Saturday, June 11, 2011

HMMWV Progress is slowly progressing

I've been in the middle of a work slowdown this spring. I predicted all of this before the Clown-in-Chief actually took office. He isn't dealing with a slow economy - he's making it worse- as predicted. This week, his economist team took a walk. Seems he'll be the albatross hanging around all of their necks if they had stayed.
Money dried up at my clients homes as they had to decide on home repairs or gasoline for their next week at work. There's a new round of foreclosures coming in the first weeks of July, as was foretold by one of our elected officials about 3 months ago.

Amid all of this bad news, I'm starting a new venture. I think it can rise from the ashes of this economy, and if that happens, every other year will be a breeze, since the idea will already have faced trial by ObamaFire ...

And always in the background, there is the project. I ease my stress in the evenings and weekends by firing up the welder, the metal cutting torches, or the rivet guns and let the stress float away. The latest additions atr the brand new firewall and interior...using the original and re-sized dash panel from the donor vehicle. I've moved the master cylinder and steering outboard some 14" to their new positions, and the wiring is nearly complete for a test start.

Here's the latest pics.
The bulkhead and firewall I built.
The interior I built.