Friday, March 20, 2015

Hey, Obama....if you hadn't spent millions of taxpayer money, and dispatched a whole team to Israel to help defeat Netanyahu....sent Secretary of State  Kerry to Germany to meet with Herzog's probably wouldn't look so inept and shocked this week. You tied YOURSELF to Herzog's hip. That alone made you the laughing stock of the Israel and American news cycle, not Bibi.
 Mkay, thanks.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Great "Divide"?

Many of you were around when this blog was started to address a few local politicians who had lost their way.

A whole host of us endeavored to put them back on the path...and later to remove them when they ignored gentle prodding.

 Now, I've been involved in any number of efforts to welcome all conservatives to our Party, no matter what their ethnicity. I've endeavored to empower them inside the framework, all while priding myself on not seeing color, but relishing each individual's character and contribution to the efforts of conservative principles.

Imagine my surprise when I was targeted by elements who have labeled me a "coward" and a "nativist" when I continued along my path and endorsed John Guevera to win a Fairfax District where a less conservative white guy is also running.

That's right. They've stooped to calling Mr. Guevera an "anchor baby", I suppose as a thinly laced reference to their own racism against the TEA Party that dares to run people like Mia Love, Tim Scott, and other black Americans against the "establishment" that is trying desperately to hold the Party's old guard in place.

There was even nasty and totally uncalled for name calling aimed squarely at Dave Brat, who handily beat their fellow Eric Cantor in a level playing field...and did it by reciting the Republican Creed. GASP!!!

So I'm a little put out by the establishment types who have now turned to lying, calling names, backing democrats and  now exercising racism themselves as they point at others and project it to those of us with documented histories to the contrary.