Sunday, January 6, 2013

The "new" Americans?

As I indicated way back in November of 2008 , the American culture is changing. For the past three generations, we’re flush with those who haven’t had to work for what they got.

When Mom and Dad passed from the earth, these misguided, lazy and often mentally insignificant leeches on society looked around to see who was going to take care of them now…. And in one word, they found their salvation…..Obama’s government.

In cruising around Loudoun in the past months, there’s a new phenomenon out here… Since there is money in Loudoun, these folks do not want their children clogging their own homes up while they’re unemployed. They rent a secondary residence (in three cases I’ve encountered, it was a townhouse) and stash the kid there….rent free. All after or during voting for Obama..again. 

Failure to Launch

You really cannot make this stuff up. Truth (and the logic of people these days) is indeed stranger than fiction.

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