Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Denial....more than just a river in Egypt.

As I have observed the dem's responses to Brown's victory yesterday....I cannot stop chuckling. They still don't get it.
Obama even went so far as to say that people are mad...not just at this administration, but the last one as well. So-- they're pissed at republicans, and voted for one just to show us what they meant, Obama?

Gibbs is such a loser , both as an appointed communications officer, and a person.
I looked for Obama to replace this retard some months ago -- but I suspect that noone is lining up for that particular job.

Pelosi is in complete denial, as is Harry Reid. Should Reid's election be held today, he'd be 10 points behind any one of the Republicans in that race.

Gumby Webb actually took pause to read the writing on the wall last night. He's stepped up to stop the vote until Scott Brown is seated. Don't think for a minute that this is about his concern for proper process. This is born out of concern for his re-election effort. He's at least smart enough to realize that his prospects do not look particularly good right now.

Funniest channel to watch last night and this AM.... MSNBC by far. These cats couldn't purchase a clue with a discount card to help them. Particular attention to those "professional and objective" newswomen who actually teared up during the broadcast. And Keith Obermann.... I hope your head explodes. You were really, really close last night.

Stay tuned...there's more ass-kicking coming, boys and girls. You have to endure the rest of 2010, and then again in 2012.


John Millhiser said...

Webb, now there's a trick! Stepping up to the plate? I have asked him to reject the health care bill numerous times and for numerous reasons within the bill. He keeps saying "I haven't voted for the bill only the keep the process going." BS If you are a leader you vote as the bill is presented. If you have issues and or your constituents continuously advise you of issues you vote accordingly. Now when you know it ain't happening you stop and pontificate that "we should wait until he is seated." Hey Senator Webb real easy when the decision has been made by the voters. The voters tried to tell you all along. Maybe in 2012 we will tell you again when you will not have a choice to listin.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Webb is over-reaching when he tried this political cover. He knew it, we knew it...and I think he knows his chances at any reelection died when Brown won the seat. Virginia and New Jersey started this party, remember?