Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dale Myers' Death Star nearly complete

Just as we saw the last of Ms. Myers back in June of 2009 (or was it July?)at an LCRC meeting where she sniffed the wind, decided it was definitely against her agenda....and promptly left....

Word has come from a reputable source that Dale Polen Myers is building up an organization to influence the County elections again. I highly suspect that she's had to recruit from some new sources for money, since the building industry wallet is probably pretty flat.
Unfortunately, I also hear that she's currently running Greenvest.

There was some suspicious activity involved in her last backed candidate, Ken Mikeman - who she pitted against Bruce Tullock, once Tullock spat the Kool-aid out and bucked her auth-or-it-tay.
Sheriff Steve Simpson, Jack Ryan and Mikeman all ran as "independents" with Polen Myers' help....(she was already circulating petitions for them before the Convention floor was cold) and some of the financing is a little fuzzy. I'm still chasing down the exact trail it took that year. The road appears to lead straight from Tyson's Corner into GAM printers. A quick check of Vpap appears that the money actually was given In-Kind from GAM to the candidate. Nothing unusual there...but the back story of how GAM came to possess the money in order to offer it to Mikeman could be juicy. I'll need a confirming source before I step right out and spell it out that way, however.

I'm all ears on anyone who's familiar with the machine's inner mechanicals. This is already a bad move for Loudoun and it's financial (read taxes here) health.
When I do advocate for anything, I side with citizens...the voters who live and work here. Anywhere that "Pay to Play" elevates one class over the others will meet with resistance from me and a plethora of other activists.

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