Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PATH files an amended Motion to Withdraw

Yesterday PATH filed an amended Motion to Withdraw from the Virginia SCC proceeding, this time promising they won't come back in early 2010 with a new application (no promises we won't see them later in 2010).

In the amended motion, PATH admits that new tests run by PJM Interconnection show that "the PATH Project appears not to be needed in 2014." These new tests, which were ordered by Virginia Hearing Examiner Alexander Skirpan, take into account the latest demand and generation numbers, and also incorporate expected reductions in demand due to energy efficiency and load management.

This is exactly the type of analysis that should be done before a utility applies for a transmission project, and that PEC has been pushing for over the past three years.

I sat thru the testimony as late as last November, where PATH was still insisting that their numbers were correct, when just one month, they've now admitted they were not correct. Many in the community had said their numbers were nothing more than lies all along.

Good riddance, PATH...and as more and more alternative power is unleashed in New Jersey, and as the need for coal power diminishes with every passing year --- you may never be welcomed to try again.

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