Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday mornin' Quarter-backin' ...or worse

Seems alot of the local "talent" is all twisted up about the upcoming 33rd District Candidates. I've commited early to Michael "Spike" Williams, a good solid conservative fellow with a son just graduated from Liberty University.
I like Patricia Phillips as well, because Patricia has paid her dues in local party activism. She, unlike many others, stayed the course when the Committee was re-energized under the fantastic direction of Glen Caroline.(The author had the pleasure of serving as Mr. Caroline's 72 Hr/GOTV Chairman). At every turn, Patricia was right there moving the effort forward. She blended well with the team, and her enthusiasm never departed.

When Dick Black came back from Stafford'Spotsylvania's First District (after a 4th place thumping as I hear it) to reinsert himself into the 33rd District race, a whole host of irrelevant folks started spouting that he had to be stopped. Let me explain here (where it can't be deleted or altered) that Dick Black has every right to run in the District. The State and National Constitution guarantee that right to anyone who desires it and meets the criteria set forth. What is disturbing is that these individuals would attempt to disqualify Mr. Black in this run by using the same under-handed whisper campaigns that have been employed against them in the past.
I suppose their view of right and wrong is tainted by the "better good" as they interpret it.

I have explained on numerous postings, on numerous occasions ...that the best effective way to defeat Black is to mount an all-out call for delegates to a convention --- or to establish a primary and fill it with enough voters for the majority of one of the other candidates. Black is toast at that point...or he chooses to run as an independent (which would only serve to reinforce my opinion that he thinks alot of himself).

I've also pointed out...the District borders are unknown today. The Candidates have not even all announced. So all of this hand-wringing is a bit premature. It changes nothing.

And to those who think I've evolved into some sort of "party hack/LCRC loyalist/Dick Black supporter" I simply respond, you do not understand now, nor will you ever truly grasp politics. If I pout and go to my corner- then my worst nightmares come true. I have no input mecahnism that actually changes things.
BUT, If I engage and argue from the floor of the LCRC to defend what I see as fair and reasonable practice- then I'm engaged. I do affect decisions. And I influence (with the other folks who are also challenging the Committee to adhere strictly to the rules of the Party Plan) the monthly outcome of the Committee's direction.

And they've forgotten...I have a history of breaking clean and doing it my own way if the situation calls for it.

But to QUIT. Leave. Pout. Whine.
All of these actions are the actions of losers. They are the actions of quitters. Those who carry the notion " my vote doesn't count anyway, so I just won't bother"...

But if these folks want to be heard, they have to mount a campaign and begin aligning actual warm bodies that will attend the decision-making process and heavily influence the outcome. Dick Black's people will do no less.


Anonymous said...

In the primary for the 33rd and the general election I will advocate for my candidate despite who else is running. This is the process - whoever gets the most votes wins. I won't waste my time wishing things were different - it is no way to live and an en even worse political philosophy!
-Loudoun Lady

The Bulletproof Monk said...

LL. That you and many others can see that is proof that you are tuned in. Others have allowed themselves to be blinded by the "wish-it-were-so" disease. And then they engage in endless logorrhea in the matter, totally devoid of the facts. It's a liberal trait, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

As Vince Lombardi once said "Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win."

The Bulletproof Monk said...

That he did!! And Sir Sean Connery says:
"Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and #### the prom queen".

Joe Budzinski said...

Excellent points, Monk, for anyone wanting to understand how party politics works. It's called living in the real world. You are an admirable comrade in arms.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Now I'm blushing.
It's really easy. If one does not care for a particular element for an office run...one has to outwork the team that's working for that element. It is ALOT like work...but it's worth it, everytime. In fact...the harder the work, the sweeter the satisfaction when the good guys win!!