Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tito endorses Verne Dickerson for Sheriff

I've run into a couple of folks who still were unaware that I've been picked up by Virginia Virtucon ...I'm writing more frequently over there, but occasionally I update this site with a crosspost.

Tito The Builder has endorsed Verne Dickerson as the best qualified, and having the strong character to be Sheriff of Loudoun County.
Tito knows the players and has a huge national following, as well as a strong NOVA following in guiding the country back to the founding principles that made us the greatest Nation on earth. I have also endorsed Tito in any pursuit he undertakes, because he has the excellent character that I also see in Verne. Press release is below.

Endorsement of Verne Dickerson for Sheriff

Verne Dickerson is a candidate for sheriff with an admirable record of 25 years of experience and leadership in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This includes knowledge of investigating and fighting organized crime such as narcotics, white collar, personal and property crimes. Verne Dickerson has also managed disciplinary and performance matters of other officers at a national level for the FBI and has taught classes at the FBI academy in Quantico, VA. In the civilian world, Verne knows the difficulties his fellow citizens face in daily life through his experience as a small business owner with a restaurant and real estate business. He has lived in Loudoun County for 12 years and he understands the needs of his community. For all of Verne’s wealth of experience and the strength of his character, I whole heartedly endorse Verne Dickerson for Sheriff of Loudoun County.