Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Great analysis.

A friend sent this link. What we see here is that Caroline and Bedell ran great GOTV campaigns. Numbers never achieved in recent history set new benchmarks.

Read all about it.

Loudoun's effort resulted in a 61% vote for McDonnell, and Fairfax (the more liberal of all three counties that makeup Northern Va.)came in with 51% for McDonnell.
Prince William was almost right there with Loudoun, with 58% voting for McDonnell.

What it also accounts for is the independent vote, and it shows how those independents have soured on Obama. It draws some seriously backed up conclusions in the forecast for 2010 thru exit polling questions, and does even deeper analysis to support it via the actual data and generic ballots.

Another great piece just showed up in the Loudoun Times

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