Friday, June 7, 2013

National Assoc. for Gun Rights weighs in in 33rd

The Natl Assoc. of Gun Rights weighs in on the race in the 33rd Delegate Race in Virginia.
Joe May didn't even do them the courtesy of repsonding to a survey they sent to both candidates.
This was a no-brainer. Really.

But Joe May has a history that prevents this. In 2009, Joe voted to support a Gun-free zone in and around restaurants....enabling criminals to be assured that their intended victims would be unarmed in those areas.
Senate Bill 1035 was intended to abolish these gun-free oversights....and Delegate Joe May was johnny-on-the-spot trying to kill that measure. Thankfully, the measure was overturned in 2010. He went right back at it with the vote to limit purchases to one gun per month .

True to his nature, Joe May tried again in 2012, when trhe repeal of the one gun a month Bill was introduced. Thankfully, that law was also repealed.

Not really learning anything, nor of any inclination to mend his errant ways, Joe was at it again this year ...when he voted for SB 1378 --which is again determined to punish law-abiding gunowners for criminal's actions.

Do yourself and Virginia a huge favor....lose this guy...and Voter for LaRock!


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Look me up Dean Settle.

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