Thursday, July 16, 2009

What goes up has to come down...

As I suggested they would back in January...Obama's approval ratings have begun to free fall. Oddly, there are still 33% of us that still strongly approve of that socialist agenda and have stayed glued to this guy's hip. I liken these people to slinkies. They really don't provide the rest of us with anything substantial...but it is fun to kick them down stairs just to watch them work for a change.

HERE is some more good news for the conservative among us...whether you be a Republican or a Blue Dog. You've got no fight with the Monk.


Check out this graph. Obama is falling like a meteor from outer was predicted by the long-term thinkers in the crowd. Of course, the seat-of-their-pants crowd begged to argue...but then again...they're better suited to a quick game of checkers than an intense and deeply intellectual engagement of Chess with a worthy opponent.

Pretty soon, we'll all see him like this...and it'll be Republican time again for another decade.

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