Friday, November 12, 2010



Common Cents Blog has a video of the interview with Bill O'reilly posted here.

Seems like an awful lot more snarky comments around the media outlets than when Jimma Carter injects his latest idiocy. Or Clinton chimes in on what Bush was responsible for. There's a general courtesy, boys. As former Presidents, you don't critique a sitting President. It's just really bad form. (not to mention that the current resident of the office is doing a bangup job all by himself. Korea and others have told him to pound sand with his damned Union thugs needs and wants)

This former President explains to the American People what formed his opinions and actions. Something he didn't even bother to do while he was at the helm. Can you imagine G.W. Bush whining about his treatment on MSNBC while he was seated???
His actions of the time regarding the press should have set the bar, and Obama would have done well to employ them. Instead, the current President seems hell-bent on blaming Fox News for his every dilema. The comparison with the rock that was Bush is stark.

While I disagree with much of what Bush and company did in his latter term, his first term should be the very definition of how the office is run. Strong and unflinching on defense and how we approach the rest of the world. Compassionate when it was needed at home, and smart enough to listen to the people who actually deliver the jobs to that job report. Our current President seems hell-bent (again) on handing out our candy to the special interest that he bemoaned Bush of having. And as an inexperienced state senator, who's never once owned a company, he should have surrounded himself with business owners who could tell him that those upper end tax cuts are actually being deployed to sole small businesses who show better on paper...and currently produce 70% of the actual jobs in the country. Because using this strategy, Obama and his people could have grown the job market. But, as I'm prone to pointing out: Liberal economists overlook this --- Two and Two are always going to equal Four - regardless of how you FEEL about the numbers.

Glad to see Bush back in the limelight, and delighted to see he's still classy enough not to break the cardinal courtesy that Carter and Clinton never observed.

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