Saturday, September 24, 2011

When supposed independents act just like liberals

In a recent display of full-blown brattery, several liberal operatives renewed attacks on me at another website. Seems that my endorsement and work for Dick Black has offended them, and in true liberal form, they sent assailants to attack me instead of address the real issues. That method of attack is solidly outlined in the democrat handbook.

 I’ve endured a prolific hosts of name-calling, they’ve tried to define a plethora of reasons to discount my input, and even ventured into physical attributes when their arguments were failing. Fool, flipper, a slinkie, a naif, Cypher, bamboozled, an ass-kissing Dick Black apologist, “like a teenage girl with a man crush”, a stooge, flimflammed, snookered, ad nauseum. ....They’ve used all of those, and a few that aren’t even on that list.

And at NovaTown Hall, I was threatened with expulsion for using the word “liberal”. Act, the new owner of the Blog, did actually return from a vacation and has actively started ending the personal attacks against me, and I thank him for doing so.(Around October 20th).

In pointed fact, these operatives were very vocal on TooConservative’s website in forcing the elimination of Dick Black before the Primary had been decided, or the district defined. In their world, they were “entitled” to define the races contestants ..the will of the people be damned. In their world, the voters out here are too dumb to be trusted with such decisions, anyway. Another liberal trait. They know what's good for you, even if you don't.

I believe in process. I do not presume to “fix” the results by working towards making the decision FOR the voters. I believe that voters are fully capable of deciding things for themselves. And on August 23, 2011, that’s exactly what they did, giving Col. Black the opportunity to face the democrat challenger in November. The ramifications of this race are huge. The naysayers are far too myopic in their focus of a number of these local races.

They cried when David Ramadan set out to raise a half of a million dollars, and openly wept when defending JoAnn Chase against such a tide. What escaped them is this: The huge gathering that is backwards, ill-informed and downright bigoted legions are coming to Virginia for Ramadan. The money raised wasn’t for JoAnn’s challenge. It was to defend against an army of religious racists headed here in November. The sole reasoning for attacks? Ramadan's last name. The fabrication that lights their fires?? That he is a believer of Sharia Law. (He's not remotely in favor of it, and has stated his support for the Constitution of the United States as the sole law of the land MULTIPLE times.)

 Another myopic rambling is the constant reference to Col. Black’s issues over a decade ago. I've covered an actual sit-down with the Colonel here at the BPM. And I promise you, I did not toss softballs for the Colonel. What they miss is the opportunity to take the State’s Senate and the ability to craft meaningful legislation to present to the Governor right now. Stay informed, folks. There’s a lot riding on this years elections, as well as 2012.

But the end that we see is justified and will straighten out this State…and if it persist…the Country.

 Update: In you-can't-make-this-up-land.... I have pushed them so hard at Too Crappy, that I now have a second post dedicated in my honor at that rag. Folks, all I've done is call them on proper procedure and school them on the right way to eliminate and vett candidates. They took it rather badly, I'd say.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Current Events ....catching up.

I've been full on in the pursuit of a new business venture these days.... and since my addition to the contributors over at Virginia Virtucon, there isn't alot of time to keep this blog updated. Most of it is just cross-posted from V V anyway.

But sometimes, it comes in handy for stepping out to call it like it is.

A lot of turbulance has occurred at the TooConservative blog for the last year or so.
It’s pretty much a given that Loudoun Insider has been on a freefall into oblivion, but recently, it took a much more sinister turn in a desperate grasp for readership.

Having the full cast of liberal comments and personalities, Vince Harris appears to have taken the final step in the liberal saturation method….all liberals, all the time. One has to wonder if he’ll actually start representing democrats in his professional life from now on.
His liberal blog will most definitely be a point of contention with potential clients…or worse yet, their competition.

I’ve worked beside many of these colorful characters…only if it was some years ago. They’re all completely fine with shooting down republicans who have lost their way…but when the tables are turned, they have difficulty ridding the people of wayward democrats. In pointed fact, they’re the most one-way jackovs you’ll ever encounter.
My record on calling it as realistically as was possible is documented HERE . One can readily peruse where I stated back then that the way to beat a candidate that you didn't care for was to rally support for another candidate. As usual, not one of these jackovs lifted a finger. They whined and ripped themselves apart over the results of Aug. 23...but not one of them actually DID ANYTHING to change the outcome except expel hot air.

Take the current issue of Dick Black. Most of these liberals have NEVER had a moment of conversation with the Colonel. Their blind hatred of the man is very close to mentally unbalanced…and they’ve never even had a conversation with the man.

Now, I have a few bones to pick with Col. Black, too. But all in all, I think he’s matured as a candidate and as a possible public official. Gone are the plastic fetuses and the witch hunts at the Loudoun Libraries. As Governor McDonnell has shown us, you can be pro-life but you don’t need to wear it on your sleeve all of the time. When economic common sense is needed, you really have to be able to shift gears.

I believe that Col. Black has learned that important lesson. And he understands that he doesn’t have the luxury of getting side-tracked with social issues while we’re as deep an economic hole as we are. It’s MUCH more helpful in getting spendy liberals out of control in Richmond, and the sooner - the better.

So, in the long shot….if anyone opposes Black for something he did 10 years ago, and hasn’t had the decency to actually sit across a table from him and give it to him pointblank… they have no room to evaluate anything. I have actually been on the other side of that table…and I did not pull any punches, either. I’m known as a straight shooter…and my exchange with Col. Black was no different.

I must, in the interest of full disclosure, offer the following. In the aftermath of a hard-fought campaign for the 13th District in which I supported John Stirrup, my name was floated to help in the 72HR campaign for Col. Black.
I am humbled to have been thought of in that important effort, and excited to have accepted it.

Now… let the Loudoun Insider meltdown commence. He’s getting it from both ends these days. He’s not the lead dog in his own house…and he’s never led anything outside of that house. Perhaps a shopping trip (ala Speakman/Ohneiser) is in his future. Having been thru the Republican camp, they continue on to the democrat camp….and when refused there, they become independents that sway where ever the wind blows.