Friday, December 7, 2012

AMERITOPIA – Land of the free (stuff)

The election results are in and what we see before us are major signs that indicate that free crap is in. Common sense and the ability to perform the most basic math functions are out.

It is abundantly clear that 50.8% of us are content to sit in the wagon and be pulled by the 49.2% who actually produce something. But apparently, Mitt Romney was incorrect when he understated the number of people who sit on their duffs and collect from the rest of us.

Evidently, he underestimated the amount of freeloaders by some three percent. So much for liberal’s cries about the numbers. Now it’s the proven representation that Romney didn’t go far enough.

What we learned in this election is that supposedly devout African-Americans and Jewish folks will set aside their convictions and excuse the behavior of this President. That women and youth don’t really care about how much they just cost the rest of us…so long as they get theirs...Even as Obama’s female staff received less compensation than their male counterparts in the administration.

We watched as hispanic and African-Americans voters voted enthusiastically for the guy who has their unemployment rates at 11% and 14% respectively.

There is no accounting for empty greed or stupidity. I’m reminded of a comedian’s punchline…”you can’t fix stupid”. These folks have no pride left. Many years ago, my family faced the possibility of going on public assistance…but for one thing. My father was a very proud man who decided that we’d pass on the offer…and he’d get the bills paid on his own terms. That kind of determination isn’t prevalent these days. The shame in doing so is gone…swallowed whole by a cultural depravity that has been hastened by a number of generations who’ve not actually had to work for what they have. (Sitting in your employer’s cubicle playing on the internet while he’s paying you to work isn’t working hard)--today’s youth will never experience “real” work in their lifetimes. Still more who do actually work hard are suffering from a demented sense of inequality in life…because they purposely eliminate their employer’s drive and business costs as something that they’re automatically entitled to.

The plane is heading straight at the mountain…and those of us who were smart readied parachutes on the Wednesday after the election. We won’t deploy them until we’re actually in the nosedive. But we have them, nevertheless.

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