Monday, December 21, 2009

Candace Strothers announces

Dear Friends and Fellow Republicans,

The Task at Hand:

On November 3, 2009, as a result of the hard work and dedication of hundreds of wonderful volunteers like you in Loudoun County and countless more across all the counties of Virginia, the political calculus in our Commonwealth changed. On that night our conservative candidates regained control of the Statehouse and the House of Delegates. This great victory brings us in Loudoun County both enormous opportunity and great responsibility. We Republicans must now work with state and national party officials to build on this momentum by setting the tone and vision for our party, while effectively managing our party process to implement winning grassroots strategies for our candidates in Loudoun in 2010 and 2011. There is so much at stake in those two elections for our County, for our Commonwealth and for our Nation. The LCRC needs a Chair with the experience, the skills, the strength and vision to bring together the teams, the resources and the ideas necessary to develop the current momentum for victory in those elections.

My Beliefs:

I am running for LCRC Chair because I believe it is imperative to keep the momentum going from our tremendous wins statewide and the gains we made here in Loudoun County. I believe that holding to our core values and promoting the central conservative issues of fiscal responsibility, limited government and lower taxes is the winning model, as it was for the McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli ticket. I believe there is still much to do to grow that model at the County level. I believe I have the experience and the leadership necessary to deliver this strategy and most importantly, expand the grassroots organization and unified team effort put in place by our outgoing Chair, Glen Caroline. I will assemble a team of seasoned and new leaders that will build and expand the party in 2010, laying the groundwork for a strong win in our 10th District Congressional race. Strengthening the party in 2010 will position us to keep fiscally responsible Republicans in the winning column in the myriad of local Loudoun races in 2011. With strong wins in 2010 and 2011, we will position Loudoun to enter the 2012 Presidential election cycle unified, organized and mobilized. I am confident I can bring the Party together, focused on these goals and motivated as a winning team. I believe I am the seasoned leader who can be the catalyst for this vision.

My Experience:

I have extensive political and campaign experience at both the national and local level. I cut my teeth in politics during the rise of Ronald Reagan and was honored to be chosen to serve in his White House. In President Reagan’s Office of Public Liaison I focused on outreach to dozens of constituent groups on a variety of administration policies. I also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration where I directed strategic planning including regulatory priorities, international activities and training. Later I served as Chief of Staff to the Solicitor at the Interior Department under President George HW Bush. I also have worked with the RNC in two national elections serving as advisor to senior campaign principals.

Here in Loudoun, I have served as precinct captain, organized the Ashburn farmers market, organized and emceed the successful Women for McDonnell event for Sheila Johnson and was asked by the McDonnell campaign to emcee the Leesburg rally with Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli at which over 200 were in attendance. In addition, I helped organize and raise funds for a successful fundraiser with McDonnell Campaign Chair, Ed Gillespie and served as Co-Chair of Women for McCain. I am a grassroots conservative having also done “the hard work of freedom” as Bob McDonnell says by making hundreds of phone calls, organizing walks and knocking hundreds of doors for our candidates.

My Promise:

As LCRC Chair I will work with our local party members and elected officials, state and national party officials, be a leader that sets the tone and vision for the local party, reach out to like minded constituent groups, improve fundraising and effectively manage the process and procedure of local party business. I will use the McDonnell, Bolling Cuccinelli model to unify the party and implement winning grassroots strategies in order to ensure future victory for our candidates in Loudoun in 2010 and 2011 AND 2012.

I will be laying out more of my ideas and plans in the future and welcome your thoughts on what is most important to you for our committee as we move forward. I have assembled an initial steering committee to manage my campaign. They are as follows:

Steering Committee Chair:
Glen Caroline- LCRC Chair;Jeff Maged - LCRC First Vice Chair
Kristen Kalina- LCRC Second Vice Chair; Kai Zhang- LCRC Treasurer
Mary Gail Swenson- LCRC Secretary, RPV State Central Committee
John Millhiser- LCRC Parliamentarian; David D’Onofrio- LCRC Headquarters Chair
Tom Seeman- LCRC Precinct Operations Chair; Randy Minchew, Former LCRC Chair
Greg Stone- Potomac District Chair; Debbie Rose -Sugarland Run District Chair
Ben Belrose- Blue Ridge District Chair
David Ramadan- Dulles District Chair, RPV Ethnic Coalitions Committee

Others supporting my candidacy:

Tag Greason Delegate – Elect 32nd District
Lori Waters Loudoun County Supervisor
Bob Wertz - Commissioner of the Revenue
Charlie King LCRC Candidate Search and Support Chair
Dean Coursen LCRC Sergeant at Arms
Joe Scalione Broad Run District Chairman
Pete Fagan Leesburg District Chairman
Kathi Ribaudo President, Piedmont Republican Women’s Club
Dean Settle - LCRC GOTV Chair
Janet Kivi
Ahto Kivi
Betsy Mayr
Liz Andrzejewicz Mills
Liz Dickenson
Frank Holtz
Fred Morrison
Jeanine Martin
Bruce Tulloch
Sally Mann
Cathy McNickle

I have already spoken with many of you and will be reaching out more in the coming weeks. I ask for your support as we move ahead and I look forward to talking with you about how we can together keep Loudoun in the winning column for our Republican candidates!

Please contact me to share your ideas and support. I can be reached at or you can visit my blog at


Candace Strother

Candidate for LCRC Chair

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