Monday, November 30, 2009

The Audacity of the down low. White House crashers have shady past

It now appears that the couple who "crashed" the White House festivities may well have had their names on the guest list, after all.
(Update: Skip to that last link down there. It appears that this oportunistic duo probably never had a proper invite)
According to a number of sources, Tareq Salahi -- the polo-playing intruder, is a Palestinian nationalist with ties to the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP).
That has placed him in close proximity to Rashid Khalidi, the professor from Columbia University who Obama befriended and partied with at an Israeli-bashing party in 2003? Salahi was also a member of the board of directors of the ATFP( American Task Force on Palestine - an openly pro-Palestine, Anti-Israeli group).

We also need to mention that ATFP President Ziad Asali is an America-basher who blamed 9/11 on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. It is also noteworty that ATFP has removed Tareq Salahi from its website's board of directors page upon the news of his budding new fame.

White House officials have consistently maintained that even though the pair got into the state dinner without an invitation, they did have to go through all the metal detectors that everyone passes through when entering the White House. One can ask what has changed since 30 or 40 years ago. The sad answer is that ANTHRAX, SERIN, ECT. doesn't leave a signature on metal detectors. One really doesn't need to strap on hardware to do even more harm to the President and staff than a full banana clip would have done. A single manila envelope in a breast pocket would have done the job.

So, who initiated this breach of security? Oh, I have no doubt that the WH will hang a lowly Secret Service Agent out to dry...but I believe that in reality, the President was put between a rock and a hard place. He did not want to alienate such great supporters (think money here - I doubt he really gives a crap about either of these turds personally)...or he could either overtly invite the couple, and face the criticism of those who would no doubt trace the Salahi's history with known terrorists, or he could do it covertly (and with plausible deniability)with a ready scapegoat to be the fall guy if it went bad.(which it did.)

More reading
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Update: The picture of the Salahis with Obama has been touted as being taken in 2008,as it was posted on the Polo Contacts Website–
but a reader named Bennett e-mailed the Gateway Pundit the following:
"I searched for proof the picture was from 2005 without any luck–until I realized the proof is from the Polo site itself.
Right click on the image and save it: the current name of that file is: ROCKTHEVOTEJune82005014.jpg"

Update: In what appears to be support for the train of thought that this was the administration's problem once they'd figured out that the press had figured out who these people were...they began to backpeddle and had to lay the blame at the feet of the Secret Service....(good luck with getting adequate protection should you need it from this day forward)
The WaPo reports: "Several people familiar with the Jones-Salahi correspondence, including some who requested anonymity because it's part of an ongoing investigation, said the e-mails support the Salahis' case that they were cleared to attend Tuesday night's gala." Jones is, of course, the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon-based liaison to the White House. And, quite naturally, she just went into CYA mode, too.

Update: The WhiteHouse refuses to have this cleared up. They will not send the social secretary to testify. Must not have a lot of faith in her when the grilling starts.

Update: Loudoun Times Mirror does a back story on these two...
And HERE is the motherload of proof that this isn't recent behavior by these two.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Whining, winning and the direction of the Country


Well, we got this brand new President in January, and the Country has gone to hell in a handbasket in a mere 10 months. Oh, there are plenty of Democrats running around STILL trying to blame things on Bush. Look, Bush didn't turn out to be so conservative, either. Or maybe, that was him trying to be a bipartisan.

Amnesty for illegals was never a good idea, and here it comes again under this rookie. As if the bad economy wasn't bad enough, he wants to stack healthcare bills, taxes to fund the effort against NONEXISTANT global warming, fund abortions with government dollars, and send anyone who rejects this socialistic path to jail.
When a President spends more time in New Jersey trying to get a Governor elected than he does talking to his advisor in Afghanistan, we've got problems at the leadership level. When a grown man with a fully staffed protocol office and a cultural advisory staff bows and trys to shake hands at the same time, we've got a failure that exceeds any speech malapropism that George Bush ever gave us.

So, when in the November elections, voters across the United States soundly rejected almost EVERY DEMOCRAT incumbent, as well as newcomers to races in favor of their Republican counterparts, it should have sent a clear message to Washington. Think they heard it?

They're FAR too busy bitching about why they lost. They've thrown legions of their own under the proverbial bus...dragged them back out to parade around when necessary, and thrown them BACK under the bus when that's done. They fail to grasp that when 66% of the independents in the Country bail on you, it's over. Your policies are not popular, no matter how bad YOU want them, Americans do not.
Like a twelve step healing, it's time for Democrats to face the facts
, accept responsibility and fer Crissakes...stop whining already.

In more bad news for Dems, the President's approval numbers dumped again.
He's popular with only 46% of us. 54% of us do not approve of the way he's driving.
Add the latest Generic Congressional Ballot , and you get the picture. They had such great dreams to force upon us all, but they're losing momentum, damn it!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sometimes, you can't really make stuff up...

Sometimes, it is impossible for fiction to surpass reality.
Trying war criminals in a civil trial is just that weird. So, in light of the idiotic decision to try non-citizens in a court reserved for US citizens with inaliable rights...Many have called for the Attorney General to call this fiasco off...but he's not having any of it.
The Associated Press story writes "Critics of Holder's decision - mostly Republicans - argued the trial will give Mohammed and his co-defendants a world stage to spout hateful rhetoric. Holder said such concerns are misplaced."

But their story started off like this... "The five men facing trial in the Sept. 11 attacks will plead not guilty so that they can air their criticisms of U.S. foreign policy, the lawyer for one of the defendants said Sunday"

Duh. Am I part of the only people in the country that smell the irony here?
OF COURSE they'll spout off hateful rhetoric. You don't have to be a genius to figure that out. And evidently, Holder ain't a genius after all.

He was supposed to be a great legal mind, yet he has set up this idiotic trial where the US will get it's ass handed to it, and he has openly tainted a jury pool in pronouncing that he knows he's got the conviction in the bag.

This thing smells of dead fish at so many levels, it's like watching Romper Room operate this administration.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Great analysis.

A friend sent this link. What we see here is that Caroline and Bedell ran great GOTV campaigns. Numbers never achieved in recent history set new benchmarks.

Read all about it.

Loudoun's effort resulted in a 61% vote for McDonnell, and Fairfax (the more liberal of all three counties that makeup Northern Va.)came in with 51% for McDonnell.
Prince William was almost right there with Loudoun, with 58% voting for McDonnell.

What it also accounts for is the independent vote, and it shows how those independents have soured on Obama. It draws some seriously backed up conclusions in the forecast for 2010 thru exit polling questions, and does even deeper analysis to support it via the actual data and generic ballots.

Another great piece just showed up in the Loudoun Times

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The ultimate betrayal...

We all know that democrats know what's best for you. Even better than what you foolishly cling to. But they can't tell you that outright...or you'd never vote for them. So they have to lie to you.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our own "Perfect Storm"

After the tidal wave that was paid and delivered against the battleground state of Virginia by Obama back in 2008 (and every other state to boot)it is refreshing to see a victory by the "real" grassroots...people who volunteered and were active of their own initiative.....devoid of any candidate payouts for a push.Union money was even short of getting dems staffed locally.

Numerous Democrats of the local type simply walked off of their posts after having democrat sample ballot after dem sample ballot refused, only to see the voter accept a Republican sample ballot. After watching this kind of behavior for several hours, they couldn't take it, became demoralized and hung it up. If you were a dem, and you stayed ALL DAY, my hat is certainly off to you for a hard fought effort.

But in the end, friends....the biggest thank you should be directed at the independent voters, as well as "some" dems who are still conservative enough to worry about the bill their kids are accumulating under this President.(Virginia winner Republican Bob McDonnell captured 62 percent of the independent vote, while Deeds received only 37 percent. Garden State former attorney general Chris Christie won 58 percent of the independent vote, while Corzine received only 31 percent.)

This Republican thanks each and everyone who put aside party affiliation, looked at the real problem and pulled the lever for McDonnell and team.

Thank you for the LeMunyon victory, the Rust victory, and every other Republican victory thruout the state. In NJ matters, thank all the NJ voters for sending Obama another message. "You hung your hat on NJ...visited numerous times due to your overblown ego...and Corzine still failed."

Congress critters: I suspect that if you attempt to dismiss this as more "astroturfing" and do not give it the serious attention that it deserves as an indicator of each of your political'll all be voted out as each of your reelection days arrives over the next 3 years....possibly beyond.

This should be a very, very loud and bold signal that there is indeed a point where you stacked one straw too many on the camel's back. And that there's still accountability in America. All you have to do is "change" your attitude, and "Hope" Americans indeed notice that you've stopped trying to sell then down the river.

Congrats to all the winners.
Update: Numbers for Loudoun county are at but they're here for a quick perusal.

Final Loudoun Co. Results:

McDonnell: 61.05%
Bolling: 58.66%
Cuccinelli: 58.8%

Marshall: 54.9%
Greason: 57.45%
May: 96.51%
LeMunyon: 56.87%
Rust: 54.57%

* These are Loudoun Co results only, the 13th, 33rd, 67th and 86th encompass additional Counties.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Election Day 2009

I'm enthusiastically looking to see friends from the past, present...and meeting new people to carry into the future tomorrow. I'll be running from poll to poll and points in between. I'm running a huge billboard tomorrow for the better part of the day, but carrying a much needed shift at a precinct first thing in the AM.

I will no doubt meet lots more as we gather at The Dock to watch returns.DO NOT forget to vote. Don't take it for granted that this is won. What if everyone felt that way, and noone showed? Run like you're ten points behind and every single vote is needed.....because it is!! If you really want to send Obama a very loud message, bring ten friends to the polls and make this victory 20 points plus!!!!

He will not be able to ignore that! And neither will the Dems in Congress. They'll have to recognise the writing on the wall was indeed the truth...and that in order to save their political necks, they'll fold on this healthcare fiasco.