Thursday, January 7, 2010

Glow-bull Warming

Oranges in Florida are about to freeze for the first time since Anita Bryant was the spokeswoman for the industry. Think about that for a moment.
That was 20 years to 29 years ago.

Alaskan glaciers are growing for the first time in 250 years, the fact that sea ice is growing at the fastest pace ever, glaciers are growing all over the world and more.

Here's a list of even more events round the world.....

It's no wonder the liars of the scientific communities that DEPEND ON FRACTURED SCIENTIFIC LIES to get their government grants next year/next decade would tell us that we've actually figured out a place that defies physics, and where the melting point of water is actually -32 degrees below zero.

It's also no mystery why they swapped in "climate change" after the prophet Al Gore got snowed-out on almost every stop on his tour to places where it should not even be snowing.

I'm pretty sure that whole Glow-bull Warming thing is a bust. You guys might want to think of something a wee bit more creative than "carbon dioxide abatement", too. Seems that we've had no increase in Carbon Dioxide in around the previous 160 year period, and science has actually proven that all but 45% of that was reabsorbed by the seas and vegetation around us.

Your efforts to rake in some cash with a massive lie were funny and all, but seriously.... what's next, guys?


commoncents said...

Thanks for posting this!

Common Cents

The Bulletproof Monk said...

My pleasure. Thank you for all those links. When my local idiots started the "one snowstorm here in DC doesn't mean global warming isn't real" I was all too happy to inform them that it is a global event....and your links proved that.
Keep up the good fight. I believe that the truth , backed with the facts, can turn the issue back around by proving that they've been offering less than honest information.