Monday, December 24, 2012

Gun ownership Debate in America

As a raging debate occurs across America regarding the gun control issue, one of the sides is being a bit deceitful….Okay, A LOT deceitful.


When liberals approach this issue, there are two kinds of operatives. One thinks that their “feelings” should dictate the course of actions….and in that moment, they ignore facts and common sense as unimportant and ask that the reality of the world take a backseat to their “feelings”. The world, in their limited grasp of it, should operate the way that their little brains think that it should.

                                              The curious case of Joeseph Morrissey

The second operative is the one who knows damned well how the world works, but it’s his job to muddy the water for the first class of idiots. He spends his time running over proven facts and links, while projecting more fictional information to the discussion so as to detract from anyone who might have actually have an awakening to the real case of firearm ownership in America. One of these "operatives" just brought a 30 round magazine into Wash. DC to try to demean the NRA interview....but in doing so, he broke the law in DC. Later, it was learned that he has a firearm and a he knew exactly what he was doing was wrong....and hypocritical.


The evidence supporting a strong presence of firearms in our culture begins back before the plethora of gun laws even hit the books. With ownership beginning shortly after the invention of the firearm, the occurrence of one citizen (no matter how dominant) was suddenly diminished to his ability to withstand justice dealt by another . It brought a whole new meaning to “risk and reward”.

Without exception, every time that firearm ownership goes up in a state or municipality, the crime rate goes down. Most recently, the Associated Press tried to imply that the crime rate in DC suddenly went down due to the efforts of the Chief of Police…when in fact they made absolutely no mention of Mr. Heller and his long and winding fight with the courts, that in the end was triumphant and allowed DC folks to keep firearms in their homes. What that decision ultimately meant was that if the thugs in DC wanted to complete a home invasion, they were now facing an incalculable occurrence that there might well be a firearm in that house in the hands of their intended victim.


Numerous discussions by the liberals always end in the same old worn out lies , unabated by the fact that these myths have been disproven numerous times. Deliberate misuse of identification of classes of firearms is the cornerstone of the effort. They seek to insert an assault rifle ban in response to an incident in which no assault weapon has even been used. They routinely infer that semi-auto firearms are automatic firearms.

In order to secure a full automatic firearm, law-abiding citizens must complete the paperwork for a Class III license from the federal government. Many of the loudest voices against gun ownership don’t even know the full breadth of the background contingencies that are already in place before ownership can occur.


One of the main facts that gets dismissed by liberals is the occurrence of the banning, or registering of firearms in historic settings where massive atrocities then occurred upon an unarmed population.

                                               Nazi Germany is but the most memorable .

As the discussion moves forward, those who embrace their Second Amendment rights had better recognize their battle, and be a loud and educating voice that equals or exceeds the opposition’s flagrant lies on the issue. The consequences are growing by the day with this administration

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