Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A blizzard for McDonnell

Today, there is a sea of signs at most of the larger precincts in the County.
Sure, there were Moran and Deeds signs. But there were far MORE McDonnell signs at Purcellville and numerous other Blue Ridge and Catoctin precincts.
Lovettsville had ONLY McDonnell signs. Lucketts had three Deeds signs, but their sign superiority was short-lived, and they were almost immediately outnumbered.

Reports will continue to come in and I'll do my best to update this post.

What struck me is....with the primary so important to the Dems (their decision today may mean a win or a loss, entirely based on who they choose) Loudoun (and probably many other counties) are exhibiting little or no grassroots volunteers to man the polls or even muster enough gumption to put a sign or two up on the way to work.

I attribute this to the fact that when I went to Purcellville last November, I didn't see a single person I knew there manning the Dem's tent. It was all handled (like most of the county)by Obamanauts.... I mean, the Loudoun Dem's didn't have to raise a finger last November.

While the Republicans were engaging in a "drill" and rolling out an impressive machine (with a six point reward over our sister counties for the effort)on what became a "dry run", the Dems didn't bother building a local mechanism.It was done for them.(anybody else smell the irony of that sentence?)

So, I'd venture that there is still time to put one together, but there's probably not enough interest out there to do so.Obama's not running this year...and his assets went with him.

As for the Republicans....We've got even more members, volunteers and precinct coverage that was activated by the last election.Seems they came out in droves to help us after the defeat in November...because they were tired of sitting home complaining.
As I said...reports as they come in.

6:30 am -Potomac District: Each Precinct had one or two Moran and Deeds signs. No signs for the Carpet Bagging Clinton Bag Man ( CBCBM )

6:30 am - At the five voting stations in Leesburg, where I put McDonnell signs this morning, the Democrat candidate signs were sparse — mostly Deeds, some Moran, less than half a dozen

8:54 AM- Each of the 4 South Riding precincts have 8-9 Bob signs and a handful or so of all Dems combined w/ no one handing out lit.

8:55 AM - Southern Catoctin precincts between 5:30 and 6:30 or so and saw at most 2 Moran signs at two of the precincts. No Democrats were physically present. I put out anywhere from 3 - 5 McDonnell signs so as of that time anyway we outnumbered them everywhere!

At 6:30 PM, I struck out to collect signs at the precincts I had set up this morning. My last precincts were out here Lovettsville way.

Luckett's had 106 voters at 6:45. Interestingly, the three Deeds signs had been removed, and two McCaulker signs had been inserted among my McDonnell signs.

West Lovettsville had 116 voters at 6:53, and East Lovettsville had a whopping 143 voters at close of polls. Now, since East Lovettsville is my home precinct, I know that there are 2193 voters. That comes out to around 5 1/2% turnout.

Ric has more coverage from Hillside and Lowe's Island precincts. There was news coverage of the Hillside location, because that's where the effort was spearheaded.


kelley in virginia said...

interesting that you didn't see any "local" help for dems last Nov. here in lunenburg, i didn't see any help for McCain in the most conservative precinct.

the religious right will have their troops out this NOvember for M/B/C.

because the blogging public is soooo fascinated with lunenburg co. politics, i will venture out to see what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Im seeing McDonnell signs everywhere in Lowes Island...

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Kelley, the local unit has seen a serious jump in numbers of memberships since November. It's almost as if they woke up and screamed "He !@#@$$%^%&* won??"

The Bulletproof Monk said...

The Dems of Loudoun never saw it coming....and we slid McDonnell's name recognition right there in front of the voters.

kelley in virginia said...

Republicans might complain about the "religious right", but we'll be damn glad to have them in NOv because they get their people to the polls & they are willing to help. they will defeat the non-obama Creigh Deeds.

now, the question becomes, will the Commonwealth elect any of them that may be on our ballot?

Alter of Freedom said...

Nothing like a beating and then this crap in Washington to motivate some people who may have beenm apathetic last year. No more sitting on sidelines. Thats far too dangerous. Get into the game folks and get others in as well.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I agree. And I'm glad that the current administrations shenanigans has "activated" more "activists".
The Loudoun unit is not a place for bench-sitters. These new members will be expected to fall in and shoulder the load.