Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Joe May's Desperation

I collected the mail today and laughed so hard, my neighbors must have wondered what the heck was so funny.
Joe May just lost this election primary. If you have to condemn the party of an ongoing case as automatically guilty (before the courts have even been convened) then you're pretty desperate.

While I seriously support property rights of individuals, I have a new take on Joe.
I highly recommend that the woman who had the sign displayed for her "gentleman's " club in West Virginia to call Gallopin' Joe May and have him do a 60 second spot of endorsement for the club.

Since he's so quick to point out the sign grabbing, can we now just say that "Joe supports the degradation of women's rights  and family values"...?

This election, Joe has been pretty much fibbing in EVERY flier that has come to the house. He's raised taxes 5 times with five different votes. He's no friend of the gun owners of Virginia. And he has a 75% rating with the National Abortion Rights Advocacy.

We just watched him complete the last tax hike a couple of months ago and I remember very well that it was later altered, because in it's original form at the time of the vote, it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Send Ol' Joe packing for a nice long retirement with his grandchildren. Vote LaRock on June 11.