Thursday, June 12, 2014

Welcome Back Carter , part II

As predicted in my opinion piece , appropriately subtitled Welcome Back Carter , I ran down a list of failures in Carter's Presidency. They showed that Carter, and liberals in general, have NO clue what they're doing when it comes to the economy, foreign policy and a whole host of other issues.

As we enter the 6th year of this President's incompetence, We have to update his list of failures.

Benghazi -- leaving four Americans to die at the hands of our enemies, while he catches up on sleep for yet another fundraiser.

IRSgate -- Use the Internal Revenue Service to punish his enemies (his words, not mine) for organizing to give the States and people more power, to reign in the spending, and support the free market system....all things that were stellar patriotic activities just 30 years ago.

Fast and Furious -- gun running to Mexico....with a twist. Those guns were in turn used on our own Border Patrol agents.

Hostage swaps -- not only is the one soldier he went to free a traitor and deserter, he trades five TOP LEVEL enemy combatants for the guy.

NSA spying on everyday law-abiding citizens--- at every point in their daily lives.

Stepping around Congress to use his Executive Orders , after complaining that Bush did it....and exceeding the Bush orders by some twofold.

Great going.... no wonder the people have begun to fight back and 2014 looks to be a stellar year for the Conservatives running to reestablish the proper order in the Congress.