Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bulletproof endorsement in the Broad Run District.

I’ve had some internal conflict about where to go with Shawn Williams/ Cliff Kierce Supervisor race in Broad Run.

Kierce and I go back several years and both championed the Broadlands HCA Hospital in the battle battle against INOVA’s giant financed campaign against it. As of this week, I understand that Cliff has received an endorsement from Stevens and Liz Miller. Because Cliff did not wave that endorsement off, I had to look into my heart again, and realized that Shawn has the proper mindset of what we, as a county, need to accomplish in the next four years.

With the CBPO still hovering on the horizon, taxes out of control and with transportation in the eastern end of the county in the proverbial ditch, I believe there is too much at stake in the race for this seat. It has come to me in bold letters, “You must endorse Shawn for this seat. The alternative is a lost opportunity.”

It is with that process to date, that I am proud to announce my endorsement of Shawn Williams, who will hopefully be replacing Andrea McGimsey on the Board of Supervisors. I am impressed with Shawn’s credentials – having a law degree and an MBA – and I believe that the business experience he will bring to the board will be vital for the next four years. Also, his background as a Marine should bring some sorely needed common sense to the Board.

His commitment to fiscal responsibility and lowering taxes is rock solid. Shawn has also served as the Secretary of the Southern Walk HOA board, and has been involved in the fight against OpenBand. I am convinced he will continue to be an advocate for the citizens affected by the OpenBand monopoly. So strong is Shawn’s commitment to the citizens and neighbors, he recently refused a donation from MC Dean. I would hope that those who want to see the Openband situation rectified will volunteer and/or make a donation to Shawn now. He’s shown where his loyalties lie. And Marines carry that honor with them wherever they go.

One of the most impressive things about to me about Shawn is that he is not at all a politician. He comes across as an average guy with a young family who wants to serve his neighbors. I find this very refreshing and it will appeal to voters in Broad Run.

Shawn has an impressive list of leaders like Frank Wolf, Scott York and Lori Waters on his team. He is fully dedicated to winning the seat and has already engaged in an aggressive grassroots campaign. I will be helping him in the upcoming months, as November approaches.

Watch for Shawn and his campaign at a door near you (if you live inside of the District.)
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