Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obama and fumblers out-manuevered by Putin....again.

Back when Syria was initially involved in a massive civil war and their administration professed to have Weapons of Mass Destruction in form of gases and such....
Putin and Russia had not actually had a presence in the Middle East in nearly 20 years - when a number of their countrymen were actually taken in the same timeframe as our Iranian Hostage situation.
Within a two week period, President Obama and his minions allowed Putin and Russia to one-up them by sliding right around the US to offer to extract those pesky gases and delivery systems for the U.N.
Here, after meddling in the Ukrainian State, the Obama State Dept. had officially and thru it's channels , signaled their desire to see Ukraine join the European Union. They "masterfully" deployed assets to prop up a group inside Ukraine that would facilitate their desires. When that group backfired on the Administration and did not deliver the goods, they tossed out the Ukranians who would not facilitate them, and attempted to install some who would.
Now, they're shaking their paper tiger at Putin as he smirks at them in amusement.

John Flannery NAILED it in his Mid-March column in the Purcellville Gazette. Evidently, he agrees that the United States and the State Department OVERSTEPPED their authority in attempting to bring about the effects that they desired for Ukraine. Throughout the whole opinion piece, he was never able to type the words State Dept. or Obama.
Someone at the Purcellville Gazette must have noticed that he was speaking out-of-turn on democrat talking points, however,  and now that column is no longer viewable at the Purcellville Gazette. There is a rebuttal by Lovettsville resident Malcolm Baldwin that DOES include the "proper" talking points, and that is still visible at the site.

Obama and his minions are responding with checkers moves to a rather high prized game of Russian Chess....but they do not have the experience...or intellect to continue.

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