Friday, May 28, 2010

As we approach Memorial Day, let's remember what it truly signifies.

Unlike a President who'd rather slink away to Chicago instead of honor those that allowed him to do what he does daily.
Most specifically, our local VIRGINIA boys and girls, who left it all on the field, and often gave the ultimate sacrifice. To those who did make it home, to those who did not make it home, and to all who served.... We thank you!

Even MORE specifically, we'll be hunkered around remembrances of a certain young Army PFC, who was larger in life at a tender 23 than many become... even as they bridge 50 .... EJ Andino. We miss you , buddy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

And with that .....

The outcome of the 10th District was unfortunate, from my point of view. I certainly hope Howie meant what he said about supporting Frank Wolf. I congratulated Howie, and if his intent is indeed to reelect Wolf to office, he can certainly count on my help.

There is so much in my personal life that has gone unanswered during the past 4 years, that I've had a chance to slow down and reevaluate my priorities today.
My wife, the dear and patient woman, has endured -- without complaint -- numerous nights and weeks of my absence, all in the name of the "good fight". I'm in the starting gates of lavishing attention on her, and the huge honey-do list at our house.

I have a few intense hobbies, which some of you are aware of, and many of you aren't.
I build off-the-wall stuff. My immediate project for the next 6 months or so....

Photobucket Photobucket

5 Cylinder Mercedes 300TD engine and one ton axles.... Welding, cutting, wiring..and wrenching. I really enjoy that stuff...and I haven't had the time to play with it.

As many of you know, my dental health has always gone around the latest campaign, or the convention, or the next meet n' greet. I will be taking time over the next couple of months to correct what I haven't had the time to correct for the past 2 years.

Will I totally disengage? I don't see that happening. I'll watch, and if I see anything particularly disturbing, I can still rally a huge offensive of like-minded folks to push the right buttons. It's just going to take a bigger bump in the road to trigger it.

The blog will continue, and actually pick up on frequency, as I'll actually have more time to tend it. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Delegates: Review your support here.

The Howie Lind Record:

1. Has missed has missed 4 out of the 7 meetings of the 10th District Committee since his election to State Central. Now he wants to be Chairman of the District. You can’t send a proxy as Chairman.

2. He missed so many meetings that Republican Party of Virginia had to amend the Party Plan to address this issue. Under the Party Plan a State Central member must attend 50 percent of the meetings in person. Something he has failed to do.

3. He is out of touch with the majority of the members of the 10th District Committee. Out of the 18 voting member committee the votes are always 13-5. He is always voting with the 5 in the minority. Now who is out of touch with the District?

4. He is out of touch with the majority members of the State Central Committee, once again he always votes with the obstructionists on State Central. Who again are in the minority. I would call him a bomb thrower not a leader.

5. Howie Lind resigned as Dranesville Magisterial District Chairman before his term was over before is term was over because he was to busy. The young man who did such a great job in Howie’s absence is supporting Mr. Schmidt.

6. He has only attended one 10th District fundraiser in all his years of living in the 10th District and only paid the general admission. Who has never been a sponsor to anything.(the author has actually sponsered that Dinner) You can look those figures up on the FEC and SBE reports. Now he talks about raising money. What is being overlooked here is that most of the money that did come in for the contest in 2006, did so AFTER Jim Rich had safely won the Chairman’s race.That very same money is on hold till after this race. If Howie wins, the District will never see it.

7. Organized a very small protest, of a couple of people outside of last year’s Jefferson Day dinner protesting rather than joining the over 200 people who were attending the dinner.

8. Has insulted members of the largest Republican Women’s Club in the 10th District and in the State. Now he wants to lead the 10th District.

9. 10th District is already RED. We have a REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN named Frank Wolf.
Someone that a number of Howie’s minions have sworn they’ll never support. So, can we really count on Howie to defend Wolf when his supporters are all frothing to end Wolf’s run? Or is it okay to lie about his support for Wolf, because it's okay to lie as long as you do so for the greater good?

Update: While I remain concerned that Howie will improve the 10th, I have actually congratulated Howie, and advised him that I am hopeful that he keeps the wheels on the machine and that he actually succeeds in the 10th District's election power.
I think I've been abundently clear that if he fails to work for Frank Wolf to the full extent that the Chair can work....There are several wrecking balls on hold right now. I hope Howie is afforded every opportunity to re-elect Frank Wolf, and all fiscally conservatve Republicans in 2011, and more importantly, in 2012. I will lend any assistance to this effort that I can...unless Howie deviates from the course I've just laid out. Then , very bad things begin to happen.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Howie,Please remove my name from your list of supporters

I am actively supporting Dave Schmidt.I appreciate your help in this matter.

Howie Lind has a long trail of half run and half finished business behind him. Almost all of his failure to the Party is attributable to his day job. Howie is (and all you TEA Party people please sit up and read this one)a LOBBYist to a major corp doing business before the US Government right now.
When he was elected to the Dranesville District, he was non-existant enough that a yound fellow who was full of vigor and drive completed Howie's responsibilities to that District in Howie's stead. And then that enterprising young man was never even given proper credit for the function that he provided. Howie eventually stepped aside for the District Chair position. That enterprising young man who held things together in Dranesville when Howie was absent?? He's openly backing Dave Schmidt.

Howie and his campaign have been using a number of names as endorsements and supporters. Some of the endorsements are outright fabrications. Albert Navas, David Crow, Johanna & Nat Ashworth, Gerrie Smith, Carol Hoffman, Liz & Hunter Richardson, Garnet Dupont, Nancy Ningard, and Larry Ambrogi. All these folks have indicated that they did not endorse Howie, and several have actually hosted events FOR Schmidt!

The point? So how many other names on this list are used fraudulently? How many times does one have to contact Howie to have their name removed from the endorsements?
How many of the folks listed do not even reside in the 10th District??

Be assured that Dave Schmidt's list of supporters is all 10th District grown.
They are your neighbor's endosements...not someone across the State.

See how many Democrats Howie's firm has greased the palms of here.

Friday, May 7, 2010

"Legal Food Frenzy"

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced earlier this week that Virginia's legal community joined together to raise more than 1.7 million pounds of food for Virginia's hungry during April. The fourth annual "Legal Food Frenzy" broke previous fund raising records by bringing in 36 tons more than in 2009. The statewide competition is sponsored by the attorney general's office and pitted 197 firms against each other. The food donated to the Virginia food banks is especially helpful during this critical time as food banks around Virginia are seeing a surge in the number of families who need food during this difficult economic recession.

Schettine & Nguyen from Richmond raised the most food per employee to win the "Attorney General's Cup" for the third year in a row. The law firm has 13 employees and raised almost 6,881 pounds of food per person. The contest ran April 5 through April 16 and was open to all lawyers, their staffs, and members of the legal community across Virginia.

I'm particularly glad to see lawyers doing something for the community, and I've laid off of the lawyer jokes for this posting.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elaine Walker retains Lovettsville Mayoral position

With a steady stream of voters today, and a 28% turnout, Lovettsville Mayor Elaine Walker was treated to a 165 to 95 thumping of her opponent, Bing Lam.
Others on the current Town Council survived as well. Charlotte Coleman and Bob Zoldos did well, but another Councilman probably fell victim to lack of name recognition, and was outmanuevered by Tiffany Carder.
Those who know me are surprized that I'd back and assist Walker in this contest.
Elaine was a far superior choice to the alternative, and I never really thought he had the temperment for the job.