephant.

The source:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not for the lack of effort....

What I saw on Election Day was the way a proper ground war is run. There were massive phone banks, there were numerous precinct walks, and Melinda did a supreme job with the 72 Hour game, and was busy WELL BEFORE that time frame, too. As a previous member of several years (having dropped membership thruout a particularly disturbing period of the Committee) and a current member of just over a year, I can say without a hitch, that Glen Caroline ran and organized one of the most intense county efforts I've ever witnessed. (And my first time out the gate was for Reagan in 1978). In Loudoun, on the last week of calling, when the volunteers ran up against 9:00PM locally, they were still jazzed enough to call Colorado until it was 9:00PM there, too...

At the end of it all, if the whole McCain loss were a boat with a bad leak, the LCRC ran the pails much more effciently than many of her Va. neighbors, and much of the Country. The loss could have been huge, but it wasn’t anywhere near as catastrophic as it coud have been locally.

I see this newly fused LCRC as the model from which the State Party should be patterned in the future . There will always be some dissagreement, but we pushed the naysayers aside and forged ahead, our duties on display. We are inclusive, and the only ones we do not tolerate are those who attempt to misdirect the effort, nor those who chock the wheels, preventing forward motion, and this year will be our testament to a turning point.
We all worked as a team….dare I say, a machine. Having worked alongside of these fantastic people, I have a crystal clear picture of who is worth knowing, and who picked their feet up and let us push on their behalf.

This isn’t a club where “talk” is enough to stay. We need committed individuals to join an outstanding group to shoulder the loads and offer the County a clear champion for it’s citizens. And I don’t care what your particular issue is, so long as you can fall in and do your part, I'll always be glad to work alongside of you.

I’m very thankful for the whole Committee’s team and for Melinda out in the Sterling Office. I’d absolutely go out of my way for ANY ONE of these folks. They are the very definition of spirit, dedication and character. If anyone hasn’t made these people’s aqaintance, your life is not as rich as mine.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Just like 'ol Castro... If they disagree with you or do not sing your praises

If they disagree with you or do not sing your praises, just kick them off the plane. If they have a differing opinion than you, put a restraint on them. I suppose the Obamanites just figure that resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

You may ask why it's important to get out there...

Because the competition already has...
Carl Jensen of South Riding started recieving mail from unions and Obama. As an undecided voter, he wondered why his mailing address was on any particular group's radar. Then he noticed something peculiar. The mail wasn't even addressed to him. It was addressed to Shashonia Gilliam. After sending the first couple of pieces away with the "Not at this Address"...
The mailings did not stop. Further investigation revealed that Ms. Gilliam actually has a residence in Oregon. How she found Mr. Jensen's address is still somewhat of a mystery, but his thoughts (and ours) immediately went to contacting the BOE to check out their voter rolls and find out who they have registered at the South Riding address. Suffice it to say they would not release that information to the local Party unit. So, I suppose that the lawyers retained by the McCain team may have some job security after all.

Further reflection on this matter makes many of us wonder: How many times has this action been repeated , and will it be investigated before the election?? Or is stealing elections becoming a normal occurence with Democrats?

UPDATE: Look , folks. I'm all for a totally fair election, and I'm prepared to live with the results of a contest that was conducted on the up and up. Then we have the reports of the idiots who purposely degrade that process start to roll in...
In Reston , there is an Election Official handing out "vote democrat flyers" with absentee ballots.
And in electronic voting machines, it appears that if you use the extra large font setting, The Republican candidate goes to a second or third page, thus forcing the voter to figure out the "scroll" function...opening the gate for more chances to hit the "touch" screen in a way that registers a vote for whoever was listed on that first page instead of the candidate that the voter actually wanted to choose.

As we approach the 72 Hour mark in this campaign....

It's time to spit, or pass the pot. We need boots on the ground at this very moment, people.
We cannot sit at home and "hope" that this goes our way. It requires those that want a better result to commit to time for the candidates.

As a wise man said: "There are three kinds of people. There are those that MAKE things happen, there are those who WAIT to see what happens, and there are those that WAKE UP and wonder what happened!

We all have to look inside and admit to ourselves which bunch we fit in with, or live with the results afterwards. There are needs for phone banks thru Tuesday. There are Precinct Walks every day including Tuesday. Please volunteer for an opportunity near you.

These elections do not "just happen". There are an awful lot of people who've stepped up to make things happen. The Sterling Office is abuzz with activity by people just like you. Will you be one of us? We need people to push right now. You can't wait till Tuesday, because trying to get a message out that day is too little , too late.

Log onto : and send us your info, and we'll put you to work in a precinct near you, and you'll be a part of the 72 Hour push, not just an observer on Election Day. .There is a huge difference.

SATURDAY NOV. 1st - 8:30 a.m.
Meeting Locations:

Don Raines’ Home
19073 Kipheart Drive
Lansdowne, VA 20176
Phone: (703)-862-1941
Covering Precincts: Newton-Lee, Stone Bridge,
Belmont Ridge, Dominion, Russell Branch,
Eagle Ridge, Freedom, Claude Moore Park, and Little River.

Kim Kidwell’s Home
602 Nathan Place, NE
Leesburg, VA 20176
Phone: (703)-669-2489
Covering Precincts: Harper Park, Balls Bluff,
Smarts Mill, Cool Spring, and East Lovettsville.

Ben Belrose’s Home
624 Elliot Drive
Purcellville, VA 20132
Phone: (540)-338-7333
Covering Precincts: Purcellville and Round Hill

Loudoun County McCain-Palin Headquarters
46950 Community Plaza, Unit 201 A
Sterling, VA 20164
Phone: (703)-406-0947
Covering Precincts: Sugarland North, Lowes Island,
Southbank, and Forest Grove.

Please help us push the vote in these last vital hours. If you have trouble getting in touch with those people, you immediately e-mail me at:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's full disclosure of the tax situation

Whether he would disclose it, or not....we will...
We know Sen Obama will raise taxes for those making more than $250k. He won’t tell you, however, that people earning less than $250k will also pay more as well. Here are 4 clear ways that he WILL make the middle class pay more Taxes!

1. He has stated that he WILL let the Bush Tax Cuts expire. This will cause ALL American’s to pay 2000 level taxes...which are higher than today at every Income Level.

2. Senator Obama has proposed lifting the $94,700 payroll cap to support Social Security, adding an additional 12.4 percent tax on every dollar earned above that cap -- and in spite of his promise, impacting all those who earn between $94,700 and $249,999.

3. He will raise capital gains taxes from 15 percent to 20 percent. He says he's aiming at "fat cats" who make above $250,000. However, while only 1 percent of Americans make a quarter-million dollars, roughly 50 percent of all Americans own stock – and while investments that are through IRAs, 401Ks and in pension plans are not subject to capital gains, those stocks in personal portfolios are subject to capital gains, no matter what the owner’s income is.

4. Senator Obama has promised to raise taxes on businesses -- and to raise taxes a lot on oil companies. From both theory and practice, I know what businesses do when taxes are raised. Corporations don't "pay" taxes -- they collect taxes from customers and pass them along to the government. This means that the people who Obama promised tax relief will pay more for goods and services instead of taxes.

Four clear ways that Sen Obama will NOT live up to his promise that people making less than $250k will not pay a penny more in taxes....this claim is just not true!

Read on....if nothing else, it will help you make an informed decision on Nov 4th.

The only other point to make is that history proves that lowering people's taxes and dropping the Capital Gains tax are a sure fired way to jumpstart the economy. JF Kennedy did so, and we rebounded from the start of a recession. Reagan did so, and we pulled out of the Carter tailspin.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah the Barracuda in Leesburg!!

That's County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (I) standing beside BroadRun District's Lori Waters (R). Eugene Delgaudio -Sterling (R)- was in the audience, and we chatted briefly.
Scott handled the opening at 9:00 and as an Independent, he endorsed McCain and Palin. Ms. Waters led us all in prayer after Scott's remarks. There was a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, and a couple of other speakers, although I was trying to catch up to a couple of folks in the audience at around that time.
Sarah....The Barracuda.

Palin arrives on stage, waiting to be introduced. Tito "the builder" did the honors, so I'm sure that the Democrats are already busy mining for his personal info on a Government computer somewhere.

The attendance is good for a Monday Morning, especially with the first real cold front moving thru the crowd, dropping the temps from a mild 55 degrees to a chilly 40 degrees with wind. Because many had not brought heavier clothing, the crowd that toughed it out to see Palin began to leave immediately after she'd addressed the crowd. I took a decent coat...and even I was chilled by the weather bursting in. I did a rough count of approximately 4000 folks at somewhere near the end of the gate backlogs.
Due to the layout of this blog and my huge pictures... The last picture only seems to display about half of the "inner circle" (those VIP and activists who are the boots on the ground, house to house and phonebanking corps.) If you look at ther second Palin pic, there are actually three people standing to her left in the original picture....same thing.
The last pic in it's entirety... and reflecting a mere half of those in the stadium portion of the event. The microphone on stage is just visible in the far left of the pic, right under the star on the "Country First" banner.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hell, everybody else did it....

So, I'm going to jump in to complete the pool out there.
My absolute favorite in polling is done by the Investor's Business Daily (which foretold the winner of the 2004 Presidential race by 3/10ths of ONE PERCENT). As far as polling goes, it doesn't get a whole lot closer than that, Ladies and Gentlemen. To put this in context, every other polling source (alright, to be fair...most of them) had Kerry up smartly going into the last 4 days.

Today, IBD has McCain and Obama neck and neck....both are just skirting the three percent over/under. 46.5 and 43.3 respectively. This was with 886 likely voters.

And today was the worst of the news in the past three days. The last survey to use 1060 likely voters was Oct. 23, where Obama had 44.8, and McCain showed a tight 43.7 trail. (That's ONE FRIGGIN POINT, ladies and gentlemen.)

Now, if you'll remember, I said Kerry was up going into the 2004 contest's last days.

Presidential Hopeful John Kerry Has a 5.3% Lead Over President George W. Bush According to Newly Released Results in WHYY West Chester University Poll.
Publication: PR NewswirePublication Date: 29-OCT-04

And finally, in past years, Ralph Nader has garnered up to 4% of the final vote. If and when his name appears on the 2008 ballot, will it pull the same support ?

But WAIT!!!!!!! It gets better!!!
Actually, there appears to be a simple methodical error in the polls, and we can actually quantify it and adjust for it. This error is the hang-up rate, i.e. people who refuse to participate in the polls. It is far higher this election than previously. This makes sense, after all, what do you do when you get junk phone calls? You tell them to pi$$ off and hang up. Now suppose, instead, it's a pollster, and you decide to participate. But then they tell you that they have 100 questions, and will you take 45 minutes to participate -- NOW, will you tell them to pi$$ off? Don't laugh, some of these polls are as bad as that. Specifically, the CBS/NYT poll asks 100 questions, and they consistently show a 12%-13% lead for Obama. It's pretty clear that they are measuring only those people who are willing to answer 100 questions. If you look at other polls, the trend is plain -- those polls which ask the fewest questions show the best results for McCain. So this is the systematic bias in today's polls -- they don't count people who won't particiate, and those people are overwhelmingly McCain voters. So, why has Obama's lead been increasing lately? Simply because people are losing their patience with the left-wing biased media, and are hanging up at an increased rate as the campaign progresses. And that's all it is, the hang-up rate, and not a swing to Obama at all. Simple, eh? Lastly, we can remove this bias by treating the hang-up rate as a certain percentage McCain vote, and seeing what hypothetical percentage yields consistency between the polls, if you add them in. My rough rule of thumb calculation shows 80% McCain, and does not include the "excess", that is, those voters who just hang up right away, regardless of how many questions the pollsters want to ask. This all makes sense, as with all the junk phone calls we get, people don't have the patience for telephone-led processes like they used to any more. It's like the old famous Willkie phone poll, which showed only how a systematic bias controlled the result, well, today's sytematic bias is the vastly greater hang-up rate, which are McCain voters overwhelmingly. Look for a decisive McCain win on November 4.

Posted at Ace Of Spades by a genius named "proxy" at October 26, 2008 04:58 PM
I fully think "proxy" is definitely onto something here.

And all this is absolutely lacking in a discussion of the "Bradley Effect" which I believe will actually set some networks back on their heels when they see just how far off their exit polls were from their realtime results.

Results for Oct. 27th indicate that Obama's lead has decreased from 3.2 to 2.8 undecided voters appear to be joinging McCain in larger displays.

October 29- Exactly 4 years to the day of Kerry's 5.3 Lead in the polls in 2004, and with 9.2% still undecided, Obama goes from 4.0 points up yeserday to a mere 3.0 points over McCain today. And the margin of error? +/-3 points...

October 30th... Obama is up today by 4.1%, and his people have already admitted their need for a 7% lead to overcome "Bradley's Effect". I think we're closing in Pennsylvania and leading in early voting in Florida.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The short case against Barack Obama

And then the long one.

First up is Capital Gains taxes. If these rates go to 30%, as Obama has indicated he will strive to achieve, you can kiss job creation goodbye. By trying to appeal to the job seekers and the working class by actively using Class Warfare, Obama can effectively curtail any new job creation with a single sweeping rise in Capital Gains taxes. Those that have the money actually do reinvest that money to make more money. One of the biggest side effects and benefits from them doing so is the creatiuon of jobs. These folks generally make 25% on their initial investment, but it's risky because of the high return. They could make the 25% ...or with equal ease, they could lose their initial investment. As if the stakes weren't already high enough, Obama could stifle all that activity by a rise to a 30% penalty for removal of those monies from protected areas ...immediately trouncing the 25% gamble that these folks already face.
In short, don't hate these folks for trying to make more money and providing employment for millions as they do very afraid when they decide not to gamble and just leave the money in the protected "floorboard cracks" as they acrue a modest 3 to 4% on what they already have.
And they're in a prime position to just leave it there until Obama is gone, which is exactly what will happen when he produces no jobs over his four year reign.
This is complicated by the view he holds on socialism... or "spreading the wealth around".
He's said he'll give 95% of folks a refund. Since 40% already get a refund, or better yet...don't even file a tax form, this amounts to wealth redistribution... again on the shoulders of those who provide the jobs in the first place.
JUST IN: an important confirmation about Obama and wealth redistribution. In this recording, from a 2001 call-in Public Radio talk show in Chicago, Obama (who was then a university lecturer) explains that the Civil Rights movement's primary shortcoming was that the litigation it pursued failed to address redistribution of wealth. This puts the lie to assertions such as the one made by General Powell that he is a moderate and does not intend to pursue such policies.

Has anyone ever had a poor person or one that makes a $100K household (that's Daddy AND Momma) earning give them a job? ...and mowing their grass once a week doesn't count.

Next up is his healthcare plan. What Hawaii learned sometime back as they presented a dead ringer for Obama's plan is that presented with those who pay for insurance, and those that recieve it free from the governent...those that previously paid for it would let their paid insurance go, and opt instead for the "free" coverage. This worked so well for Hawaii, that they actually halted the program after a mere 7 months, and it ended up severely in the red.

We continue with the intolerance of his campaign to hear dissenting views. They'd rather not be bothered with people who shoot legitimate holes in his plans, and they're ready to use the courts to shut those people up for good. There will be no freedom of speech under Obama, because his minions have already demonstrated that they're prepared to use Gestapo tactics against anyone who does not fall in line.

Further, Obama's standing as a legitimate candidate is in jeopardy due to the fact that he will not produce a birth certificate for inspection. Despite the fact that no trash can in Alaska has been left unturned, a simple request for a birth certificate and school records has never been provided.

If we go further, his associations with domestic terrorists (let's go further, and call them UNREPENTANT domestic terrorists) is of grave concern. If Obama claims the highest post in the Nation, a domestic terrorists will have the ear of a sitting President. This would have never been tolerated during the Bush years by the opposition, yet Obama is excused, and his minions are all too happy to explain it away.

And as the last issue I'll address (but not nearly completing a list of the deficient qualities of "the One") there is his uncanny ability to be all things to all people. Bill Clinton even had trouble with this one. Obama is smooth. But his record is thin. Very thin. Aside from writing a book or two, he has no accomplishments. He sat thru (and we mean SAT THRU) his Illinois Senate period, with 150 "present" votes. He has scarcely 134 days in the Senate before he began to manage his campaign.... He failed to come back to Washington to excercise his responsibilities as a sitting Senator, and his minions even poked fun at McCain for doing exactly that.
He failed to vote for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac regulation asked for by McCain in May, 2006 (while Frank, Waters, Dodd, Schumer and others voted against it, Obama must have been hiding in the Cloak room... doing one better on his previous "present" votes.

The Obama camp is pretty clear on their vision for America

If you like throwing out everything that is America right now, and replacing it with rampant socialism.

A very well written piece that uses the words of the Obama supporters and associations to explain exactly why you WILL be taxed under Obama, and how he sees the world, and how he intends to change it. Trust me, America...after four years under the Obama Regime, you will be begging for another change. But by that point, it may be too late. The damage will be done, and there will be no fixing it with another election.
Look ...Carter made an inexpereinced decision on Iran (and who we'd support there ) way back in the late 70's. THAT MISTAKE is at the root of our problem with Iran even today, thirty years later. There was no "do-over", there was no reversing the damage. There are members of our armed services that died very recently because of Jimmy Carter's vision for Iran in 1977.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This guy needs his own show!!!

A good friend sent me the link to this guy's Youtube appearances.
Check him out. What a breath of fresh air.
You all knew that I want to look around in the Republican Party and see at least as many African-Americans in attendance as there are caucasions, right? We are the natural choice for those that want to break out of the shackles the Democrats want to keep them in.

And check the comments below the piece. There are links to some of his other pieces. This guy was destined to have his own show if he'd have been selling Obama.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We still need those phone banks manned. Two locations!!!

These final days are where the rubber hits the road people!!
This is obtainable. This is within reach!! It just takes manpower and enthusiasm.

We need volunteers for phone banks. You can call Melinda Davis in the Sterling location at (703) 340-0702, or e-mail her at The office in Sterling is located at 46950 Community Plaza, Unit 201 A, Sterling, VA.

For those in the West, or closer to Leesburg, call Ken Reid at (703) 779-8777 , or e-mail him atCouncilmanreid@FDAINFO.COM He is opening his office on an appointment basis to make phone banks available in Leesburg.

Senator Obama has a rally in Leesburg.

INTERESTINGLY, however, were the massive amount of Maryland and D.C. tags that lined every street that I traversed in my efforts to find a parking spot.
And then again, as I tried to navigate North on Rt. 15 towards Lovettsville that evening after the event. The road was all but choked with Maryland and D.C. tags.

Since all of Judy Feder's campaign money came from Montgomery County in the Socialist State of Md. ---is it too far of a fling to see them coming across the river to see their Messiah?

And what a tolerant bunch, too. Several of us were in the VIP area, when we whipped out McCAIN/Palin banners right in front of "the One". One of the supporters actually came over and grabbed those signs. So much for the pesky First Amendment, right? (I've seen Obama signs at McCain Rallies and they were not grabbed, but the rest of those attending all got a good laugh at the misguided idiots holding them--since we all recognized that without alot of those in attendance, their right and ability to display those signs would have been squat.)

I ended up in an interview with BBC when the reporter who had seen us raise the banners asked me how I felt to have had it ripped away. I summed it up quickly, and hope that it ends up in full report, and not lay in pieces on the cutting room floor.
This country is proud of the right to voice an opinion where the mere utterance is not cause for torture or retribution towards the speaker after or during the fact. I then offered the same point that I made above regarding Obama signs in Republican events.

All in all, this was not such a large rally. There were somewhere around 8000 people in attendance, far below the projected nubers I'd heard before the event. And when we take into account that ALOT of those present were ACTUALLY from Maryland and the District, it impacts the actual numbers representing Loudoun.

The other shoe will drop on Monday when Palin is scheduled for a rally in Leesburg. I promise not to yank any Obama signs out of any misguided hands that day. I am, after all, a very civil and gregarious kind of guy.

UPDATE: LeeJ has again lost his mind and is ranting again.
” So Monk how did it feel to have your McCain sign ripped away from you????”

To tell you the truth, it’s exactly what I expected from an intolerant blowhard with regard to my first amendment RIGHT. (you remember those don’t you- because I can assure you that the very people who thought that the Bush Patriot Act was “the devil” just turned around and did it one better ). That I didn’t put a foot in his gut and fight to keep that sign is a testament to my temperment. It was all about drawing the EXACT reaction from those there that I got. It was my desire to be documented on BBC and a couple of other news outlets that I did interviews with after the incident. And it highlighted the fact that those people will gladly trample the rights(especially the First Amendment to the Constitution) of those who don’t share their lunacy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Broadlands group...but on the up and up, this time.

Broadlands Residents for BRMC has started a website. This group is not funded by HCA, whereas Concerned Citizens of Broadlands is financed in large part by INOVA. INOVA publicly acknowledged giving the group money, so this is not news.That this Resident's Group is paying their own freight tends to give me a better window into the unbiased truth over there.

And for more facts that make quite a bit of sense, go here:

UPDATE: I attended the public input last night. INOVA, in usual fashion, bussed in employees to parade in front of the Commission, and I've got to say that I was appalled with the behavior of the INOVA crowd. They were reminded SEVERAL times thruout the evening to remain civil and tolerant to the opposing views, but they remained defiant and obnoxious thruout the evening. HCA supporters were not only tolerant, but very respectful of the opposition points.
This may have backfired on INOVA, because I noticed several of the Commissioners were annoyed with the INOVA supporter's behavior.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The "Death Spiral" has begun

Unless Americans wise up and pay attention to the facts of the leadup to the failed Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle. Most Americans outside of those of us who watch events unfold minute by minute are oblivious to those facts, and as such, they will ignorantly suppose that Bush and Republicans are behind this chapter. Unless the biased press starts doing it's job and reporting that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd had a whole lot more to do with this failure than any Republican, the situation and it's outcome is bleak.
Now the Market falls under 9000. To most Americans, again , who ignorantly trust the mainstream media....this is directly proportionate to the "bailout".

In truth, it isn't. Companies and individuals who will have to pay higher Capital Gains taxes under Obama are moving their assets into places where they'll be safe until 2012. Until then, rather than invest those assets, they'll stuff them away and collect interest on them. If McCain is elected, this all stops dead in it's tracks on Novemebr 5th, and reverses course. With someone who understands the impact of Capital Gains Taxes on the flow of money to the markets at the helm, companies and individuals will open up those floor boards and will invest in growth again.
But if Obama wins, they'll close the floorboards and sit it out for four years (that'll look an awful lot like 1976 and Carter's administration).

As they continue to do this, the market, already in a precarious position due to democrats manipulation, will continue to fall. Those ignorant of the situation will see this, and be even more determined to vote for Obama, because they lack the information to reason that he and his ilk are exactly the ones who put us here.

So, in the end, those too ignorant to follow the breadcrumbs for themselves will inevitably connect the last remaining parts needed to gear a "Death Spiral" of electing Obama.

And there, at the bottom of the well, is where we'll sit for four years.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An excellent read.

I have a party to attend tonight, so I need to be brief.
I did come across a very interesting article to share with those who hadn't found it yet.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The 'ol man I was waiting for just showed up.

The right person finally got to McCain's ear this week. They must have whispered "Nice guys finish last".
All along this political season, McCain was hesitant to open up and just flat out blast Obama on a number of proven facts. He kept his claws sheathed, and his powder dry. Tonight, refreshingly, he came out full force against Obama and FINALLY laid the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac carcasses at his feet.
He schooled the younger man on the finer points of exactly "how" we build an alliance with Pakistani tribes (as we've done in Afghanistan after Russia failed), Beirut, Iraq and ,yes, even Vietnam.) instead of announcing that we'd attack them if they do not rid us of the Taliban/Al Queda factor hiding in their mountains.

He bested Obama so well, that the younger man wanted to revisit subjects even after his number of rebuttals were exhausted.
Obama was so frustrated, that he actually made the statement: "The senator is trying to imply that I'm green behind the ears". Let's get real here Obama. One is "green" OR one is"WET behind the ears". You are BOTH, and you just announced it in front of a NATIONAL audience.

McCain was on fire and on point tonight. I just wish he'd done it sooner, because nice guys do finish last.

The skit from SNL just dissappeared?

Saturday Night Live does a skit that enrages two of the culprits in the bailout, and NBC pulls the skit and reworks it?
I'm tickled that someone had it saved, so that it can be stored for posterity.

And Michelle Malkin does further background on the reasons it was pulled.

Anyway you shake this out, the results do not look good for Herbert and Marion Sandler (portrayed by Darrell Hammond and Casey Wilson in the skit). When this news gets out to alot more people, they might want to move....but to where?

ACORN just keeps on chugging along

Despite NUMEROUS charges in NUMEROUS states, ACORN keeps on being allowed to register voters. We might as well get ready for the Stealing of the Election.

John Fund has written a book called "Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy"

Phyllis Schlafly over at points out:

"Among those who are not eligible to vote are those who are dead, who are not residents of the precincts where they vote, who are registered to vote in another state, who are underage and especially those who are not citizens. Votes cast by any of those can cancel out your vote and, in close elections, decide the winner.
Fund describes how easy it is for unscrupulous politicians to buy voter impersonators with a little cash and get them to cast illegal votes. The Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals explained "the extreme difficulty of apprehending a voter impersonator. He enters the polling place, gives a name that is not his own, votes and leaves. If later it is discovered that the name he gave is that of a dead person, no one at the polling place will remember the face of the person who gave that name."

Chicago is ****'n FAMOUS for this, aren't they?

Tell ya what I betcha.

The markets suffered again today as more and more corporation money gets shoved down in the cracks before Obama's Reign of Terror. These businesses have looked down the road, and they've already imagined the damage as Obama raises the Capital Gains taxes on their money.
In an extremely short-sighted view, Obama really thinks that these companies will pay more up front to help him out of a budgetary "black hole".

What he, and every other democrat (they seem to really believe that "it's not fair" equals an economic degree) think that if they collect more money from the big guys who earned it, they can redistribute it to the more "needy". What they effectively overlook (and any REAL economics degree can tell you) is that that Capital Gains pool is brought out and reinvested into jobs and production when the penalty is not so severe that it trumps the return on that money.

These corporations and companies do not owe anything to any of us. They reinvest the Capital Gains back into the market to get a return on that money. They gamble enough as it is. The investments at that level of the game can make huge returns....or crash and burn on the whim of the market.
It's that nature of the stakes that the "hope and change" candidate does not now, nor will ever understand, because in all of his life, he may have made large sums, but he's never reinvested it, nor has he been on the "paying" end of a Capital Gains tax.

I'm going to stick by my guns. If Obama is President on January One, we're headed straight down into a deep recession. If McCain wins out, the floorboards open and the wealth of investment that lead to job creation will flow again. It's 1976 all over again.

The number one thing that we need at this point is job creation (in itself it is a sort of wealth redistribution--although those that recieve their paychecks from that job creation do indeed have to work for it) and without that....the 16% unemployment rates and interests rates that bring inflation can't be far behind.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

At what point do you stop being a vital, vibrant part of your community ?

At what point do you stop being a vital, vibrant part of your community--and become the County bully?

I've watched for over 6 monhs as Inova Hospital has spent millions upon millions of dollars to battle HCA from building Broadlands Regional Medical Center. The Center should be a much welcomed relief for a Loudoun population that is already overburdening Inova's hospital services ...compared to neighboring counties number comparisons. Beds per residents....

Not to mention that the competition brought by the addition of the second entity will level the playing feild, and should adjust charges by a lone institution with no comparable franchise. I think that competition is healthy, even in getting out the word to the people of the county. I do not expect Inova to sit on it's hands and allow this HCA proposal to go forward unanswered. But I do intend for Inova to keep it clean and go after public opinion on the up and up, with the purest of motives...survival and market share of the medical needs of the county.

Recently, Inova violated that trust with me, and arguably, with the people of the county. They hit below the belt in so many ways, it would take a rather lengthy column here to define the error of their ways in my eyes.

But the latest example of their overreach is unfolding, and to tell you the truth, I'm stunned by the arrogance, the audacity, and the underhandedness of it. As many in the west out here know, we've been waiting for Inova's satellite services in Lovettsville, Purcellville, and Middleburg for about 5 to 6 years..maybe longer.
Purcellville has gotten so far that the building is finished, and ready to fill.

What Inova did recently was address AT LEAST (There are probably a number of attack points that I haven't witnessed yet in these towns) the Ruritans in Purcellville, and as I hear it--told them in no uncertain terms that if they wanted the Inova center out on Hatcher, they'd better become vocal advocates for Inova (more to the point, they'd do well to speak out against the HCA Center in Broadlands.) or else, Inova won't be able to afford to fill these satellite offices.

I'm still waiting to see how pathetic this gets, because I've long since lost count of the money spent by Inova on full page advertisements in at LEAST 4 weekly publications, and a couple more that escaped me in other publications. They've given money to "Concerned" groups, and alot of other money has been infused into the anti-HCA agitprop that hasn't even all been accounted for yet.

If you go to the Public Input session on October 15th at EagleRidge Middle School, you'd best be prepared to see the Mayors of Lovettsville, Purcellville and Middleburg testify that they think HCA coming to Loudoun is absolutely horrid. Just understand when you see them speak that it appears from my view that Inova finally decided to resort to extortion and these three Mayors fell for it hook, line and sinker.

BRING HCA's BROADLANDS REGIONAL MED. CENTER (and the $3.5 to $4 MIL a year in commercial taxes) TO LOUDOUN NOW!! It is overdue.

Update: Broadlands Residents for BRMC has started a website. This group is not funded by HCA, whereas Concerned Citizens of Broadlands is financed in large part by INOVA. INOVA publicly acknowledged giving the group money, so this is not news.
That this Resident's Group is paying their own freight tends to give me a better window into the unbiased truth over there.

And for more facts that make quite a bit of sense, go here:


Friday, October 3, 2008

So, we might say that the left-leaning media pulled a fast one?

Consider this. Palin did VERY well in her interviews with Gibson and Couric, but America will never know that because the 70% of the interview where she trumped these windbags is still laying on the cutting room floor. And every liberal in America has just had their feet whipped out from under them when the FULL transcripts are read in context and in their entirety.

No wonder Palin became frustrated and seemed to not want to answer some questions. She probably already knew she was damned if she did, and damned if she didn't. The "editing" of the tape by political hacks already in the bag for Obama should ENRAGE every voter out there who still believes in straight shooting and an honestly nuetral approach by journalists.

What the liberal-leaning press has done here is breached it's trust with Americans. We can no longer believe what they tell us. We will gravitate to Fox News in droves upon the revelation that we were lied to by someone we were supposed to be able to trust as our information source.

The fallout from this will be huge. After years of sly manipulation from the shadows, this year, the emboldened mainstream media finally stepped in it for all to see.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let me tell you about some dumbasses who live-blogged

Since they say"two can play the game". What if Palin were to turn around and misquote or point out the mass ignorance of turds like this...

"Agenda said: a huge state that onle has 6000 citizens"

Good lord, but I can only assume that this retard is grasping for a description of Alaska. Just so the rest of us are clear... the damned Government up there employs 115,000 people, and assuming they all avoid LONG ASSED COMMUTES, I think we can safely put it to rest that there are indeed more than 6000 people in the state.

This is only the tip of the iceberg that is democrat ignorance and obedience to "The One".
You can point them to a real, honest to God tape from CSPAN of McCain's Speech on the Senate floor in May, 2006 telling us exactly what would happen in a little less than three years from that date, and then they hear Biden say that McCain voted for deregulation at around that same time...and their take?

Well, Joe wouldn't have said it if it weren't true, right??

Here's a clue, people. Biden technically lied, meaning he knew McCain's real intent, but calculating that the average joe out here doesn't follow the technical stipulations of the Senate Chamber. The sad part....he's right. The American populance has been purposely "dumbed down" for the better part of fifteen years, by my count.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ouch...this'll leave a mark. Police State, anyone?

Evidently, Obama and company have thin skin. You can't talk bad about them or they'll arrest you. I think the last ones to throw around the "Hitler" reference WERE the Democrats....right?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Everyone in America, stop what you're doing.... and read this.

First, they stalled it, then they berated anyone who spoke out at Raines as a lynching crew...then they....just watch it yourself.

And the synopsis of the slow-motion-derailment..

Friday, September 26, 2008

And so, it all comes down to what we thought it would....

McCain schooled Obama. Proving that "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm everytime!!!!"
Now, don't get me wrong. Like a high powered dragrace in a car that has so much power you have to "feather" the accelerator to actually gain traction before you nail it...McCain came off the blocks slow. So much so, that I actually worried that he wouldn't "nail" Obama on the glaring lies that he told (the first one occurred in the first three minutes of the debate--when Obama said he'd actually voted for regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2006. He actually did not vote, but his buddies Frank, Dodd and Schumer sure didn't vote to regulate.) thruout the debate.

When the subject actually moved to foreign affairs (you know, what the debate was SCHEDULED to have as a topic), McCain finally "nailed" it. And all Obama saw from that moment was taillights.

According to Obama, we should abandon the scenario that brought us initial victory over the Taliban and just go apeshit all over "Pok-ee-ston". Forget that if we win the hearts of the local tribes there, and facilitate an entry with their blessings...thereby making the job so much easier and , more importantly, produce far less casualties.

There were so many other smaller chapters that McCain actually lived thru , that Obama clearly began to sweat in front of America. With the removal of his teleprompter, he was reduced to a stammering kid who knows it all, and if you ask....he'd tell you.

He gleefully stepped into the Kissinger comment, whereupon McCain pulled a Benson on him.
"I knew Jack Kennedy, and you're no Jack Kennedy" was all I could think of when McCain offered that he'd known Kissinger for thirty five years, and that he might indeed confer with Kissinger about Obama's statement. (35 is waaayyy more than 3/4 of 44 isn't it?)

All in all, I sincerely hope that John McCain now realizes that Obama will lie, talk down to anyone who doesn't stop him from doing it, and has absolutely no regard for the finer points used in civil discussions by gentlemen. And in the next debates, that he'll cut him to the quick before Obama tries it on him.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because it bears repeating, In light of Barney's RUBBLE


Mr. President, this week Fannie Mae's regulator reported that the company's quarterly reports of profit growth over the past few years were "illusions deliberately and systematically created" by the company's senior management, which resulted in a $10.6 billion accounting scandal. The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight's report goes on to say that Fannie Mae employees deliberately and intentionally manipulated financial reports to hit earnings targets in order to trigger bonuses for senior executives. In the case of Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae's former chief executive officer, OFHEO's report shows that over half of Mr. Raines' compensation for the 6 years through 2003 was directly tied to meeting earnings targets. The report of financial misconduct at Fannie Mae echoes the deeply troubling $5 billion profit restatement at Freddie Mac. The OFHEO report also states that Fannie Mae used its political power to lobby Congress in an effort to interfere with the regulator's examination of the company's accounting problems. This report comes some weeks after Freddie Mac paid a record $3.8 million fine in a settlement with the Federal Election Commission and restated lobbying disclosure reports from 2004 to 2005. These are entities that have demonstrated over and over again that they are deeply in need of reform. For years I have been concerned about the regulatory structure that governs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac--known as Government-sponsored entities or GSEs--and the sheer magnitude of these companies and the role they play in the housing market. OFHEO's report this week does nothing to ease these concerns. In fact, the report does quite the contrary. OFHEO's report solidifies my view that the GSEs need to be reformed without delay. I join as a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, S. 190, to underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole. I urge my colleagues to support swift action on this GSE reform legislation.

Quick Info S. 190 [109th]: Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 Last Action: Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. Ordered to be reported with an amendment in the nature of a substitute favorably. Status: Dead

WHO KILLED IT? DEMOCRATS(most specifically Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Barry Obama.--so how are they qualified to be the very folks working on it now?)

As it turns out...Country First wasn't just a slogan

I knew this all along, of course. But to anyone watching, who hadn't already made up their mind, and those "reasonable" folks, this is a reinforcement of that moment during the Republican Convention when McCain's speech indicated exactly what "Country First" meant.
As we're approaching an economic crisis that must be solved within the next four days, McCain puts his campaign on hold. The move is a risky one. But it's not really a "gray" area to McCain.

What is Obama's response to the crisis? He wants to keep on track to a debate where the topic is "foreign policy". Let's examine priorities here for a second. We're having an economic meltdown right now, and he wants to continue into a debate for foreign policy??

This is EXACTLY why I'd never sit thru an Obama presidency. He is alot like the democrats who've run for the post more recently. Like his predecessors, he is more apt to put a finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing, than to plant his stake, speak his mind, and lead his troops. Most of the problem with him at his age can be attributed to inexperience. He's a new player in Washington, having only been here for three years. What has he learned in the short time he HAS been here?? He has elevated himself to the number two position on "most money recieved from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac" right after 20 year "fatcat" Chris Dodd, for one.

In fact, the more one examines Obama (in realtime...not in prose), the more one discovers that he IS just like the Washington Insiders he publicly derides. He, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd shouldn't be anywhere near the committee that is deciding the bailout. They should be testifying before it.

John McCain left partisan politics aside, and went to Washington to shoulder a load with fellow Republicans, as well as Democrats...both working on a bipartisan "TEAM" to fix our economy.
There is no "I" in TEAM, but evidently, Obama found a "ME".

Friday, September 19, 2008

Without a doubt, Obama has a conflict of interest when the subject is Fannie Mae

Once it was revealed that in his short tenure in the Senate, Senator Obama has moved into the second highest postion of recieving money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- right after Chris Dodd , (D)of Connect-a-dot, who has had a greater number of years to amass a larger take from the quasi-Government entities... It became apparent to me (but obviously not him) that he should probably shut up while he was ahead.("ahead" is such a hard place to define, but in this instance, be very sure that if the alternative has jail time or a dive in the polls, then...he's ahead)

Even worse is the Obama Campaign pointing at former lobbyists in the McCAin Camp, all the while sitting on top of the two former executives that cause large portions of the Fannie and Fred failures. Creative bookkeeping just doesn't begin to describe what these folks did.

I can see Obama getting down on his knees and praying "Not yet...PLEASE don't let it fail, YET!!! Not until January 2009!!!

So , excuse me if I just have to shake my head when he walks out onto a stage with a straight face. The man has NO economic experience, so he takes his direction directly from two men who together ruined the foundation that holds the rest of the house up. How is this "change"??

Update: Ace of Spades throws gasoline on this one!
"If the federal government were guaranteeing a trillion new dollars for no-money down car purchases with no credit checks or proof of employment or income, what do you think would happen to the price of cars?
They'd triple. For a while.
Housing market turns into dangerously overinflated bubble. Which is what always happens when a trillion fresh, cheap, easy dollars flow into a sector and begin chasing the same limited pool of goods."
Regarding Barney Frank...Obama , and Dodd
"They have no idea how money is made or how services and goods are exchanged. All they know is they want to distribute those services and goods more "fairly."
He doesn't agree with the basic idea that People who don't have enough money to afford a house shouldn't have one. He honestly believes that idea is "unfair."
Everyone should have a house. People who can't afford them most of all.
And if you tell him doing so will cost the government another 1-2 trillion in ten years, and will put the economy in crisis again, he'd say, "Fine." It's a fair trade as far as he's concerned.
Because who's paying that 1-2 trillion? People who have money. If provoking a crisis is the only manner to get the wealth distribution he craves, that's fine by him. "

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

E-mail-Gate. Finally something we can relate to...

Governor Palin's private e-mail account was hacked, much like Frank Wolf's e-mail was hacked sometime ago. Now, on the one hand, I kinda like this information in front of all Americans, because it demonstrates the desperation of Obama's minions. It lays it all out there , and shows in full display the depths that whackjobs will go to in their effort to wrestle control from those who WILL change the status quo in Washington.

Then, the buzz starts off about the Governor possibly using the private e-mail to conduct State business outside of her official e-mail address. Not at issue is her using her official e-mail for personal uses...but the reverse. The thoughts expressed on this were that she could effectively mask certain actions by using her private e-mail to facilitate them.

Around April of this year, here in Loudoun, we had a VERY similar occurence when the noteable Sally Mann FOIA'd Jim Burton's and Scott York's public office e-mails. That later turned into a FOIA of their private e-mails as well, when what Ms. Mann was looking for wasn't found in the public accounts. District Court Judge Dean Worcester found that all of the e-mails in both accounts were open, because these officials sometimes inadvertently mix account uses.

Judge Thomas D. Horne heard the appeal of Burton and York, and ruled that all e-mail correspondence was NOT to be the subject of FOIA requests. In his opinion, he stated :"the list of groceries to pick up on the way home from work electronically mailed by a spouse to a supervisor at his or her office and utilizing the County mail system would not be subject to production."

Horne ruled that only private e-mails where PUBLIC BUSINESS was addressed were to be included as FOIA searchable, and went on to define public business as "those matters over which the public governmental body or agent of the government has supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory power."

More recently, Greg L. at Black Velvet Bruce Li got some comments on private/public e-mail after a piece he did.

Using this finding, if Palin was indeed using her private e-mail address to address the public business in any way, it is then subject to FOIA law. But there is a right way and a wrong way to obtain the e-mails. The hack job was the wrong way, and those who bypassed the legal system in obtaining those e-mails won't pass it up when the authorities find them.

Volunteers to phone Republican call sheets needed .

We need volunteers for phone banks. You can call Melinda Davis in the Sterling location at (703) 340-0702, or e-mail her at The office in Sterling is located at
46950 Community Plaza, Unit 201 A, Sterling, VA.

For those in the West, or closer to Leesburg, call Ken Reid at (703) 779-8777 , or e-mail him at

I ran across the MOST interesting tidbit Monday.

I walked into the Republican McCain office over in Sterling...and saw a bumper sticker on the wall that reaches out to the Black Americans among us. It states, very simply:

Martin Luther King was a Republican.

I had to have it. I needed to display it.
Look, for the first time that I'm aware of, our local Republican Party here has an Ethnic Outreach Chairman and Committee. The new Chair of the LCRC and all around nice guy, Glen Caroline, encouraged the Committee's creation.
We recently had Don Scoggins at the Loudoun County Republican Committees' August 26th meeting . Don is President of Republicans for Black Empowerment and founder of The Frederick Douglass GOP Forum. He strongly encouraged us to try to achieve a 35% Black membership .

This is yet another step in the right direction that Mr. Caroline has helped us take. There are many more steps, but we are definitely headed in the right direction of "the Big Tent".

More Reading:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama tries to turn a bad day for America into a good day for him

This post was initially written yesterday as I watched the coverage of the 500 point fall of the DOW, but really beefed out after I heard what Obama wanted to weave it into. Shiplap, over at beat me to the punch on this one, but we appear to have both seized upon the actual situation.

That somehow, somewhere, Obama wanted to emphasize that McCain didn't know how to deal with these losses. Well, here , in McCain's own words, as he addressed the Senate back in May of 2006, is the proof that Johnny was on the Spot even back then. And that Obama didn't listen to the man, and voted the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 into a sudden DEATH.

John McCain warned on that date.... "If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole."

Sorry, are Johnny-come-lately on this endeavor.

Update: Sorry's worse than we thought.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The VERY apparent bias in the liberal media

Look, I know that most journalism classes are also taken in conjunction with more liberal fields of study...but this is rediculous.
Lately, EVERY liberal media spin cycle has gone off the deep end investigating the junior member of the Republican ticket. They've wasted a full two to three weeks of what should have been Obama's campaign to show his own strengths against McCain. The press SHOULD have had the sense to at least appear to remain unbiased and professional. They have all pointed out her Mayoral skill set (inaccurately) and outright ommitted the fact that as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was responsible for an $11 BIL budget, and all of 156,000 employees.
Right now, even, the rank and file of the Far Left is rolling up the real estate beneath their "Messiah" and throwing it at the Palin wall to see how much of it sticks. A quick trip to quickly sets the misinformation right... It IS the year 2008, after all.

Speaking of the ability to instantly access such information via a computer...The Obama campaign stepped in another pile last week as they put it forth that McCain is somehow less technical than the youth because of his age. Given that this played to the masses at large, and that by the very demographics of those who actually vote in elections, Obama just dissed the larger demographic when he tried to embrace the smaller and younger one.
And in the end, even the facts backfired on them here. McCain is recognised as one of the most technically abreast fellows in the legislation, and that's proven by his numerous committee positions in the matter.

What is the actual end-game, here? (Not the one that the liberal press wants, I'll guarantee you)
That everyday Americans, honest working class people....get tired of the smear, and they see the liberals for what they are. They let it all hang out for the past three weeks, and in front of America....they cannot put that jack back in the box.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Loudoun County fiscal conservatives -let me rephrase the approach

After recent discussions with a few people I won't identify, it has come to my attention that there are too many cooks fussing over how this pot of beans gets cooked.
LCSB has their thumb all over the selection of one school over another, often working behind the scenes to get statements withdrawn, or reports that they've seen buried, so that the direction they want taken is the only one available to the lesser informed.
I've also seen evidence that yet another party will not take no for an answer when groups of people reject this particular party's rhetoric. That's steering from both sides, and it does all of us citizens a great injustice.

I'm still all for watching the bottom line, but I think the only way we do this is to seperate the schools being discussed and argue each on it's merits. As an overall thought process, I want to see Lambert vetted properly (drop the $16 MIL horse plop) and also - probably more important- I'd like to see the financing of Lenah shot down, but also see a renegotiation on the property. ALOT has happened to the market in the past 15 months, and the sum of the current offer is assinine, given that developers are "lining up" to sell properties to the school board now that building houses on their parcels doesn't look promising. Greenvest is way out of line on the price, and the school board was way too generous with your dollars in negotiating with them.
Chime in....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama's ACTUAL community organization skills

The left actually got up on it's low horse last week about those mean 'ol Republicans poking fun at Obama's community organizer entry on his "resume".

Michelle Malkin has a different take on Obama's organizing experience:

"Let me clarify something. Nobody is mocking community organizers in church basements and community centers across the country working to improve their neighbors' lives. What deserves ridicule is the notion that Obama's brief stint as a South Side rabble-rouser for tax-subsidized, partisan nonprofits qualifies as executive experience you can believe in.
What deserves derision is "community organizing" that relies on a community of homeless people and ex-cons to organize for the purpose of registering dead people to vote, shaking down corporations and using the race card as a bludgeon.Obama's community organizing days involved training grievance-mongers from the far-left ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).
The ACORN mob is infamous for its bully tactics (which they dub "direct actions"); Obama supporters have recounted his role in organizing an ambush on a government planning meeting about a landfill project opposed by Chicago's minority lobbies.
With benefactors like Obama in office, ACORN has milked nearly four decades of government subsidies to prop up chapters that promote the welfare state and undermine the free market, as well as some that have been implicated in perpetuating illegal immigration and voter fraud. The group continues to garner scrutiny from law enforcement.
Last week, Milwaukee's top election official announced plans to seek criminal investigations of 37 ACORN employees accused of offering gifts to sign up voters (including prepaid gas cards and restaurant cards) or falsifying driver's license numbers, Social Security numbers or other information on voter registration cards.
Last month, a New Mexico TV station reported on the child rapists, drug offenders and forgery convicts on ACORN's payroll. In July, Pennsylvania investigators asked the public for help in locating a fugitive named Luis R. Torres-Serrano, who is accused "of submitting more than 100 fraudulent voter registration forms he collected on behalf of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now to county election officials.

Add to this that in July, a massive, nearly $1 million embezzlement scheme by top ACORN officials was exposed. ACORN's political arm endorsed Obama in February and has ramped up efforts to register voters across the country. Meantime, completely ignored by the mainstream commentariat and clean-election crusaders, the Obama campaign admitted failing to report $800,000 in campaign payments to ACORN. They were disguised as payments to a front group called "Citizen Services Inc." for "advance work."

I've followed Obama's ACORN ties for about 3 months now. The fact that the MSM (Mainstream Media) won't investigate this is quite close to negligence. How can they, in good faith, decide that they will not present this to the people of the Country , if only for closer examination?

From where I sit, when republicans become concerned over voting irregularities, there are an awful lot of deaf ears, but let a democrat cry voter fraud, and the mass media will roll out a whole battalion of rock-turners to look for the problems.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A time of reflection. EJ Andino has been gone two years.

Many of you knew that I lost my only nephew in Iraq two years ago to an IED under his humvee. His encampment was taking mortar fire , and when the call came for volunteers to complete a tactical response, he eagerly responded.
EJ had completed his training in tank school, excelled, and landed himself a prime position in his detachment. He would be inside a tank, which we all breathed relief upon learning...because in the words of some former tank guys..."he was as safe as a baby in it's mother's arms" as long as he was inside the tank.
What we SHOULD have known, and accounted for..was EJ's personality. He was a go-getter. He went after things that interested him at 100 mph. I feel guilt, as does his grandfather (we were among the male role models in his life) that we bestowed some of that life and work ethic in him. He was raised by a gracious woman, and he was instilled with a selfless value by her. He was rebellious in his teen years, but who among us wasn't?

I saw EJ mature into a fine young man and I had a great amount of pride in him when he found his purpose at 22 years of age. I wandered in and out among different stations in life and never really settled down until the late age of 26.
So EJ was ahead of me in his quest for his life to have meaning. And have meaning it did.

EJ recieved the Army's Achievement Award by the time he'd been enlisted a year. He pulled ahead of countless others in Tank School. This duck had found his pond. It was a natural progression for him, and he walked it comfortably.

I miss him terribly, but I am so proud that he was one of the many who's self-sacrifice paved the way to freedom and democracy for people HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW.

I ask that if you read this, you pray that God can lay his hand on EJ's mother and keep her thoughts on the great things that EJ achieved in a mere 23 years...that some men NEVER achieve even when they live to be 100.