Friday, June 7, 2013

National Assoc. for Gun Rights weighs in in 33rd

The Natl Assoc. of Gun Rights weighs in on the race in the 33rd Delegate Race in Virginia.
Joe May didn't even do them the courtesy of repsonding to a survey they sent to both candidates.
This was a no-brainer. Really.

But Joe May has a history that prevents this. In 2009, Joe voted to support a Gun-free zone in and around restaurants....enabling criminals to be assured that their intended victims would be unarmed in those areas.
Senate Bill 1035 was intended to abolish these gun-free oversights....and Delegate Joe May was johnny-on-the-spot trying to kill that measure. Thankfully, the measure was overturned in 2010. He went right back at it with the vote to limit purchases to one gun per month .

True to his nature, Joe May tried again in 2012, when trhe repeal of the one gun a month Bill was introduced. Thankfully, that law was also repealed.

Not really learning anything, nor of any inclination to mend his errant ways, Joe was at it again this year ...when he voted for SB 1378 --which is again determined to punish law-abiding gunowners for criminal's actions.

Do yourself and Virginia a huge favor....lose this guy...and Voter for LaRock!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Continued desperation in politics

Another funny mailer just made it's way to the house.In it, Joe May's desperate campaign just launched another lie. This time, they've insinuated that Dave Larock has been sued for fraud.

The truth is that LaRock and his wife sold a house...their own house... to a poor chap and his desperate quest to flip an already well-equipped home for a profit. This occurred at about the top of the housing market, but probably RIGHT AT THE TURN in the market.

When he purchased the house, he was cash poor, so the LaRocks bent over backwards to try to help him afford the house. In the end, God only knows what financing tricks this fellow  enlisted to afford the house. Then a tumbling market left him upside down.
His solution? Hit LaRock for insufficient electrical/workmanship quality and the likes.
And remember, that this is the house that LaRock personally lived in...not one of his builds, but the one he would move his family into. That was reason enough to look at the slub who bought at it with a microscope.
Now he blames the LaRock family. For his own creation. Go figure.

I have also been made aware that Joe May's campaign is crying foul and claims that Larock is slinging mud. Nothing could be further from the truth. Joe May has an abysmal record of service, and pointing it out is completely within the foul lines. Anyone could find the same record with a quick search of the official record of his votes. He hikes taxes like a madman, he isn't keen on pro-life issues, and he doesn't exactly like gunowners rights, either. All of this is proven stuff, the letter of his past votes.

I also recieved two more pieces of mail today that are independent of Dave Larock's campaign. A pro-life group sent out a list of questions to both candidates. Only Larock answered the questions.

Alist of tax questions went out from a liberty organization to both candidates. Only Dave Larock answered that one.

Don't be fooled by the outright lies and attacks on the character of Dave Larock. Send Joe May packing on June 11th.

But do not be surprised when he runs as an Independent, either.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Joe May's Desperation

I collected the mail today and laughed so hard, my neighbors must have wondered what the heck was so funny.
Joe May just lost this election primary. If you have to condemn the party of an ongoing case as automatically guilty (before the courts have even been convened) then you're pretty desperate.

While I seriously support property rights of individuals, I have a new take on Joe.
I highly recommend that the woman who had the sign displayed for her "gentleman's " club in West Virginia to call Gallopin' Joe May and have him do a 60 second spot of endorsement for the club.

Since he's so quick to point out the sign grabbing, can we now just say that "Joe supports the degradation of women's rights  and family values"...?

This election, Joe has been pretty much fibbing in EVERY flier that has come to the house. He's raised taxes 5 times with five different votes. He's no friend of the gun owners of Virginia. And he has a 75% rating with the National Abortion Rights Advocacy.

We just watched him complete the last tax hike a couple of months ago and I remember very well that it was later altered, because in it's original form at the time of the vote, it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Send Ol' Joe packing for a nice long retirement with his grandchildren. Vote LaRock on June 11.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Traitors in the US Senate

Specifically, Warner  in Virginia..... who is content to vote against a measure that keeps the 2nd Amendment as the soveriegn law of the United States, and gives it authority over the UN Treaty to remove ownership of firearms.
Here is the rest of the group of Dems that voted against the 2nd Amendment.

Update: This WILL be used against Mark Warner when Gillespie challenges his seat.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bulletproof endorses Lingamfelter For LT. Governor.

Details coming, but please peruse his site and consider this Conservative as your choice as the Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth. This year was especially painful in that I do like and know so many who wanted this post.
Had a brief meet with Susan Stimpson and really like that girl. She's got fire in her. She also has some pretty ill-prepared supporters (having identified that they were not even part of her staff or official campaign)  that botched the great impression that she made on me when they blind-sided another conservative. Note to the Stimpson campaign -- your message was spot on, but  if your enthusiastic supporters are back-biting other campaigns , they can cost you the race. Who was it that said "the political arena could get bloody, and that entering it was not a matter of if there is damage, but how much?" Those folks should be talking up their preference in a candidate, not lobbing insults at another candidate.

At the basis of this race, Scott is no moderate, he is not "squishy", and he often takes things upon his shoulders and votes with his convictions against the odds of the rest of his peers in the GA. I see the Cuccinelli "compass" in him. I have little doubt about his votes being directed for his constituents and the State's best direction....often against his own best interest.
The above paragraph should not be viewed as an attack against Ms. Stimpson, either. But it's a shame that I have to write that before someone actually uses it as a quote from me....because, in this race, some of them will indeed try to.

I've also been around the net today, and this was a priceless piece that offered some pretty good views to "inside baseball", as my friend Stone says. It's a campaign to campaign analysis of the LG run, and it also addresses yet another attack series that Lingamfelter has had to endure. (not remotely connected to the Stimpson supporters mentioned above).

Please use the link below to familiarize yourself with Scott for around a week. I'll have more to say then.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Youtubes that you won't see unless you look for them

Here is the testimony that the brain-washed media won't dare show you....

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The list of traitors in the Virginia House

I am speechless when I began to read the names of those who foisted this travesty upon us. There, in type were the names of at least three local republicans that I held in high regard until I realized that they were really just "tax and spend" liberals using the GOP to get elected.

There is no excuse for the voting...and these wannabees need to be set free in their respective and upcoming election bids. They are the best light.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

13th Va. Senatorial District makes moves.

Proving that he's a well-rounded and very dedicated conservative (one of two local guys in that senate that have a spine) and that he can use a five or six-speed transmission to great effect... Senator Dick Black has just championed some hard work on three important  topics of interest to real Virginians (as opposed to those folks who merely exist among us at election time before they go home to whatever rock they crawled out from under after the elections.)

It is very doubtful that the 2013 session of the Virginia General Assembly will have a week more eventful than this one. Amendments to the biennial budget, the continuing debate over transportation funding proposals, and crossover, all garnered headlines this week. But with just two weeks remaining until the scheduled end of session on February 23, there's still a lot to be done.


The Commonwealth of Virginia operates under biennial budgets. Since the General Assembly approved the 2012 to 2014 Budget last year, we only make amendments to the budget this year. Still, there are a lot of changes being made to the state's spending plan.


The Medicare amendment that was transmitted from the Senate to the House of Delegates represents the biggest welfare expansion in decades. Unfortunately, this expansion will provide "Cadillac-style" coverage to about 300,000 additional low income Virginians.

I voted against this expansion because I am tired of taxpayers footing the bill for benefits they often cannot afford themselves. The welfare benefits are out of control. From free cell phones with taxpayer funded internet access, to better healthcare than many taxpaying families have, the benefits and lack of cost oversight are providing an incentive not to work because the quality of life is better on welfare.

Medicaid expansion advocates claim that the Federal Government will pick up most of the cost for this massive expansion of benefits. However, the Federal Government often uses an initial "hook" by promising free money to states that later dissipates, leaving the states to shoulder enormous burdens. It is my belief that this will cause Virginia financial difficulty down the road.

It is now up to you and the members of the House of Delegates to stop the expansion of Medicare. The silence from taxpayers has been deafening, and I ask you to please get involved right away. You can contact your delegate by visiting this link, and forwarding it to your families and friends.

The Senate's package of budget amendments was approved on Thursday. Next week, the House and Senate will appoint conferees to negotiate the differences between their two plans.


The effort to reach agreement on a transportation funding plan this year is proving somewhat elusive, so far. The house approved a proposal this week and the Senate did not. But, it wasn't for lack of trying. I even presented my own transportation plan, which would not raise any taxes. Every Republican senator voted for a transportation at some point in the process. Some Senate Republicans voted for two different plans. Senate Democrats, however, did not vote for any.

Without at least one Democrat senator supporting a transportation plan, none can be approved. That's because a transportation funding plan is considered a revenue bill, falling into one of the few legislative measures for which the Lieutenant Governor is prohibited by the Constitution from breaking a tie. As a result, the Senate could not get a plan approved.

The effort to reach an agreement on transportation funding will get another chance in the coming week. I will support a transportation plan that does not raise taxes, adjusts our budget to make transportation a priority, puts a lock on the Transportation Trust fund so it is not raided for pet projects, does not eliminate the gas tax in favor of other taxes, and changes VDOT’s road project priorities to focus money on heavily traveled roads.

The transportation plan approved by the House will come over to the Senate for consideration. Whether or not Senate Democrats decide to actively participate in the debate over funding will ultimately determine the fate of transportation funding proposals for this session.


This year, all of the gun control measures have failed. There are, however, a few pro-Second Amendment bills making their way through the General Assembly. One of them is SB1335. I voted for this bill, which was introduced by Sen. Mark Obenshain, because it will further protect lists of concealed carry permit holders from having their names and addresses published by newspapers or any other organization.
I was recently appalled to see a newspaper in New York publish the names and addresses of law-abiding gun owners in order to punish them for exercising their Second Amendment rights. This exposed law-abiding gun owners, victims of domestic violence, families of prison guards and judges to threats of violence and home invasions. As one of the most law-abiding groups of people in the country, we need to protect their right to privacy and from intimidation from the media and radical anti-gun groups.


Crossover, the legislative halfway point of the General Assembly session, came this week. Of the more than 1,700 bills filed by delegates and senators, nearly 1,000 were still alive at the halfway mark. The Senate approved more than 400 of the bills filed by its members, all of which are now being considered by the House.
Of course, the Senate must now consider the nearly 550 bills approved by the House. That means that we have to act on over 50 bills per day from now until session ends. The final two weeks of session are going to be very, very busy in the Senate.

I’ll provide an update on the latest on the progress of legislation and the transportation funding debate next week. Until then, have a great week.

Warm regards,
Richard H. Black
Senator of Virginia, 13th District

And you know what? In all of that legislation and update...I didn't see the word abortion one time. Proving , yet again, that Senator Black's critics don't actually have legs to stand on, so they prefer invisible crutches.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Addressing the voter fraud issue in Virginia

There are democratic operatives in Virginia, as well as Leesburg (specifically) that say this doesn't happen.
I personally know of three cases out in Dulles District that altered the 2008 Presidential race. Seems that the Dulles addresses started recieving Obama mailings with a completely different name on them than the legal owners of the residence (who had actually lived in the house for 17 years on one such address).
Tracing the names took the investigator out to Oregon State where the individual's home address was found. Scouring for an absentee ballot was all but useless, because the SBE is understaffed and won't conduct such business without three registered voters complaints from that District.

Remember Steve Hunt out in Fairfax? He won the election with walk-in voters, only to lose when those unaccounted for absentees arrived.  I'll believe till I'm done that the effort was a beta rollout for later efforts at turning the vote in dems favor.

So, it is with great joy that I see Rob Bell offering a cure to all this under-handed malfeasance.

This follows an issue in 2008 where 194 individual cases were uncovered.
voter fraud is real

                  and , of course, there's a Moran ready to point out exactly how it get's done.

Keep an eye on Dems and liberals on this matter. They're already spitting insanity on disenfranchisement already. How dare we address the issue of taking votes from people who cannot legally cast those votes because they've violated the issue when they cast their second vote?

Friday, January 25, 2013

For your consideration

I view the readers and longtime followers to be pretty independent thinkers and some of the more intellectually gifted among our peers.
Watch this and see that the whole ball of wax that could be deployed alongside of the effort to rid you of your firearms.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


There should be one of these signs at every entrance to the Commonwealth. And I've taken to wearing my holster on the outside of my belt these days just so folks know that we're legally armed.

I'm kinda digging the West Virginia variation as well.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Government styles evaluated

2005 map of Worldwide Governance Indicators, which attempts to measure the extent to which agents have confidence in and abide by the rules of society...
The breakdown of the colors on this map of the countries in the map is as follows:

 Dark green (90th-100th percentile)
Light green (75th-90th percentile),
Yellow (50th-75th percentile)
Orange (25th-50th percentile)
Pink (10th-25th percentile)
Red (0th-10th percentile).

It is important to note that the Dark Green areas are all democracies, Republics and Constitutional Monarchies where authority is vested in a parliament...but NOT those parliamentary republics whose parliaments are effectively supreme over a separate head of state.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Of one trick ponies ...

                                                      And other liberal dysfunctions. 

The cartoon is perfect. It relays the true gravity of the situation as we're saturated on one subject at a a simple-minded bunch of "journalists" who believe we're collectively dumber than they are.

Seriously...they're taught that their intended audience is so dumb that they should bring the level of their stories down to a new low. And they're taught that in the "journalism" schools, folks.

Death Spiral?

And so it begins on a State by State level. THIS is what the liberals said would never happen. They also said we were nuts for even suggesting it. That picture represents states where there are more government dependents than there are private sector employees whose taxes prop their sorry asses up.

Welfare exceeds jobholders

Friday, January 11, 2013

Unintended Consequences

One of the little consequences of an Administration that does what it wants.
These brave men have served when called upon to protect America from ALL enemies...both Foreign and Domestic.

The fulcrum against higher crimes and misdemeanors.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The "new" Americans?

As I indicated way back in November of 2008 , the American culture is changing. For the past three generations, we’re flush with those who haven’t had to work for what they got.

When Mom and Dad passed from the earth, these misguided, lazy and often mentally insignificant leeches on society looked around to see who was going to take care of them now…. And in one word, they found their salvation…..Obama’s government.

In cruising around Loudoun in the past months, there’s a new phenomenon out here… Since there is money in Loudoun, these folks do not want their children clogging their own homes up while they’re unemployed. They rent a secondary residence (in three cases I’ve encountered, it was a townhouse) and stash the kid there….rent free. All after or during voting for Obama..again. 

Failure to Launch

You really cannot make this stuff up. Truth (and the logic of people these days) is indeed stranger than fiction.