Friday, January 15, 2010

Scott Brown appears to be moving in for the kill

From the AP story:
BOSTON (AP) — A new poll in the Massachusetts Senate race shows a shift in favor of the Republican Party and a potential disaster for President Barack Obama and his Democratic political agenda in Tuesday's special election.

The Suffolk University survey released late Thursday showed Scott Brown, a Republican state senator, with 50 percent of the vote in the race to succeed the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in this overwhelmingly Democratic state.

Democrat Martha Coakley had 46 percent. That was a statistical tie since it was within the poll's 4.4 percentage point margin of error, but far different from a 15-point lead the Massachusetts attorney general enjoyed in a Boston Globe survey released over the weekend."
The emphasis is mine.

They go on to acknowledge the WhiteHouse's alarm and gnashing of teeth on whether to pop Obama into ground zero or not.
"The White House has shown increasing alarm about the race, with Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel placing calls to top Massachusetts Democrats to assess Coakley's chances and weigh the costs and benefits of a potential Obama visit."

What I read in that, is this: Obama visited the OIC with hope of securing Chicago as a location. He came home with egg on his face. He visited troubled New Jersey some five times, ignoring an Afghanistan "surge" in doing so. We all know how that turned out for NJ, and I put the defeat squarely at Obama's feet. Enough independents, and even some democrats do not like the direction the progressives have taken, and they will feel it in these elections. So this week, given the chance to campaign for Coakley --- he and his staff must be hold up in the WhiteHouse strategy room asking themselves...given the turn of events in NJ and VA after his visits and endorsements...should he bother going to Massachusetts, or does his arrival there signal that Scott Brown is the real choice in the race?

I ask Obama to board a plane and get up to Boston QUICK. The result ought to speak volumes when the votes are in.

UPDATE: As if he were an avid reader, Obama plans to visit the Bay State on Sunday. As Lovettsville Lady points out in comments below, that's a Football Mega Day! If he wanted broad appeal to voters by speaking to them, he'll have to visit the homes, bars and football parties across the state.
Obama-- if you are reading this--- PLEASE pre-empt those silly football games to address the state.
UPDATE:Read about Coakley' exploitation of innoccent folks for political gain here.


Lovettsville Lady said...

Obama is going to MA on Sunday, a HUGE day for football fans. It's the playoffs! Even though NE isn't in either game, football fans will be glued to the television from 1:00 until 8:00pm. It's not a good day to be campaigning for the Black vote in MA. Reminds me of Miller's Town hall phone meeting during a Tech game. Both are tone deaf to their constituents. Of course Obama thinks he's more important than anything, including the NFL. He's wrong. Again.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Great point!!I just got in and was about to update the post with that news!