Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to all my readers

Here's hoping the New Year brings you health and happiness.
2010 also brings with it the hope of ridding some of the dead weight in Washington.

If you're one of those who got elected to office to do the people's work --but forgot that, and started to serve your own might want to brace yourself. The Monk, and his buddies, are coming for you.

Warner and Webb...I've told you repeatedly that any attempt to vote for this travesty of a healthcare "fix", while at the same time BANKRUPTING several generations while you're at it -- would be met with a great effort to hoist your sorry asses out of elected office. It'll be time to deliver on that beginning January the 3rd.

Local BOS... We began a journey some 2 years ago to rid this county of the unwelcomed special interest, namely Developers, at the time. What you did in replacing them with a different special interest to suck us all dry is unforgivable.
And we begin in earnest the work that'll be required to rid the county of your excess, too.

Dems of the Congress ... I'll help anywhere, anyway, to assure that you have to go job-hunting after November. Your abysmal, self-serving rhetoric will not be forgotten. I'll have an awful lot of help in that effort, because the American People are right there with me, to the tune of 55%. The latest Generic Ballots suggest that all we really have to do is push the result a little bit, and it'll go cleanly towards putting the adults back in charge.

To those who fight the good fight beside me, I wish you Godspeed, safety and comradery till we meet in 2010.

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