Friday, July 17, 2009

The next tumbler in the lock falls...

Today, the AP reported that 15 States and the District of Columbia are now past the 10% unemployment figure...
Yet, Obumbler seems to think that Cap n' Trade and heathcare reform are still okay..because, much worse could they force the unemployment rate up?

Here's a clue, geniuses....
When those companies who are barely hanging on right now go under because they can't pay for electricity or gasoline without raising their rates on customers who are already screaming about the costs of their goods...and they end up closing the doors and releasing all of those workers into the unemployment'll get the picture. But, by then, it'll be too late.

When you tax the bejesus out of those businesses who you've planned to saddle with the burden of the healthcare program...despite the fact that they show well on paper..but are really just passing on a great deal of that money in'll get it. They, too...will close down rather than fight harder to satisfy a program and a way of life with no reward in it for them. But by the time you've figured that'll be too late.

And by all means...keep jerking the stock market around and changing the rules.
Pretty soon, you'll have all the investors so'll be MUCH safer to bury their money in a minimal interest account somewhere else and acrue 5% ...while we wait ten years for them to feel like the market is a steady enough place where they can invest money for a better return. That's what was called an "investor's holiday" back in 1930...when FDR did much the same thing, and his investor money DISAPPEARED until 1941 when only WWII brought it back out.

You know that old adage...Those that ignore history are destined to repeat it.
Thanks in advance, dumbasses.

As companies feel the weight of the taxes and other operating cost being brought down on them...they begin to shed weight. A number of companies, many with employees who are like family to them... have begun to work out how to lighten the load. A couple of owners that I know have figured out a perfect solution...
Go out into the parking lot, note which employees have Obama bumper stickers ---and give those individuals the first round of RIF releases.
When they complain...just tell them "You wanted CHANGE. This is definitely a CHANGE."


FoodforThought said...

It makes you wonder whether an impending military conflict under a Democrat will be the only way to re-invent the economy and mobilize forces. The news coming out of Korea is not encouraging at all. I fear that Obama will back down in the final hour though and not use real force when he could use it if the opportunity presents itself the unify the country. Instead I fear he may have used up all his political capital over a second stimulus and healthcare and if he backs down he may have missed an opportunity to jump start economy. Liberals talk all the time about how the military should not be used as a means to jump start economic development and yet our history disproves this notion. Both WWII and Vietnam infleunced economic development as did the Cold War spending from Nixon to Reagan.
Any word on Too Conservative blog. It appears to be down now.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Food for Thought... You're my caliber of thinker.
I'd like to offer a counter argument in that WWII was a unifying and a necessary effort in the minds of most, if not all, citizens of the day. Every war since has not stimulated the economy in the way that the big one did. The formula worked once.

And can you imagine passing rationing for the war effort onto the people we live around today??
They'd cry like babies.

The rest of your observations are spot on, however...and I thank you for pokin' my gray matter.

kelley in virginia said...

monk, as i was watching an American Revolution movie the other day, i was shocked at how unselfish those people were with their time, possessions & ultimately, their livelihoods & even lives.

my grandparents & parents told me about WWII rationing. our country wouldn't do that today.

what are we willing to do to keep obama & his Congress from ruining our country?