Friday, September 26, 2008

And so, it all comes down to what we thought it would....

McCain schooled Obama. Proving that "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm everytime!!!!"
Now, don't get me wrong. Like a high powered dragrace in a car that has so much power you have to "feather" the accelerator to actually gain traction before you nail it...McCain came off the blocks slow. So much so, that I actually worried that he wouldn't "nail" Obama on the glaring lies that he told (the first one occurred in the first three minutes of the debate--when Obama said he'd actually voted for regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2006. He actually did not vote, but his buddies Frank, Dodd and Schumer sure didn't vote to regulate.) thruout the debate.

When the subject actually moved to foreign affairs (you know, what the debate was SCHEDULED to have as a topic), McCain finally "nailed" it. And all Obama saw from that moment was taillights.

According to Obama, we should abandon the scenario that brought us initial victory over the Taliban and just go apeshit all over "Pok-ee-ston". Forget that if we win the hearts of the local tribes there, and facilitate an entry with their blessings...thereby making the job so much easier and , more importantly, produce far less casualties.

There were so many other smaller chapters that McCain actually lived thru , that Obama clearly began to sweat in front of America. With the removal of his teleprompter, he was reduced to a stammering kid who knows it all, and if you ask....he'd tell you.

He gleefully stepped into the Kissinger comment, whereupon McCain pulled a Benson on him.
"I knew Jack Kennedy, and you're no Jack Kennedy" was all I could think of when McCain offered that he'd known Kissinger for thirty five years, and that he might indeed confer with Kissinger about Obama's statement. (35 is waaayyy more than 3/4 of 44 isn't it?)

All in all, I sincerely hope that John McCain now realizes that Obama will lie, talk down to anyone who doesn't stop him from doing it, and has absolutely no regard for the finer points used in civil discussions by gentlemen. And in the next debates, that he'll cut him to the quick before Obama tries it on him.


Anonymous said...

Cool new blog BPM.

So about the debate, whats up with the "John" stuff from Obama, thats the first Ive ever heard Obama call him "John" so many times in a row, must be a new strategy.

Ken Reid said...

Too conservative is still down, so Im giving the Monk some of the business! I am beginning to think that Loudoun County could be the Palm Beach 2000 of this year's election, and Virginia the Florida 2000 of this year's election. We need to start getting prepared for potential voter suppression, intimidation, or, the limited poll workers we have will be inundated with voters and won't know what to do. I think the LCRC needs to start educating its precinct captains for the worst and recruit backups for key precincts. But let's try to prevent that by getting involved in phoning and canvassing and giving McCain a substantial lead. In 2004, Bush got roughtly 56% of the vote here and in PW County, which offset the fact he only got 43% in Fairfax. So, if McCain only edges Oblabla here and in PW, it could be fireworks. Let's keep in mind that Bob McDonnell only won A.G. by less than 400 votes state wide, so we could have a squeaker and if McCain loses Virginia, I think he loses the election.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Anon... When calling him "Senator McCain" OBVIOUSLY shows the GLARING GAP in experience level in the most obvious way, you'd call him "John" too. In Obama's mind, he had raised himself to McCain's level, but it backfired on most the blogs I'd read thruout the debate.He only demonstrated his intense desire to somehow "ebe" on McCain's level. And it wasn't flattering to Obama , by most accounts.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I hear that, Ken.
I cannot stress enough that if you want a McCain Presidency, you contact Ken at his office and donate some time for phonebanks, ar you get ahold of Melinda for time in the Sterling office. See the post from the main menu with Ken's office phone, as well as Melinda's contact info.
McCain isn't just going to win, he'll need help. YOUR help could make the difference.