Sunday, March 31, 2013

Traitors in the US Senate

Specifically, Warner  in Virginia..... who is content to vote against a measure that keeps the 2nd Amendment as the soveriegn law of the United States, and gives it authority over the UN Treaty to remove ownership of firearms.
Here is the rest of the group of Dems that voted against the 2nd Amendment.

Update: This WILL be used against Mark Warner when Gillespie challenges his seat.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bulletproof endorses Lingamfelter For LT. Governor.

Details coming, but please peruse his site and consider this Conservative as your choice as the Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth. This year was especially painful in that I do like and know so many who wanted this post.
Had a brief meet with Susan Stimpson and really like that girl. She's got fire in her. She also has some pretty ill-prepared supporters (having identified that they were not even part of her staff or official campaign)  that botched the great impression that she made on me when they blind-sided another conservative. Note to the Stimpson campaign -- your message was spot on, but  if your enthusiastic supporters are back-biting other campaigns , they can cost you the race. Who was it that said "the political arena could get bloody, and that entering it was not a matter of if there is damage, but how much?" Those folks should be talking up their preference in a candidate, not lobbing insults at another candidate.

At the basis of this race, Scott is no moderate, he is not "squishy", and he often takes things upon his shoulders and votes with his convictions against the odds of the rest of his peers in the GA. I see the Cuccinelli "compass" in him. I have little doubt about his votes being directed for his constituents and the State's best direction....often against his own best interest.
The above paragraph should not be viewed as an attack against Ms. Stimpson, either. But it's a shame that I have to write that before someone actually uses it as a quote from me....because, in this race, some of them will indeed try to.

I've also been around the net today, and this was a priceless piece that offered some pretty good views to "inside baseball", as my friend Stone says. It's a campaign to campaign analysis of the LG run, and it also addresses yet another attack series that Lingamfelter has had to endure. (not remotely connected to the Stimpson supporters mentioned above).

Please use the link below to familiarize yourself with Scott for around a week. I'll have more to say then.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Youtubes that you won't see unless you look for them

Here is the testimony that the brain-washed media won't dare show you....