Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the General Assembly, Joe May sets to work.

"Since we have had several transmission lines planned and /or proposed to go through the 33rd House District, some of my legislation deals with that issue.
HB 671 requires the State Corporation Commission to conduct a public hearing in any proceeding involving approval of the construction or operation of an electrical utility facility. At least one hearing shall be held in the area affected by the proposed facility, and at least one Commissioner of the State Corporation Commission is required to be physically present at any hearing held in the area affected

Thank you, Joe. What many here in the area saw from the process now in place was that the SCC never saw people's displeasure up close and in person. Those making decisions for our area may have felt somewhat insulated from the populance they were deciding for. Your bill puts them face-to-face with the folks who will be directly affected.

HB 675 would require the State Corporation Commission, as a condition of approving the construction of an underground or overhead transmission line, to establish certain conditions to minimize adverse environmental impact and the aesthetic appearance of the right-of-way.

This addresses a concern that our particular community had. Many of the properties in question were adjacent to the Potomac River, and provide for the difusion of pollutants into the water supply hitting that river. Stripping thse properties of the trees and brush and disturbing the ground adjacent to the river will ultimately allow for increased pollutants into the water supply..even affecting the Chesapeake Bay below us.

Great Job, Joe. Thank you for all you do.

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