Thursday, October 28, 2010

Left lunacy on display.....but is it in overdrive?

From Clinton's trip to ask Meeks to step out so a former republican can win over Rubio, to the verbal attacks on The View on Angle, to the back-pedalling on the Tea Party by a former vocal critic who called them "nutjobs", to the firing of Juan Williams from NPR when he didn't follow 'talking points". More recently, we caught two supposed "journalist" plotting made-up stories about the TEA Party candidate in Alaska after their iphone failed to disconnect....
there's so much more that I haven't pointed out.

All in all, this is powering towards a very enjoyable week for those of us who knew that the democrats were overreaching when they pulled completely unwarranted gymnastics to get the HealthCare fiasco thru, attempted to pull the same manuever to pass unhealthy job-killing Cap and Trade legislation, promised to be "transparent" even if they had to change the actual meaning of the word....
We also foretold of the piper that would have to be paid in the next election. But they were in denial. They gnashed teeth, they lied openly. They ignored previous races for the Governorships in two states and they turned their noses up at Scott Brown's chances to win the "kennedy" seat in Massachusetts(no extra "E"). Now comes the proverbial "meltdown"...

What does all of this point to? Democrats have lost contact with reality, and the will of the people....if indeed they ever had a handle on it. And in this last week of campaigning, the American voter can get a bellyfull of the insanity of these idiots when they don't get what they want. It's the ultimate in laying bare what they're REALLY about all of the time. I've seen a couple of them melt down locally.
A certain bow-tied attorney, famous for his liberal drivel and newspaper column, actually came short of physical blows at a recent public input when he was challenged to back rhetoric with facts. We had a full blown astro-turfing party in a newspaper's comment section regarding a local debate. I'd have actually wagered that half of those commenting were sitting in other US cities and were being paid to surf and comment.

This coming week....Have fun and enjoy the entertainment.I fully suspect they'll continue to attempt to out do each other in over the top lunacy for all to see.

Going further, there's a message that I want Republicans to hear loud and clear. This is your last chance. Obtain the offices, turn your backs on the constituents, spend like the democrats before you.....and you will become expendable. The whole point of the voter's outrage that will put you in office this year and the next national year is that we will not accept the actions that were dispalyed in the immediate years post-1994. Ignore this warning, and Republicans will be in the sights of the people in the subsequent elections...not Democrats. Foul this Godsend up, and you will actually give birth to the third Party you fear so badly.
There is a very bright side to this equation. Do a great job of turning this mess around, staying true to your promises, and leading us into prosperity....and you may well keep republicans in the Congressional majority for another 20 years.

Update: Okay. It was funny and getting funnier until they start fixing ballot machines.
And not acting on others... when they "stick" on delivering democrat party lines, no matter what the voter who's operating them wants....
Update 2: Apparently the State of Pennsylvania tossed 900 absentee votes today. Many of you will remember that I suspected the use of that particular apparatus in the Steve Hunt race last year. I found it odd that Steve lost only after the absentee votes were counted. Evidently, those do not undergo a great deal of scutiny and don't require the voter to stand in front of an election officer who might call them on any malfeasance that is performed in their presence.
Keep eye-balling for more shenanigans as we move towards Tuesday and the inevitable thumping.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chinese Strategy

Everyone with an eye turned towards this country's finances already knows we're in a deep hole and up to our necks with Chinese loans and investments in the Country's operations. We just turned another $$TRILLION Dollar year.
You may have noticed on the News programming lately....the Dems are bellyaching that China is manipulating their stock market with hope of influencing ours. And according to the Dems, China is doing it with the expressed intent of helping Republicans in November.
Has it ever dawned on you that they might just be correct?
Let's say that China is an investor who has given money hand over fist to an endeavor(They have). Now suppose the principles in that endeavor are blowing thru the initial seed money (They are - at an alarming rate). What if they eventually began partying and using that investment for the keg money -- and were totally ignoring the project that was initially financed?
If that investor was able to manipulate the conditions for putting a grown-up in control of the investment to turn the project around and make it actually complete it's course and begin a return on the investment instead of pissing it all away on a good time??
Any of you think the Chinese don't have a pretty good idea who is a better manager of their interest???
Pretty soon, it all boils down to the money...and the desire to turn a profit.
Right now, this is the best roaring endorsement for the Republican management China.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ric nails usual.


Dale Myers' Death Star nearly complete

Just as we saw the last of Ms. Myers back in June of 2009 (or was it July?)at an LCRC meeting where she sniffed the wind, decided it was definitely against her agenda....and promptly left....

Word has come from a reputable source that Dale Polen Myers is building up an organization to influence the County elections again. I highly suspect that she's had to recruit from some new sources for money, since the building industry wallet is probably pretty flat.
Unfortunately, I also hear that she's currently running Greenvest.

There was some suspicious activity involved in her last backed candidate, Ken Mikeman - who she pitted against Bruce Tullock, once Tullock spat the Kool-aid out and bucked her auth-or-it-tay.
Sheriff Steve Simpson, Jack Ryan and Mikeman all ran as "independents" with Polen Myers' help....(she was already circulating petitions for them before the Convention floor was cold) and some of the financing is a little fuzzy. I'm still chasing down the exact trail it took that year. The road appears to lead straight from Tyson's Corner into GAM printers. A quick check of Vpap appears that the money actually was given In-Kind from GAM to the candidate. Nothing unusual there...but the back story of how GAM came to possess the money in order to offer it to Mikeman could be juicy. I'll need a confirming source before I step right out and spell it out that way, however.

I'm all ears on anyone who's familiar with the machine's inner mechanicals. This is already a bad move for Loudoun and it's financial (read taxes here) health.
When I do advocate for anything, I side with citizens...the voters who live and work here. Anywhere that "Pay to Play" elevates one class over the others will meet with resistance from me and a plethora of other activists.