Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr. Brown Goes To Washington.

Scott Brown just recieved a concession call from Martha Coakley. He is now set to go to Washington.
In proof positive that Obama has egg all over his face since that first Olympic" moment, his last minute visit actually bumped Scott Brown's numbers by some five points, and sealed the deal for those Massachusetts voters who are sick and tired of the shenanigans in Congress of late.

Massachusetts has one of the largest amount of independents in the Country. 71% of them just elected Brown.
Obama, Pelosi and Reid might want to reflect on this moment for a couple of hours before they open their mouths. They can, in one false move, change the feelings of even more Americans who have yet to vote in further contests. Those folks may sense that these jackasses don't get it yet....and feel they need to deliver even more electoral pummeling to make themselves heard.

I'm sure everyone is going to tune in to hear the WhiteHouse excuses tomorrow morning. Stay tuned. We'll get more of the WhiteHouse Spokesman saying this election was all about voters being mad at Republicans....so much so, that they were forced to vote for one.

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