Monday, November 1, 2010

Blame Game


I'm telling you hear me later.
Democrats and liberal media will begin an all out assault on the American People tomorrow night. Some of the choiciest words will be ...idiots/ misinformed/ dumb/ fickle/ and misguided.
You see, when the American People do what Dems want, they are empowered, informed and sharp as a tack.
But let the game go the wrong way, and dems are the FIRST ones to toss the American People under the proverbial bus. I do not make a habit of watching MSNBC, but I'm making an exception on Wednesday. I specifically want to see how bad they berate voters, and watch them wallow in it for a couple of hours.

Update: It's even worse than the casual name-calling from the left media. They are continuously covering the democrat wins in California and NY.....and purposely avoiding any reference to the losses they incurred to Republicans across the country..
Even as late yesterday, Matthews on msnbc was reffering to the day as "stupor Tuesday" as a slam against those petty stupid and uninformed voters who would weild the blows to Obama and Dems.