Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mama mama, we're all crazy now.....

I sat in astonishment at the blatant attempt to introduce a global version of wealth redistribution by a bimbo at the State department the other day. Really?

I can't really blame her for her failings. She was raised by two well known liberal entitled individuals and she never had to adapt to the real world because they sheltered her and her "elitist" notion that she was smarter than the rest of us.
The notion that she was obviously smarter than the rest of us echoed all thruout her "double down" remarks that her detractors couldn't be right about her idiotic remarks....they just were not "nuanced" enough to appreciate them.

She suffers from the same illness as the President and a whole host of administration idiots who are convinced of their intellectual superiority over the rest of us. In their world, they've been hoisted onto high horses and those who put them there have both insulated them from critical opinions, as well as actively assaulted those who would dare point out the stupidity of any action they might take, however demented that position might be.