Friday, June 12, 2009

Bob McDonnell is running for you!!

"We are running a positive, issues-driven campaign here in Virginia. We are the campaign of “Yes.” We are saying yes to new jobs, yes to offshore drilling, yes to a worker’s right to a secret ballot, yes to greater choice in our public schools, yes to spending restraint and yes to greater transparency in our state government. Voters are responding.

What we saw last November was the culmination of a great disappointment in Bush in his last four years. Personally, I hope that he was merely trying to reach across the aisle and let Congress Democrats see that he was trying to meet them halfway. Unfortunately, you can't do that. What you get is a runaway deficit, and those same democrats will gladly hand you the blame for their mistakes as well.

The Unions want massive control in their public votes. They'll intimidate anyone who is identified in voting against them. So, they're seeking to actively remove the blinds that keep them from seeing who they need to deal with.
In a right-to-work state like Virginia, this goes against the very grain of the people who live and work here.

Look, I have worked in a union shop as a non-bargaining unit. Because I refused to join. I don't need the union "mafia" paying me a visit to "convince" me that I need to join, or else. Things WILL get messy at that point. I'm not given to backing down. I stand my ground, and readily meet force with equal force if it's needed.

I also realize that the unions were a great thing once in this country. We didn't have OSHA, we didn't have work standards that dictated what was safe, what was fair, and so forth. Unions brought about fair play in those days. Some of the unions representing coal miners still do.Coal mining is just a dangerous job, and the unions are probably very needed in that vocation.

But as for unions in general...well, they just became a business in the late 70's , and some of them exist merely to turn a profit. Most of them don't even represent their members well. But they want those dues. And they spend those dues to lobby congress members to give them free reign to intimidate and threaten all of the rest of us....into creating even more wealth for them.

McDonnell will stand up to them. He knows that freedom to pursue your chosen vocation without union intimidation or extortion is a basic citizen's right in Virginia. And he'll fight to keep it that way.

He knows that it is in our nations best interest to seek domestic energy that frees us of the foreign governments control on our infrastructure.He understands that it's more than money we spend elsewhere. It's who we're inadvertently financing, and some of the players do not have out best interest at the root of that business.
In opening the offshore drilling thousands of jobs will be created. From the men who harvest the raw resources, to the refining of those resources, and the distribution of those resources.
Let's get out of the rut that Tim Kaine has mired us in, cut spending, cut taxes, and rebuild the surplus Kaine received when he took office.

Vote Bob McDonnell, and we'll open a new chapter of accountability, true transparency (see Pennsylvania's official State website where the actual checks used to purchase materials are posted),stop the massive spending that's killing the State we live in today--and turn the State of Virginia back into the bastion of Freedom that our Forefathers made it..

Update: Great piece by Pat Mullins on the "legacy" Bob has to overcome.

Update: Checkout Deeds current campaigning strategy here. Evidently, he doesn't think this will matter in November. Remember, Bob's For Jobs just picked up new meaning. He would never vote for legislation that supported Cap and Trade...the number one job killer.


kelley in virginia said...

great commentary on unions in less than 1 page. should be a Republican talking point.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

All from personal observations, too.
I have been to the coal mines on the Va/WV border, and I think those folks can use all the lobbying and protection against their employers they can get...but outside of that, I don't have a single use for the UAW.