Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cap And Trade foolishness.

Just what's needed to push a recession into a depression.
Joe covers it with numerous links and information to contact your Senators.
I honestly never thought it would get thru the House.
I suppose this is a blatant reason why mid-term elections will return the House and Senate back to Republican control. Businesses will fold, electric bills and fuel costs will also cripple millions of families that are just hanging on.
Way to go, jackasses.

As a became very clear that there are 8 Republicans who need to be gone in the next term, or they'll need to switch Party -- and run as what they really are.

Bono Mack (CA)-Castle (DE)-Kirk (IL)- Lance (NJ)- Lobiondo (NJ)- McHugh (NY)
Reichart (WA)- Chris Smith (NJ)

Update: Blue Collar Philosophy writes more, with a video here


kelley in virginia said...

monk: most of the entire Congress "needs to go".

The defeat of my own congressman, Perriello, is my personal mission for next year. His statement on why he supported this bill was about how now, all of us, could join the freedom fighters (from foreign energy). and he said that freedom isn't free. duh.

how does bankrupting Virginia's coal industry contribute to our freedom?

what an idiot. equating those who will lose jobs/businesses/homes to those in harm's way is comparing apples to oranges. Congress DID NOT HAVE TO put the American public in this financial mess.

sorry, i'm ranting.

Perriello also voted for the GIVE act which is the Obama volunteer corps, Americorps expansion. some of the funding will go to ACORN.

i'm still ranting.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I'll give aid and assistance where I can in ending these careers. They represent the very problem we're facing in their obvious disconnect from the people they are supposed to represent.

kelley in virginia said...

monk: about your "fight" against the VEPCO et al. similar thing happened in Lunenburg many years ago. residents banded together, raised money, hired attys & ultimately lost. but during all this, an unknown Republican managed to get to know all these people & get himself elected, against all odds--our state Senator, Frank Ruff.

your area of the state has more sway with the powers that be so you have a better chance of getting these powerlines put underground.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

We have an even plus situation here.
We can outplay these turds. This is the height of the information age, and they're telling whoppers to get the job thru...which are easily investigated and dismissed.
Only corruption on the SCC will get this thing done for them, and the lawsuits are stacking up awaiting the final conclusion, and how it comes about.
If there are shenanigans, those responsible for them will be made to answer.
Allegheny has altered their data, and refused to acknowledge rampant alternatives development that are diminishing their role in the power to the region.

Rather than embrace the new technology, they continue to steer (bulldoze)down the old road.

The same is being done here in Virginia by Dominion(Virginia Power by any other name). They've lobbied so heavily to avoid having to accept the solar contingent that they've overlooked the cost benefit to having a steady source of customers that have excess solar available for the grid, and the availability to redistribute that power instead of forging stubbornly ahead with natural gas and coal--all the while, paying huge lobbying costs to keep solar contributions off of the grid instead of paying a modest rate and redistributing it.