Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ben Nelson, twisted one way deals, and general corrupt practices in America

Anybody find it unusual that Harry Reid would leverage with tactics that favors the one vote he needed to screw us?? He'll gladly threaten to close military bases in Nebraska, as well as pay it's medicaid for perpetuity.

"The new bill has the federal government permanently paying 100 percent of the cost to expand Medicaid in Nebraska, while other states will pay 2.2 percent of the price to expand the program to millions of uninsured Americans.

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) took a harsher view of the provision. "You've got to compliment Ben Nelson for playing the Price is Right." Burr said. "He negotiated a Medicaid agreement for Nebraska that puts the federal government on the hook forever. This isn't the Louisiana Purchase, it's the Nebraska windfall...this isn't how this process is supposed to work."

All this, after threatening Nelson with a huge base closure if he didn't comply.
The stink in Washington just keeps rising. Just as you think they can't and won't stoop any lower....they do.

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Lovettsville Lady said...

The rest of us get to for Nebraska's medicaid bill forever. Nice. This bill just gets worse and worse. I can't believe that they are going to vote to screw over every America on Christmas Eve. So little good will toward Men, Women and children in America. This is truly horrible. And all so the THE ONE can claim that he changed health care in America. He changed it, he made it more expensive for everyone, while cutting money and services to seniors. Niiiiice...............