Friday, June 19, 2009

Anyone who wants to can recognize this

The difference in the following form and what's been previously touted as an acceptable substitute. This one is generally used for visas, passports, background and security checks, and military service enrollment.

long form req'd by the rest of us

This one, combined with a buck and a quarter, will get you a mere cup of coffee.

short meaningless form

Notice, the main difference here is an actual hospital location (and name), as well as an attending physician. Among the other differences -- there are actual signatures and street addresses.
But of all the things you can see, there is one more thing you can't. Those who weren't born in Hawaii, or weren't actually United States citizens got the latter, and only US Citizens actually born in Hawaii got the former.

I've had to show my long form when I joined the service. I had to show my long form on every secret and top secret clearance I've ever held. Now, the President is so special that he doesn't need to meet the very same criteria that the rest of us are expected to pass??

And at this point, he's spent upwards of $800K in lawyers to assure that we don't see his long form?

Tell me again, how I'm supposed to just drop the subject.

Update: There is now a $10,000 dollar reward for anyone who can provide the original long form or show it unaltered, complete and legal.
In another step forward in this saga...A yet to be authenticated birth certificate popped up on Ebay. Now Ebay has had their share of wild, ground-breaking, moral compass pegging moments (remember the virginity sale that was flagged some years ago?)-- but around early morning Friday, a funny thing was listed. It was Barack Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate.
By Saturday morning, it had been pulled. It was listed twice more. It was again pulled.
Curiously, it stated "President Barack Hussein Obama II was born in The Coast Provincial Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya at 7:24 p.m. on August 4, 1961."
So, my first thought in this 2009 technology era was, given the plethora of communication and information avenues available to us...this is merely a first step (if it is indeed real) and we will see the document , or somebody will get snuffed for attempting to show it to the world.


kelley in virginia said...

monk: people are going to say that you are paranoid & weird, just like the JFK assassination conspiracy theory types (of which i am one).

wonder why the Won doesn't want us to see his birth certificate? is it a racial issue, a religious issue or a place of birth issue?

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Most definitely a place of birth issue, Kelley.
And I'm fine with the few loose and easy in the far left who try to reason that I'm a conspiracy theory type. I laid it out in the simplest way I could for the average citizen who will realize that I'm right. We've all had to show a long form to get where we are. We've all had to show one to get where we wanted to go.
Why should it be any different for Obama?
It wreaks of a double standard. More "Do as I say...not as I do" from the democrats. "You need to pay your taxes, but they're conditional for us...we're specail, after all"

The Bulletproof Monk said...

The attacks have begun already.
Funny how not one of them can explain why everyone of us needs to show the former document, and we're denied whatever it is that we're seeking with the latter form.
But, from their perspective, this was perfectly fine when it's their "0ne" who won't conform.

It's really very simple, and it's gaining steam, as more and more Americans begin to realize what kind of change they actually voted for in November.
His unfavorables just went above 34% in a recent Rasmussen Poll.
Only 32% were favorable...which gives him a -2 ....and it's not even near the four year mark. He may beat Bush on low marks yet.
Persoanlly, I'll crack up if he gets as low as Congress' marks.
Last time we looked there, I believe 24% of the respondents thought they were doing a bang-up job. That's three people that disagree with the fourth, people.

Anonymous said...

Not only is his birth certificate in question but I also want to know why he bowed so deeply from the waist before the Saudi king and did he kiss the king's garment?

Anonymous said...

Wow--I was in the military years ago - and only had the "short form" birth fact, never have seen the long form, so I guess my whole life has been a lie and I wasn't even brn in this country :-( Wish I had known that before now!

This is so stupid. REALLY? Is this all you can think to worry about????

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Anonymous, as a veteran myself, you did not join the service with a short form BC. They do not accept copies. Please try to pass off your lack of knowledge as fact somewhere else.