Monday, November 2, 2009

Election Day 2009

I'm enthusiastically looking to see friends from the past, present...and meeting new people to carry into the future tomorrow. I'll be running from poll to poll and points in between. I'm running a huge billboard tomorrow for the better part of the day, but carrying a much needed shift at a precinct first thing in the AM.

I will no doubt meet lots more as we gather at The Dock to watch returns.DO NOT forget to vote. Don't take it for granted that this is won. What if everyone felt that way, and noone showed? Run like you're ten points behind and every single vote is needed.....because it is!! If you really want to send Obama a very loud message, bring ten friends to the polls and make this victory 20 points plus!!!!

He will not be able to ignore that! And neither will the Dems in Congress. They'll have to recognise the writing on the wall was indeed the truth...and that in order to save their political necks, they'll fold on this healthcare fiasco.

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