Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mark Sell comes out as a Chairman Candidate

Mark Sell asked to speak to the Reston Republican Club Christmas gathering last night. He announced he'd be seeking the Chairman's position at the Loudoun County Mass Meeting to be held in March of 2010.
I strongly urge those who want to win in 2010 to do more than just support Candace Strother. You'll need to reach out to your friends and associates and pass on the message that Candace is the choice for continued winning in Loudoun County.

I haven't yet heard the reasons why Mr. Sell is running, but I do know that Candace is a veteran in these matters, and her resume is long and distinguished. She, and she alone, is the path forward to winning 2010 elections in Loudoun County, because she actually was a member of the winning team that brought you a 3 point increase in republican support over the rest of NoVa in 2008, and the highest degree of VICTORY in Virginia in 2009.

I know Mr. Sell, and he's a nice enough guy, but I definitely disagree with the path I know he'll set before us. He was instrumental in the division of the Committee during the dark years. Folks, we've come WAAAYYY too far to turn back now.

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