Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dave Schmidt For 10th District Chairman.

With a special letter from Jim Rich below the post.

Republican delegates to the 10th District Convention in May, 2010, I would like you to meet one of the hardest working Republicans you weren't aware of. So many times we see folks who work when they have to, but who will eagerly step over others to get to the spotlight. But this is a man who's worked under the radar and behind the scenes, wishing no glory for himself, but only working for the image of the candidates he supports.

Meet Dave Schmidt. He has been elected to the Leesburg Town Council, not once, but twice... 2000-2004 and 2008

As you'll read down this page, Mr. Schmidt is generous with his money, and his time in pursuit of electing great Republicans to office. As an activist, myself..I know the amount of hours and the meetings, and the labor of love Mr.Schmidt commits a large portion of his life to. Just for fun, you can compare the amount of money that Dave has given the 10th District over the years to the one time contribution Howie Lind gave to run for office...and it's arguable that even that was on Howie's personal check.

As a proud life long Republican I have been active in every presidential campaign since I was six years old, after seeing Barry Goldwater speak in Cincinnati. I have volunteered for Republicans in state and local elections in Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia. - Dave Schmidt

Professional Experience:
President & CEO, International Food Information Council -- also held the positions of Executive Vice President, and Vice President.
Frequent speaker on food safety and nutrition
Serves on the National Advisory Board for Risk Communications Research at the University of Maryland
Serves on the Steering Committee for America’s Heartland
Presidential Appointee in the President George H.W. Bush Administration, Schedule C/Director of Information and Legislative Affairs, USDA Food. Safety and Inspection Service
Elected Councilman for the Town of Leesburg, 2000-2004 and 2008

Political Experience:
Heritage Precinct Captain, McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, McCain/Palin (2008), Senator George Allen and Congressman Frank Wolf
Has given strong financial support – 10th District Events - Oktoberfest and Jefferson Dinner.
Elected At-Large Delegate from Virginia to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, 2008, and elected Alternate Delegate in 2004
Delegate to 10th District Congressional and Virginia State Conventions
Contributor to McCain for President, RNC, RPV, LCRC, Frank Wolf for Congress, Bush for President, Joe May For Delegate and a regular contributor to numerous Republican Candidates and Organizations
Leesburg Coordinator, George W. Bush for President (2000 primary)
Member of the Republican National Committee since 1980, Loudoun County Republican Committee
National Delegate Nominee/Phone Bank Chairman, Dallas County Bush for President (1988 primary and general election)
Founder & President, Students for Reagan, Vanderbilt University(1979-80)

It should be crystal clear which one of these gentlemen can form the Tenth into an enviable entity, worthy of a similar moniker that the "Fighting Ninth" enjoys today.
Vote Dave Schmidt, and let's make that a goal for the coming year under his excellent leadership.

UPDATE: Endorsements have started coming out for Dave's opponent.
They include these doozies:
JoAnn Chase, who has bad-mouthed the #1 Unit Chair of Virginia.
Pat McSweeney, former Chairmanof RPV, who went so far in Loudoun as to actually raise money and funnel it to an independent instead of the republican.
Mike McHugh, Warren County- The #1 instigator and loudmouth at the 10th District Convention of 2006.
David Ray, Fairfax County- who was on hand to coordinate the fiasco at the LCRC meeting that detained members for an additional hour and a half- over nothing.
John Grigsby- all around off-balance, and part of the lame attempt to influence a committee outcome with Ray and Volpe.
Willie Deutsch, Vice President, Virginia College Republicans-

This reads like the who's who of Jeff Frederick supporters...and will probably revert the 10th District to that kind of rule. We should avoid this team at all costs.

Jim Rich endorses Dave in a letter sent out this week.

James E Rich

Dear Fellow 10th District Republican:

I wanted to let you know directly from me about my political plans for the future. After 20 years of service as congressional district chairman (I believe that I may be one of the longest serving district chairs in the history of the Commonwealth), I will not seek reelection to that position.

Prior to the district chairmanship I served 3 terms as Fauquier County Chairman. For over 30 years I have been a precinct chairman. Beginning in 1984 and every 4 years thereafter, I have served as a delegate or alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention and in 1988, I served on the Platform Committee. One of the most memorable times was in 1976 when I was a press aide and advance man for Governor Reagan who was making a run for the presidency. I have lost track of all of the races and candidates I have supported over the years.

It has been an honor and privilege for me to have held leadership positions in our great party. I believe that our principles of limited, Jeffersonian government, freedom and opportunity as set forth by our Founders are the best hope for America. Ever since I was old enough to read serious publications and literature, I read biographies of all of the greats: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, Churchill, Reagan, John Adams, among others. They inspired me to believe that if I could do just a small part to promote freedom and limited government, it would be a worthwhile endeavor. All of the hours on the phone banks, at the polls, going door to door, attending meetings and chicken dinners have all been worth it. Additionally I have had the opportunity to work with many great people who love their country. It has been a very special opportunity to work closely with one of the most dedicated, principled and honorable Member of Congress—Frank Wolf.

This is a great time to be a Republican. We have reason to be proud of the big victories in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. The American people are rediscovering concepts of federalism, limited government, the importance of our free enterprise system and sensible frugal spending policies. We have many hard working volunteers in the 10th District and we have played our part in these recent victories. The 10th District provided landslide victories for Bob McDonnell and the statewide ticket with many of our units at the top of statewide lists for highest McDonnell percentage, winning margin and Republican shift. Statewide, we increased our margin in the House of Delegates by 6 seats. 3 or half of those winning seats came from the 10th District with the election of Tag Greason, Jim LeMunyon and Barbara Comstock. The 10th District pumped thousands of dollars into key 2009 races. 10th District Loudoun County GOP Chair Glen Caroline was named outstanding unit chair in the Commonwealth and Fairfax County was named the best unit statewide. Our units are well organized and headed by effective and hardworking chairs.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported in a January 19 article written by Gerald F. Seib that Wall Street Journal/NBC polls clearly show America is a conservative or center right country: 34% are conservative, 38% are center and only 21% label themselves as liberal. In Virginia about 30% of the people are Republicans, 30% Democrats and 30% Independents. When we nominate conservatives like Ronald Reagan, Bob McDonnell and Frank Wolf who can communicate our philosophy along with concern for kitchen table quality of life issues such as jobs, education, transportation, we win big. As we stay true to our core principles, we must work with center right Independents. The latter don’t vote for party label. They look beyond the label to look at the contents. Wasting time with circular firing squads trying to force an artificial 100% unanimity within our base will lead to certain defeat at the polls. Remember President Reagan’s 80/20 rule. Let us understand that our role as party officials is to elect candidates to office. Only they can cast the votes necessary to ensure freedom and opportunity. Let’s reach out to Independents with the confidence that our message of freedom and opportunity will be well received if articulated well. The politics of addition will lead us to retake the Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to serve and for all of the hard work that so many have given freely. A chairman is nothing without wonderful allies and volunteers who care about America and our Commonwealth.

I am optimistic about our future and will continue working for our great cause of liberty. My optimism for the future of the 10th District is also founded on the knowledge that we have a very well qualified, thoughtful conservative ready and willing to lead in the 10th District and the Commonwealth—Dave Schmidt. I strongly endorse Dave as the next 10th District chair. He is a limited government Jeffersonian, a successful businessman, a hardworking Republican who has put in years of service for our cause including strong support for 10th District activities and events. He knows how elections are won as he himself has won a seat on the Leesburg Council. Dave has always supported Congressman Wolf and Republican stalwarts like Ronald Reagan and Bob McDonnell. Most important, he is a man of character. Please give Dave your favorable consideration. See you on the campaign trail.

Best wishes.

Jim Rich


Congressman Wolf will kick off his 2010 re-election campaign at his biennial “Birthday Party” celebration on February 5 at the Washington Dulles Airport Hilton. The event is from 6-8 p.m. Tickets are $30 each. To make reservations, contact Linda Douglas with the Wolf for Congress Committee at (703) 620-4115.

Sponsorship levels are available, and Federal law requires political committees to use their best efforts to obtain and report the name, address, occupation, and employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in an election cycle. Contributions to Friends of Frank Wolf are not deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations, people under the age of 18 and foreign nationals are prohibited.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Miss me yet?

Look, at this point, just into the one year anniversary of the "Dipshit" empty suit.... Even Clinton has started to look pretty smart.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the General Assembly, Joe May sets to work.

"Since we have had several transmission lines planned and /or proposed to go through the 33rd House District, some of my legislation deals with that issue.
HB 671 requires the State Corporation Commission to conduct a public hearing in any proceeding involving approval of the construction or operation of an electrical utility facility. At least one hearing shall be held in the area affected by the proposed facility, and at least one Commissioner of the State Corporation Commission is required to be physically present at any hearing held in the area affected

Thank you, Joe. What many here in the area saw from the process now in place was that the SCC never saw people's displeasure up close and in person. Those making decisions for our area may have felt somewhat insulated from the populance they were deciding for. Your bill puts them face-to-face with the folks who will be directly affected.

HB 675 would require the State Corporation Commission, as a condition of approving the construction of an underground or overhead transmission line, to establish certain conditions to minimize adverse environmental impact and the aesthetic appearance of the right-of-way.

This addresses a concern that our particular community had. Many of the properties in question were adjacent to the Potomac River, and provide for the difusion of pollutants into the water supply hitting that river. Stripping thse properties of the trees and brush and disturbing the ground adjacent to the river will ultimately allow for increased pollutants into the water supply..even affecting the Chesapeake Bay below us.

Great Job, Joe. Thank you for all you do.

Denial....more than just a river in Egypt.

As I have observed the dem's responses to Brown's victory yesterday....I cannot stop chuckling. They still don't get it.
Obama even went so far as to say that people are mad...not just at this administration, but the last one as well. So-- they're pissed at republicans, and voted for one just to show us what they meant, Obama?

Gibbs is such a loser , both as an appointed communications officer, and a person.
I looked for Obama to replace this retard some months ago -- but I suspect that noone is lining up for that particular job.

Pelosi is in complete denial, as is Harry Reid. Should Reid's election be held today, he'd be 10 points behind any one of the Republicans in that race.

Gumby Webb actually took pause to read the writing on the wall last night. He's stepped up to stop the vote until Scott Brown is seated. Don't think for a minute that this is about his concern for proper process. This is born out of concern for his re-election effort. He's at least smart enough to realize that his prospects do not look particularly good right now.

Funniest channel to watch last night and this AM.... MSNBC by far. These cats couldn't purchase a clue with a discount card to help them. Particular attention to those "professional and objective" newswomen who actually teared up during the broadcast. And Keith Obermann.... I hope your head explodes. You were really, really close last night.

Stay tuned...there's more ass-kicking coming, boys and girls. You have to endure the rest of 2010, and then again in 2012.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr. Brown Goes To Washington.

Scott Brown just recieved a concession call from Martha Coakley. He is now set to go to Washington.
In proof positive that Obama has egg all over his face since that first Olympic" moment, his last minute visit actually bumped Scott Brown's numbers by some five points, and sealed the deal for those Massachusetts voters who are sick and tired of the shenanigans in Congress of late.

Massachusetts has one of the largest amount of independents in the Country. 71% of them just elected Brown.
Obama, Pelosi and Reid might want to reflect on this moment for a couple of hours before they open their mouths. They can, in one false move, change the feelings of even more Americans who have yet to vote in further contests. Those folks may sense that these jackasses don't get it yet....and feel they need to deliver even more electoral pummeling to make themselves heard.

I'm sure everyone is going to tune in to hear the WhiteHouse excuses tomorrow morning. Stay tuned. We'll get more of the WhiteHouse Spokesman saying this election was all about voters being mad at much so, that they were forced to vote for one.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Martha: You got some 'splaining to do..

Brutality, pushing unfavorable reporters around, etc...
Viciously prosecuting innocent people to further your own career?
Damn, woman. Karma's gonna be a bitch, ain't it?

Seems some other folks have documented this, too...

UPDATE: Politico polling shows Scott Brown with a 9 point lead over Coakley.
What if the President's visit gave him a 5 point bounce??
I'm gonna borrow my favorite blog posting seen so far today...."So now it isn’t just about those who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them”… also is those that who own pick up trucks too?"

Dems have developed a severe case of foot-in-the-mouth disease, or they're so arrogant that they think it's now acceptable to look down their noses at the common man that they actually work for.

Election results coming, friends...
9:10PM 67% reporting Brown 53% Coakley 46%
9:20PM 73% reporting Brown 52%

Wait for Boston, and we're set.
Coakley has made her concession call.
Mr. Brown is going to Washington!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

McDonnell's Inaugural Address

Thank you.

Mr. Speaker.

Lt. Governor Bolling.

Attorney General Cuccinelli.

Members of the General Assembly.

Distinguished guests from around the world and across the country, family and friends, my fellow Virginians.

Good afternoon!

We gather today on the steps of our magnificent and newly renovated State Capitol.

From this hill the land rolls gently down to the James River, the waterway of the Settlers in 1607.

From this place, the sweep of history has moved us forward to today.

This is the cradle of democracy for Virginia and America.

Governor Thomas Jefferson designed this Capitol building.

Governor Patrick Henry came here for the laying of its cornerstone.

I am humbled today to follow in their historic footsteps.

The General Assembly first convened in this new building during the first term of America's first President, Virginia's George Washington.

Behind me, in the Rotunda, are the busts of the eight Virginians who became President.

It was here that Robert E. Lee, the son of a Virginia Governor, was commissioned as Commander of the Commonwealth's military forces as a young nation split into war.

It was here, just four years later, that President Abraham Lincoln came to begin the process of reuniting our war-torn nation, walking the streets of still smoldering Richmond.

And it was here, 125 years after Lincoln's visit that a grandson of slaves, L. Douglas Wilder, took the Oath of Office as the nation's first African-American Governor.

And it is here, today, that an average middle class kid from Fairfax County, a grandson of Irish immigrants, is given the enormous honor of becoming the 71st Governor of Virginia.

As it turns out, I succeed another descendent of Irish immigrants, Governor Timothy Kaine.

On behalf of the grateful people of Virginia, I thank Governor Kaine for his leadership and service to our Commonwealth.

Today's Virginia is a thriving and diverse home of nearly 8 million people, with one in ten born outside the United States.

A state of rich history and strong people, we do face many challenges together.

We do not face the challenges of forming a new government or securing a young nation, as did Washington, Jefferson and Henry.

We do not encounter the devastation and destruction of Civil War, as did Lincoln and Lee.

We do not struggle with the injustice of slavery and its legacy of segregation as did Governor Wilder as a young man.

We do not march into bullets and artillery shells, as did the Greatest Generation on the beaches of Normandy and the islands of the Pacific. Two members of that generation, who served in World War II, my father Jack McDonnell and my father-in-law Frank Gardner, join us here today.

On behalf of a grateful Commonwealth I thank them, and all military members and veterans, for their incredible sacrifice and service to our nation that continues today.

The actions of those patriots that came before us had a common purpose to create and expand freedom and opportunity for the generations that came behind them.

The creation of, and desire for, new opportunity has shaped Virginia from its foundation.

It was in seeking the Opportunity of a New World that Captain John Smith and 104 settlers braved the perilous Atlantic to step onto the sands of Cape Henry in April 1607.

It was in securing the Opportunity of a New Nation that Virginia patriots joined together with their fellow colonists in the first fight for freedom and independence, and thus was born a country of ordered liberty that, 234 years later, is the beacon of hope for the world.

It was in seizing the Opportunity of equality and education that a courageous 16 year-old girl named Barbara Johns, memorialized behind this majestic Capitol at the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial, stood up and walked out of Moton High School in Farmville 59 years ago this spring.

New opportunity helped them meet the challenges of their time.

Greater opportunity will help us meet the challenges of ours.

Together we must create jobs and economic opportunities.

Provide new educational opportunities for all Virginians.

And enhance family and community opportunities by easing government burdens on free people.

As Virginians, we believe that government must help foster a society in which all our people can use their God-given talents in liberty to pursue the American Dream.

Where opportunity is absent, we must create it. Where opportunity is limited, we must expand it. Where opportunity is unequal, we must make it open to everyone.

Read the entire speech here.
UPDATE: McDonnell signs two Executive Orders in the hours after his Inauguration.
– Executive Order Number One: Establishing the Chief Job Creation Officer and the Governor’s Economic Development and Job Creation Commission

- Executive Order Number Two: Establishing the Governor’s Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring
Read details at Virginia Virtucon

Friday, January 15, 2010

Scott Brown appears to be moving in for the kill

From the AP story:
BOSTON (AP) — A new poll in the Massachusetts Senate race shows a shift in favor of the Republican Party and a potential disaster for President Barack Obama and his Democratic political agenda in Tuesday's special election.

The Suffolk University survey released late Thursday showed Scott Brown, a Republican state senator, with 50 percent of the vote in the race to succeed the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in this overwhelmingly Democratic state.

Democrat Martha Coakley had 46 percent. That was a statistical tie since it was within the poll's 4.4 percentage point margin of error, but far different from a 15-point lead the Massachusetts attorney general enjoyed in a Boston Globe survey released over the weekend."
The emphasis is mine.

They go on to acknowledge the WhiteHouse's alarm and gnashing of teeth on whether to pop Obama into ground zero or not.
"The White House has shown increasing alarm about the race, with Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel placing calls to top Massachusetts Democrats to assess Coakley's chances and weigh the costs and benefits of a potential Obama visit."

What I read in that, is this: Obama visited the OIC with hope of securing Chicago as a location. He came home with egg on his face. He visited troubled New Jersey some five times, ignoring an Afghanistan "surge" in doing so. We all know how that turned out for NJ, and I put the defeat squarely at Obama's feet. Enough independents, and even some democrats do not like the direction the progressives have taken, and they will feel it in these elections. So this week, given the chance to campaign for Coakley --- he and his staff must be hold up in the WhiteHouse strategy room asking themselves...given the turn of events in NJ and VA after his visits and endorsements...should he bother going to Massachusetts, or does his arrival there signal that Scott Brown is the real choice in the race?

I ask Obama to board a plane and get up to Boston QUICK. The result ought to speak volumes when the votes are in.

UPDATE: As if he were an avid reader, Obama plans to visit the Bay State on Sunday. As Lovettsville Lady points out in comments below, that's a Football Mega Day! If he wanted broad appeal to voters by speaking to them, he'll have to visit the homes, bars and football parties across the state.
Obama-- if you are reading this--- PLEASE pre-empt those silly football games to address the state.
UPDATE:Read about Coakley' exploitation of innoccent folks for political gain here.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Glow-bull Warming

Oranges in Florida are about to freeze for the first time since Anita Bryant was the spokeswoman for the industry. Think about that for a moment.
That was 20 years to 29 years ago.

Alaskan glaciers are growing for the first time in 250 years, the fact that sea ice is growing at the fastest pace ever, glaciers are growing all over the world and more.

Here's a list of even more events round the world.....

It's no wonder the liars of the scientific communities that DEPEND ON FRACTURED SCIENTIFIC LIES to get their government grants next year/next decade would tell us that we've actually figured out a place that defies physics, and where the melting point of water is actually -32 degrees below zero.

It's also no mystery why they swapped in "climate change" after the prophet Al Gore got snowed-out on almost every stop on his tour to places where it should not even be snowing.

I'm pretty sure that whole Glow-bull Warming thing is a bust. You guys might want to think of something a wee bit more creative than "carbon dioxide abatement", too. Seems that we've had no increase in Carbon Dioxide in around the previous 160 year period, and science has actually proven that all but 45% of that was reabsorbed by the seas and vegetation around us.

Your efforts to rake in some cash with a massive lie were funny and all, but seriously.... what's next, guys?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Splitting hairs...Loudoun style

Suppose a group from the last election of Board of Supervisors had wanted to see a list of a sitting Board member's clients, in order to see if that Supervisor was channeling county funds and business to one of his clients?

You can already imagine the outrage by one individual in Loudoun to that, can't you? Andrea McGimsey would be beside herself, issuing FOIA requests, and rallying her troops to scream about the unfairness of it all. Nobody would be able to keep her from proving that there was not transparency in the failure by a sitting Supervisor to reveal the conflict.

Fast forward. Ms. McGimsey has now thwarted all attempts to reveal that she may, or may not, have clients who are directing her actions on the dais in order to feather her own nest , as well as direct County resources to them. In further hypocrisy, she and other members of this Board seem to think that the County Attorney only requires them to fill out a Statement of Economic Interests once a year, and that it does not need to be updated, if their employment changes.

According to her aide, members of the board do not have to disclose clients if they
have private consulting businesses. How foolish is this reasoning? Money passes hands thru client relationships as easily as it does thru where's the accountability?

We need to press our members of the Board to ask for FULL disclosure, of all clients,
all sources of income. Only when their every interest is transparent, will we truly know when we're being fleeced. This is the reasonable expectation of citizens who have entrusted them to govern the county without bias or distortion.

Of course the mainstream media has inconceivably chosen to absolutely ignore these substantive conflicts, so I charge every citizen to stop this abuse of your tax dollars, stop the stonewalling, and demand that these Supervisors adhere to the very expectations that they clearly expected from their predecessors.

The budget is much tighter, and these personal conflicts are leeching money away from schools, county funding and causing your taxes to go upward to cover the expenses that they do not want you to be able to see.

How long will you, as a county, let this fleecing occur? At what point are you prepared to stop the tax increases that are merely in place to feed special clients ....and when questioned about those clients, these Supervisors tell you it's none of your business?

Like rats on a sinking ship....


Update: Evan Bayh has just announced he won't run again, citing differences within his own party.

"With the 2010 election year barely under way, two senators and one governor — all Democrats — ditched plans to run for re-election in the latest signs of trouble for President Barack Obama's party."--AP

This comes on the heels of a defection by House Representative Griffith of Alabama to the republicans back in December of 2009.His notable quote on the occasion? "I can no longer align myself with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country."
"The chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Rep. Pete Sessions (Tex.), sought to cast Griffith's decision as symbolic of larger problems with the Democratic caucus. "His decision is emblematic of the message that millions of concerned citizens have been trying to send to a Democrat Party that has become increasingly unwilling to listen," Sessions said."--AP

Ain't that the truth. After a plethora of Town Hall Meetings showed unrest in the populance, these turkeys turned a blind eye to it and dismissed it as the work of a few nutjobs. Perhaps they should have realized a little earlier that the movement was sincere, and included independents and even dems who are right of center on issues.

Waiting for the writing on the wall to become more legible --- Harry Reid,the State of Massachusetts (with Republican Scott Brown actually polling within 9 points there), and a number of other dem seats that will more than likely recognise that they gambled and lost...and will just hang it up.

The rats are jumping ship. Somebody set up a death watch for the event.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Congrats! all you young people wanted change you could believe in.

Well, here it comes. Never before has Congress conspired to subvert the will of the People.
They've just hatched a final drive on healthcare to bypass any partisan support, and they will step around any lingering remnants of order and procedure in order to foist this travesty upon us. Trouble is...every one of those voters who thought this was going to be FREE healthcare is now on the hook for purchasing their own healthcare - or facing a government fine of up to $750 for not doing so.

Those affected? 18 MILLION young folks between 18-28, who voted overwhelmingly for their own imprisonment to purchasing insurance out of their own pockets. or going to jail if they don't.

Adding to the misfortune of the imposed fines is the fact that the Obama administration has just spent enough money giving out freebies to the rest of the world and to ACORN and other entities...they now have to pay back a massive and unimaginable deficit. Guess who's going to be left with that bill? That's right....young people.

Compounding that problem is the fact that with such a large deficit, our dollars are devaluating, and our creditworthiness is now going to somewhere around a B or a C in classification. need to remember that in a time when excellent credit scores can extend a rate on credit cards somewhere around 16%, bad credit risk routinely pay closer to 24% or even higher, based entirely on risk to the provider of that credit.
What used to be an AAA score has fallen under this "Chicago" regime, and many of you had better get used to how hard it is to rebuild credit in the aftermath of such recklessness as has been displayed by this government since 2009.

Now for the icing on that cake, boys and girls. Wait until Cap and Trade, the program based upon the ficticious "global warming" debacle comes on line. Those worthless dollars you have left will now be treated to uniform inflationary routines as fuels are taxed, electricity bills become enlarged, and all that money is syphoned off to special interest --- McGimsey's primal shoutout is the immediate sentiment here --"Who wants to make some money?!!"

They played it up great, didn't they? "Noone under $250K will pay any taxes."
Well, that number was down under $95K (Household)recently, and these taxes on fuel and every other resource or household goods you use that depends in any way on fuel aren't even captured in what the administration calls "your taxes". more hiccup. Bush's tax breaks will sunset this year, too. Back to paying what you did in 2002. Oh--- you didn't have a job in 2002? You didn't make enough money to pay into taxes back then?? You'd better get used to it.

The fact of the matter.

Now, the good news. If enough folks stand up to this agenda and DEMAND that the Constitution be adhered to,(all of these recent actions by Congress are in direct conflict with the document and it's provisions) this can be reversed as a matter of this Congress acting illegally. But it's going to take every woman, man and young adult to gather the 155 Million people needed to join together and file a suit demanding that this fleecing is unconstitutional and must be stopped.