Thursday, July 30, 2009

My part-time job

Some might have a worse one. I've begun samplings of the work that a visibility Chair position of the Party might undertake--or oversee.
I installed these signs for a neighbor, and I purchased the lumber, hardware and stakes
with my own dinero.
All who drove by the corner of 287 and Wenner will now understand what I was doing there.
Thanks to the couple of folks who stopped to chat.



Friday, July 17, 2009

The next tumbler in the lock falls...

Today, the AP reported that 15 States and the District of Columbia are now past the 10% unemployment figure...
Yet, Obumbler seems to think that Cap n' Trade and heathcare reform are still okay..because, much worse could they force the unemployment rate up?

Here's a clue, geniuses....
When those companies who are barely hanging on right now go under because they can't pay for electricity or gasoline without raising their rates on customers who are already screaming about the costs of their goods...and they end up closing the doors and releasing all of those workers into the unemployment'll get the picture. But, by then, it'll be too late.

When you tax the bejesus out of those businesses who you've planned to saddle with the burden of the healthcare program...despite the fact that they show well on paper..but are really just passing on a great deal of that money in'll get it. They, too...will close down rather than fight harder to satisfy a program and a way of life with no reward in it for them. But by the time you've figured that'll be too late.

And by all means...keep jerking the stock market around and changing the rules.
Pretty soon, you'll have all the investors so'll be MUCH safer to bury their money in a minimal interest account somewhere else and acrue 5% ...while we wait ten years for them to feel like the market is a steady enough place where they can invest money for a better return. That's what was called an "investor's holiday" back in 1930...when FDR did much the same thing, and his investor money DISAPPEARED until 1941 when only WWII brought it back out.

You know that old adage...Those that ignore history are destined to repeat it.
Thanks in advance, dumbasses.

As companies feel the weight of the taxes and other operating cost being brought down on them...they begin to shed weight. A number of companies, many with employees who are like family to them... have begun to work out how to lighten the load. A couple of owners that I know have figured out a perfect solution...
Go out into the parking lot, note which employees have Obama bumper stickers ---and give those individuals the first round of RIF releases.
When they complain...just tell them "You wanted CHANGE. This is definitely a CHANGE."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Developments with El-Atari ...

Access the updates HERE instead of searching.

What goes up has to come down...

As I suggested they would back in January...Obama's approval ratings have begun to free fall. Oddly, there are still 33% of us that still strongly approve of that socialist agenda and have stayed glued to this guy's hip. I liken these people to slinkies. They really don't provide the rest of us with anything substantial...but it is fun to kick them down stairs just to watch them work for a change.

HERE is some more good news for the conservative among us...whether you be a Republican or a Blue Dog. You've got no fight with the Monk.


Check out this graph. Obama is falling like a meteor from outer was predicted by the long-term thinkers in the crowd. Of course, the seat-of-their-pants crowd begged to argue...but then again...they're better suited to a quick game of checkers than an intense and deeply intellectual engagement of Chess with a worthy opponent.

Pretty soon, we'll all see him like this...and it'll be Republican time again for another decade.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You really, really have to love Palin and the Blue Collar Philosophy

He is onto most of the days news before I even get in these days.I've just started reading the blog in the past three months...and he nails down quite a bit!
The post of the hour tells us why Palin may have left the office, and the final straw that broke the camel's back may have been liberals twisting her every move in the office into a conspiracy.
When none of these witch hunts became fruitful, I think she decided to end the occurrence and save the Alaskan people around $800K (which it had already cost the state in their defense against these twisted little conspiracy nuts) ...and in that same instant...she freed herself to do the Party's work. She can appear at rally's for the Party on the drop of a hat. She can become the vocal and never-ending thorn in Barack (Wikipedia says he's born in Kenya)Obama's side from here till 2012.

Thanks to the shriveled little jackass who pushed just a little too hard up there in Alaska ---and turned loose the hurricane.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Allegheny's march just hit a steep slope

They're beginning to run into more serious issues as time goes by.
Just last week, a group in the Frederick County neighborhood of Kemptown have filed a motion to intervene on a proposed electric substation planned for Bartholows Road.

The motion, filed Monday by the Citizens Against the Kemptown Electric Substation, states that an alternative location for the PATH substation has not been considered.

The suit could affect the Maryland Public Service Commission's decision on the Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline. The substation would be the end point for the $1.8 billion, 300-mile, 765 kilovolt power line.

In other PATH news, I stumbled across an excellent blog that diagnoses the situation far more frequently than I do. In West Virginia, The Power Line recently put up a similar story about 200 citizen intervenors that have joined opposition up till July 11's count.
They follow with the PSC staff questions HERE.

All Virginia's citizens have to do is turn the heat up here under the SCC and our Senators (who are amazingly ABSENT on this matter--Sen.Warner even going so far as to say that this was not his "primary" constituency)and we can complete a trifecta of opposition.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New developments in BirthCertificategate

We began to cover this here but lately, two huge developments have been brought forward.
Combined in a one-two punch, they emphasize the incredible measures that are being taken to insure that Obama is able to stay put.
The first regards the State of Hawaii. The state, which had excluded the controversial "short" document as proof of native Hawaiian status, has changed its policy and now makes a point of including it stating in its qualifications that they are now accepted "because they are official government records documenting an individual's birth."

The question is: Did the President/Whitehouse pressure them to do so? It has been pointed out that the document Barack Obama has released as proof of a Hawaiian birth was not even accepted by the Hawaiian Home Lands program, presumably because it was not a reliable test of an actual Hawaiian birth.

Sometime in the last 30 days that policy changed – without fanfare – amid increasing scrutiny by an increasing number of parties who are either involved in legal action to see the original birth certificate, or are coming onboard with a number of public petitions to force the State to show the public record.

The second item, and the most damning evidence that something is rotten in Washington, is the changes that occurred at over the 7th of July.
An entry that previously stated that the President was born at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii--now reads that he was born in Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children-- because the President stuck his foot in his mouth and contradicted himself.
That a website would actually scrub information and replace it with the "current version" is in keeping with the latest leitmotif of the Obama train. If it doesn't jive with the truth, just change the truth. If reporters start asking the wrong questions, just get them off the plane. If Helen Thomas asks the wrong question, just laugh her off and cut the cameras as quick as we can.

Look, walking on water is one thing...but trying to cut out any coverage of a guy who can't is a little more than's the worst kind of flummery.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day...the real costs...

While we're all enjoying the 4th, I want to get something off my chest about Americans today. Sure, there are plenty of folks who do think of our fallen, and for those folks, I'm thankful.

But there is a mass ignorance among a larger number of exactly what the Fourth of July actually signifies.

Of the 56 who signed the original Declaration of Independence and participated in the rebellion to give America her first taste of independence from the British, some gave of their lives- at the hands of the British. Many gave of their wealth, and died pennyless..
Some of the worst cases of their unfortunate sacrifices are below.

William Stockton was captured and imprisoned by the British when they overran New Jersey. He was not released until several years later, with no medical treatment and generally kept in very poor condition. He lost all of his extensive library, writings, and all of his property during the British invasion. He died a pauper in Princeton at the age of 51, and it was most likely linked to his years in captivity.

Carter Braxton was born of a wealthy family in Newington Plantation, Virginia. He lost almost all of his wealth in the course of the revolution, in large part through attacks on his ships by the British forces.

Francis Lewis lost all of his property, on Long Island, New York, to the destruction of the Revolutionary war.

At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

In early 1776, a decree was delivered from England -- offering a large reward for the capture of several of these leading figures of the revolution and their radical assemblies.

Add to this the many patriots since those days, to the great ones...the Greatest Generation-- who fought to avenge us after a sucker punch from Japan, and an insult to that injury by the bastards of 1940 Germany...

If you are, or have ever been , a fighting man... My thoughts are with you today.
You see, only you and I understand the distinction. No one else has had the burden that we've carried without complaint.

They've never felt compelled to offer their service to their country. They've never served in a capacity that might have demanded their lives in exchange for the completion of a necessary directive. This ain't 1940, and if you asked them to ration anything for a war effort in order to win, they'd cry like babies about how you're depriving them of THEIR fundamental rights!

I salute you, soldier. Wherever you are today. Whether you're retired, having done your part, and enjoying a well-deserved rest. Whether you're still on a tour...because I support you and your mission. Whether you gave the last full measure...and you're looking down on the rest of us.

Thank you for your service. Without it, we'd be just another failed government experiment..