Thursday, June 12, 2014

Welcome Back Carter , part II

As predicted in my opinion piece , appropriately subtitled Welcome Back Carter , I ran down a list of failures in Carter's Presidency. They showed that Carter, and liberals in general, have NO clue what they're doing when it comes to the economy, foreign policy and a whole host of other issues.

As we enter the 6th year of this President's incompetence, We have to update his list of failures.

Benghazi -- leaving four Americans to die at the hands of our enemies, while he catches up on sleep for yet another fundraiser.

IRSgate -- Use the Internal Revenue Service to punish his enemies (his words, not mine) for organizing to give the States and people more power, to reign in the spending, and support the free market system....all things that were stellar patriotic activities just 30 years ago.

Fast and Furious -- gun running to Mexico....with a twist. Those guns were in turn used on our own Border Patrol agents.

Hostage swaps -- not only is the one soldier he went to free a traitor and deserter, he trades five TOP LEVEL enemy combatants for the guy.

NSA spying on everyday law-abiding citizens--- at every point in their daily lives.

Stepping around Congress to use his Executive Orders , after complaining that Bush did it....and exceeding the Bush orders by some twofold.

Great going.... no wonder the people have begun to fight back and 2014 looks to be a stellar year for the Conservatives running to reestablish the proper order in the Congress.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obama and fumblers out-manuevered by Putin....again.

Back when Syria was initially involved in a massive civil war and their administration professed to have Weapons of Mass Destruction in form of gases and such....
Putin and Russia had not actually had a presence in the Middle East in nearly 20 years - when a number of their countrymen were actually taken in the same timeframe as our Iranian Hostage situation.
Within a two week period, President Obama and his minions allowed Putin and Russia to one-up them by sliding right around the US to offer to extract those pesky gases and delivery systems for the U.N.
Here, after meddling in the Ukrainian State, the Obama State Dept. had officially and thru it's channels , signaled their desire to see Ukraine join the European Union. They "masterfully" deployed assets to prop up a group inside Ukraine that would facilitate their desires. When that group backfired on the Administration and did not deliver the goods, they tossed out the Ukranians who would not facilitate them, and attempted to install some who would.
Now, they're shaking their paper tiger at Putin as he smirks at them in amusement.

John Flannery NAILED it in his Mid-March column in the Purcellville Gazette. Evidently, he agrees that the United States and the State Department OVERSTEPPED their authority in attempting to bring about the effects that they desired for Ukraine. Throughout the whole opinion piece, he was never able to type the words State Dept. or Obama.
Someone at the Purcellville Gazette must have noticed that he was speaking out-of-turn on democrat talking points, however,  and now that column is no longer viewable at the Purcellville Gazette. There is a rebuttal by Lovettsville resident Malcolm Baldwin that DOES include the "proper" talking points, and that is still visible at the site.

Obama and his minions are responding with checkers moves to a rather high prized game of Russian Chess....but they do not have the experience...or intellect to continue.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Barbara Comstock Endorsement coming

I have officially backed Barbara Comstock for the 10th District House seat.
While I love Bob Marshall to death, and identify heavily with his views, Barbara has the winning record in the portion of the District, as well as being the gender less likely to be affected by the first dead cat that liberals will pull out of their gunny sack.
I'll write more when I have the time.

I've also selected Ed Gillespie as the Senate candidate and will put my shoulder into both races as we approach selection time.

Update: Congratulations to Ed Gillespie on securing the nomination. Looking forward to restoring a working relationship with Shak Hill as we move past this development.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vote Today for Whitbeck.

On an interview yesterday on WMAL, the democrat in this race got tangled up in her own shoe strings. She didn't want to get mired down in the arguments and her exact views  on On Demand Abortions , despite having that laughable commercial about her misleading assertions on Whitbeck.

Then, there is her professional career in regards to her  goading Whitbeck as a candidate who'll wage a "war on women" if elected. This democrat who is a former prosecutor has already done that...

Wexton's Shameful Record

2004: Loudoun Circuit Course Case Number 14750 (mugshot available upon request)

Travis Crosby allegedly breaks into a Cascades Commons apartment and rapes a woman at 2:30am. He is charged with rape, breaking and entering, destruction of property, assault, and abduction with intent to defile.

Wexton enters plea deal dropping the abduction with intent to defile charge, leading to a sentences that allows Crosby to be released next year.
This is the case Wexton shamefully exploits in her first TV ad

2001:Loudoun Juvenile Court: JA009201, (01-05)
Undocumented immigrant Samuel Flores allegedly abducts a woman, then beats and rapes her 4 times over the course of day. He is charged with 4 counts of rape and one count of abduction with intent to defile.

Wexton drops 3 counts of rape and one count of abduction, and reduces one count of rape to misdemeanor sexual battery.
Flores is sentenced to time served (less than 2 months)

2001: Loudoun County General District Court, Case ID: GC01002309-00
Undocumented immigrant Walter Hernandez allegedly takes a woman into the woods and rapes her. He is charged with rape and abduction.

Wexton drops the abduction charge and reduces the rape charge to misdemeanor sexual battery
Hernandez is sentenced to time served (about 4 months)

2001: Loudoun Circuit Court Case 14025
David Antonio Moya-Guillen allegedly punches a woman in the face as she leaves work, then abducts and rapes her. He is charged with rape and abduction with intent to file.

Wexton drops the abduction charge and reduces the rape charge to battery
Moya-Guillen is sentenced to time served (4 months)

Now, I'd call that a WAR ON WOMEN.

And Joe May? Living in someone's basement (in case he loses) in order to run for this office is bad enough, but trying to bleed votes off of the conservative AND the liberal is pretty low conduct for such a former proud lawmaker. I guess the draw of living large off of the offices he's held in the Commonwealth is just too great.

Whitbeck is an unabashed conservative who is fiscally conservative and will not be a tax and spend Senator. He deserves the support of all the citizens who find the Commonwealth's spending problem insulting.

Vote Whitbeck and we will have the control of the Senate and the House of Delegates going forward in a battle over McAwful (Remember Kaine's folly?) bankrupting the State over the next years.