Saturday, January 26, 2013

Addressing the voter fraud issue in Virginia

There are democratic operatives in Virginia, as well as Leesburg (specifically) that say this doesn't happen.
I personally know of three cases out in Dulles District that altered the 2008 Presidential race. Seems that the Dulles addresses started recieving Obama mailings with a completely different name on them than the legal owners of the residence (who had actually lived in the house for 17 years on one such address).
Tracing the names took the investigator out to Oregon State where the individual's home address was found. Scouring for an absentee ballot was all but useless, because the SBE is understaffed and won't conduct such business without three registered voters complaints from that District.

Remember Steve Hunt out in Fairfax? He won the election with walk-in voters, only to lose when those unaccounted for absentees arrived.  I'll believe till I'm done that the effort was a beta rollout for later efforts at turning the vote in dems favor.

So, it is with great joy that I see Rob Bell offering a cure to all this under-handed malfeasance.

This follows an issue in 2008 where 194 individual cases were uncovered.
voter fraud is real

                  and , of course, there's a Moran ready to point out exactly how it get's done.

Keep an eye on Dems and liberals on this matter. They're already spitting insanity on disenfranchisement already. How dare we address the issue of taking votes from people who cannot legally cast those votes because they've violated the issue when they cast their second vote?

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Citizen Tom said...

If we don't protect the vote, we lose our republic. It's that simple.