Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Delegates: Review your support here.

The Howie Lind Record:

1. Has missed has missed 4 out of the 7 meetings of the 10th District Committee since his election to State Central. Now he wants to be Chairman of the District. You can’t send a proxy as Chairman.

2. He missed so many meetings that Republican Party of Virginia had to amend the Party Plan to address this issue. Under the Party Plan a State Central member must attend 50 percent of the meetings in person. Something he has failed to do.

3. He is out of touch with the majority of the members of the 10th District Committee. Out of the 18 voting member committee the votes are always 13-5. He is always voting with the 5 in the minority. Now who is out of touch with the District?

4. He is out of touch with the majority members of the State Central Committee, once again he always votes with the obstructionists on State Central. Who again are in the minority. I would call him a bomb thrower not a leader.

5. Howie Lind resigned as Dranesville Magisterial District Chairman before his term was over before is term was over because he was to busy. The young man who did such a great job in Howie’s absence is supporting Mr. Schmidt.

6. He has only attended one 10th District fundraiser in all his years of living in the 10th District and only paid the general admission. Who has never been a sponsor to anything.(the author has actually sponsered that Dinner) You can look those figures up on the FEC and SBE reports. Now he talks about raising money. What is being overlooked here is that most of the money that did come in for the contest in 2006, did so AFTER Jim Rich had safely won the Chairman’s race.That very same money is on hold till after this race. If Howie wins, the District will never see it.

7. Organized a very small protest, of a couple of people outside of last year’s Jefferson Day dinner protesting rather than joining the over 200 people who were attending the dinner.

8. Has insulted members of the largest Republican Women’s Club in the 10th District and in the State. Now he wants to lead the 10th District.

9. 10th District is already RED. We have a REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN named Frank Wolf.
Someone that a number of Howie’s minions have sworn they’ll never support. So, can we really count on Howie to defend Wolf when his supporters are all frothing to end Wolf’s run? Or is it okay to lie about his support for Wolf, because it's okay to lie as long as you do so for the greater good?

Update: While I remain concerned that Howie will improve the 10th, I have actually congratulated Howie, and advised him that I am hopeful that he keeps the wheels on the machine and that he actually succeeds in the 10th District's election power.
I think I've been abundently clear that if he fails to work for Frank Wolf to the full extent that the Chair can work....There are several wrecking balls on hold right now. I hope Howie is afforded every opportunity to re-elect Frank Wolf, and all fiscally conservatve Republicans in 2011, and more importantly, in 2012. I will lend any assistance to this effort that I can...unless Howie deviates from the course I've just laid out. Then , very bad things begin to happen.

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