Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Congrats! all you young people wanted change you could believe in.

Well, here it comes. Never before has Congress conspired to subvert the will of the People.
They've just hatched a final drive on healthcare to bypass any partisan support, and they will step around any lingering remnants of order and procedure in order to foist this travesty upon us. Trouble is...every one of those voters who thought this was going to be FREE healthcare is now on the hook for purchasing their own healthcare - or facing a government fine of up to $750 for not doing so.

Those affected? 18 MILLION young folks between 18-28, who voted overwhelmingly for their own imprisonment to purchasing insurance out of their own pockets. or going to jail if they don't.

Adding to the misfortune of the imposed fines is the fact that the Obama administration has just spent enough money giving out freebies to the rest of the world and to ACORN and other entities...they now have to pay back a massive and unimaginable deficit. Guess who's going to be left with that bill? That's right....young people.

Compounding that problem is the fact that with such a large deficit, our dollars are devaluating, and our creditworthiness is now going to somewhere around a B or a C in classification. Youngsters....you need to remember that in a time when excellent credit scores can extend a rate on credit cards somewhere around 16%, bad credit risk routinely pay closer to 24% or even higher, based entirely on risk to the provider of that credit.
What used to be an AAA score has fallen under this "Chicago" regime, and many of you had better get used to how hard it is to rebuild credit in the aftermath of such recklessness as has been displayed by this government since 2009.

Now for the icing on that cake, boys and girls. Wait until Cap and Trade, the program based upon the ficticious "global warming" debacle comes on line. Those worthless dollars you have left will now be treated to uniform inflationary routines as fuels are taxed, electricity bills become enlarged, and all that money is syphoned off to special interest --- McGimsey's primal shoutout is the immediate sentiment here --"Who wants to make some money?!!"

They played it up great, didn't they? "Noone under $250K will pay any taxes."
Well, that number was down under $95K (Household)recently, and these taxes on fuel and every other resource or household goods you use that depends in any way on fuel aren't even captured in what the administration calls "your taxes".

Wait...one more hiccup. Bush's tax breaks will sunset this year, too. Back to paying what you did in 2002. Oh--- you didn't have a job in 2002? You didn't make enough money to pay into taxes back then?? You'd better get used to it.

The fact of the matter.

Now, the good news. If enough folks stand up to this agenda and DEMAND that the Constitution be adhered to,(all of these recent actions by Congress are in direct conflict with the document and it's provisions) this can be reversed as a matter of this Congress acting illegally. But it's going to take every woman, man and young adult to gather the 155 Million people needed to join together and file a suit demanding that this fleecing is unconstitutional and must be stopped.


Joe Budzinski said...

Thanks for posting this, Monk. A clarion call needed to be sounded.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Just this morning, I was treated to a profile of just how well these turds actually know the people they represent. Dodd abrogated his run for office....because he knows he doesn't stand a chance.
I'm still looking for the cornerstone that will crack. however.
I believe that Massachusetts is the key. If Scott wins up there, the gig is over.