Sunday, December 13, 2009

McGimsey's faulty memory.

In light of the most recent actions by this woman (who I supported to get rid of yet another Supervisor who had forgotten where the line was drawn) from the dais, or using it in one way or another to secure jobs and clients that she should have known would be in conflict with her representation of Loudoun County. If Tulloch were doing this, she'd have already blown an artery...I guarantee it.

I'll try really hard not to use "HYPOCRITE" here.

Andrea McGimsey quotes:

“This set of public hearings will likely be the last; they will want to move fast. That said, any delay on this terrible proposal would be good”

Interestingly, she now wants to push this public input about a week and a half before Christmas.

“No to greater county debt and rising taxes”

Somewhere, someone is snickering and shaking their head violently at the partisan hypocrisy in that sentence. This board just spent $250K on a cut and paste document, complete with advertisements for it's authors, all while it advocates for further studies (now you understand the advertising)on setting policies to tell us which cars to select and what in our homes must be corrected before we can obtain a building permit. All which will costs us more money, even if they don't collect it in "taxes".

“Due to confusion by Supervisor Tulloch’s last minute proposal to change the CPAM, we’re not sure what the Board of Supervisors is proposing now … The Board should hold a public input session where the Board and county staff explain what the proposal is now. We don’t have a fiscal analysis … We ask you to then hold a new set of public hearings so we can give you meaningful input.”

McGimsey should take this advice herself. We need A LOT of discovery on exactly what we'll be on the hook for if we agree to this CES. Where is the $2 MIL going to come from NEXT year??? Yours and my taxes?

“We need to show the supervisors that it is in their best interest to listen to the citizens and do the right thing. If hundreds of us show up, that will make them think hard about what is in their and the citizens’ best interest”

Again, McGimsey should dig back thru and reread this comment. It does indeed behoove her to listen to the citizens. Instead of working with Waters on a plan to do what is necessary to secure the Government grant THIS year, and readdressing what the long term plans might be...she prefers to lock us into a longterm plan right now.
People who actually united to help Andrea get into office are backing away from support on this particular display of a conflict of interest.

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