Friday, November 27, 2009

Whining, winning and the direction of the Country


Well, we got this brand new President in January, and the Country has gone to hell in a handbasket in a mere 10 months. Oh, there are plenty of Democrats running around STILL trying to blame things on Bush. Look, Bush didn't turn out to be so conservative, either. Or maybe, that was him trying to be a bipartisan.

Amnesty for illegals was never a good idea, and here it comes again under this rookie. As if the bad economy wasn't bad enough, he wants to stack healthcare bills, taxes to fund the effort against NONEXISTANT global warming, fund abortions with government dollars, and send anyone who rejects this socialistic path to jail.
When a President spends more time in New Jersey trying to get a Governor elected than he does talking to his advisor in Afghanistan, we've got problems at the leadership level. When a grown man with a fully staffed protocol office and a cultural advisory staff bows and trys to shake hands at the same time, we've got a failure that exceeds any speech malapropism that George Bush ever gave us.

So, when in the November elections, voters across the United States soundly rejected almost EVERY DEMOCRAT incumbent, as well as newcomers to races in favor of their Republican counterparts, it should have sent a clear message to Washington. Think they heard it?

They're FAR too busy bitching about why they lost. They've thrown legions of their own under the proverbial bus...dragged them back out to parade around when necessary, and thrown them BACK under the bus when that's done. They fail to grasp that when 66% of the independents in the Country bail on you, it's over. Your policies are not popular, no matter how bad YOU want them, Americans do not.
Like a twelve step healing, it's time for Democrats to face the facts
, accept responsibility and fer Crissakes...stop whining already.

In more bad news for Dems, the President's approval numbers dumped again.
He's popular with only 46% of us. 54% of us do not approve of the way he's driving.
Add the latest Generic Congressional Ballot , and you get the picture. They had such great dreams to force upon us all, but they're losing momentum, damn it!!

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